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Thursday, 17 March 2016

17 March 2016. Socialism HONOURS Mothers…

00 Socialism honours our mothers. 170316


To hear the likes of John Whiteford and Rod Dreher, one would think that socialism is mindless totalitarianism and grinding poverty. I disagree. Socialism is the fire of Eugene V Debs… socialism is the cool ardour of Norman Thomas… socialism is Jack Layton‘s passion… socialism is the social redistributionism of FDR… socialism is Bernie Sanders‘ vision. Socialism is the real working-man Gus Hall, who was more Joe Six-Pack than Joe Stalin… socialism is the thirst for social justice of Aneurin Bevan and Paul Robeson. Do NOT listen to rightwing lies about socialism. The “conservatives” believe that “winning is the only thing” and that a lion’s share of our resources belong to the rich. You can vote for Bernie or you can vote for Chilly Hilly and Trump the Chump. Yes, there is a real choice between good and evil this year…



Thursday, 7 May 2015


00 Am I a Socialist. 07.05.15


00 Red Rose (Socialism)

The Red Rose of International Democratic Socialism… Bernie should make THIS his symbol


Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. White Rose Leaflet One. 2012

Is it America’s sunset? It won’t be if we all vote for Bernie!


It’s time to pick up the Red Banner and cheer! It’s time to wear the Red Rose and be loud n’ proud! Perhaps, Bernie could adopt the Red Rose as his symbol… it’s the symbol of international democratic socialism. By the way, some of the leading democratic socialists are communists! G A Zyuganov would cheer on Bernie! So would P N Simonenko! It’s time to oppose the mendacious lies the Republicans have circulated about the American Left since 1946.

That’s why I hate everything that the Republican Party stands for. It stands four-square for the feudal oligarchy now raping our country. It stands for constant warmongering in foreign parts, with an emphasis on killing innocent civilians. It stands for fucking up the environment permanently for fleeting immediate gain. It stands for the death penalty and the massive incarceration of the poor, especially, if they’re black or Latino. In short, the GOP is evil to the bone and ALL who shill for it are EVIL. That’s why I hate everything that people like Rod Dreher stand for… he takes a pay-cheque knowing that he defends manifest evil, but he doesn’t care as he benefits personally. He’s NOT alone… that’s the motivation of most Republicans. That’s why we need socialism… to flush this evil out of our country… so it can return to the vision of the New Deal.

Post the Red Rose on your blogsites… share it with others… SOCIALISM IS GOOD!

Vote for Bernie… he’s our last hope, I fear…


Saturday, 25 April 2015

25 April 2015. Get Off Your Ass and Vote!

00 Get Off Your Ass and Vote! 25.04.15


There’s only one viable candidate who stands for ordinary folks… Bernie Sanders. I hope that he runs and beats Chilly Hilly. We don’t need the likes of her… she’s almost as bad as a Republican. Bernie’s an open socialist… that’s what we need… a return to the ideals of the New Deal. After all, America’s greatest victory came under the socialistic New Deal… no Republican, for all of their warmongering, has even come close to that achievement.

Bernie for Prez. Let’s give PEACE a chance for a change!


Friday, 30 March 2012

30 March 2012. Something to Think About From Mother Jones… Our Lord Christ is NOT About “Pie in the Sky When You Die”


Christ was the carpenter’s son… not the son of the professor… not the son of the businessman… not the son of the priest. Puts the rants of the Evangelical gospellers in a different light, doesn’t it? Do attend to the fact that He drove out the money-grubbing merchants from the Temple… and that most duplicitous “preachers” today defend capitalism and its bestial depredations bareheaded in the pulpit. I think that He’d bring out the ol’ cat o’ nine tails, yet again, don’t you think?


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