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Saturday, 6 August 2016

DNR Ministry of Labour and Social Policy Announced that Pensions would Increase by 10 Percent

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Today, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy announced that the competent DNR government agencies completed indexation of pensions. The size of payments would increase 10 percent, effective 1 August 2016. It said:

We budgeted for the pensions of both civilian pensioners and retired security personnel, taking into account an increase in pension payments by 10 percent, to comply with a decree from the DNR Head of State.

The minimum DNR pension is 2,087 Roubles/month (212 Renminbi. 2,128 INR. 32 USD. 42 CAD. 42 AUD. 29 Euros. 25 UK Pounds). In a talk with journalists on 16 July, DNR Head of State A V Zakharchenko stated that the relevant DNR government agencies would carry out indexation of pensions this quarter. Later, Zakharchenko said that pensioners should receive an increased payment in August. On 15 March 2015, DNR Head of State Zakharchenko signed the Decree “On the Appointment and Payment of Pensions in the DNR”. Payments under this law started in April 2015.

4 August 2016

DAN Donetsk News Agency



The pension appears miniscule, but the prices are different in the DNR, and many items are cheaper due to state subsidies (just like the old USSR did). On the other hand, in the Ukraine, pensions and wages are falling (if paid at all) and prices are sharply increasing (just as the USA does… the junta copies its American puppeteers slavishly).

One of these things is not like the other. The DNR builds, using the healthy legacy of Soviet social policy… the Ukraine destroys, following the diktats of its American neoliberal “conservative” bosses. You may choose to support one or the other, but not both… choose wisely…



Saturday, 21 May 2016

21 May 2016. The Faith of a Secularist… More “Christian” Than That of the Loud Religionists… Fancy That

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I care if a politician espouses the social vision and compassion that the Church enjoins on all of us. In this present election, only one of the three major candidates fits that description. Yes… Bernie Sanders… interestingly, the most “Christian” candidate is a secularist Jew. Note well that loud religionists such as “Evangelicals” and “Pro-Lifers” oppose him. That speaks volumes of them and of Mr Sanders. I’d say that the loud religionists are the sort that Our Lord Christ had in mind when He spoke of those who shouted, “Lord, Lord!” but were not of His flock, after all.

God WILL judge… vote accordingly… vote for Bernie, the only “Christian” candidate!


21 May 2016. “Conservatism” Isn’t Only Wrong… It’s ANTICHRISTIAN (As In “The Mark of the Beast”)

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I saw this comment on FB:

Yes… “How WE care for others”… not, “How our government care for others”. We can have great social programs as a nation, but still be a nation of jerks.

My response was:

You can’t wriggle out of it that way… the Church has always blessed State social action… beginning in the Roman Empire and continuing to the present. His Holiness calls the Free Market a fraud. I agree with Patriarch Kirill… do you (the above comment puts that in doubt)?

I also saw this on FB:

It’s interesting… the people who loudly caterwaul for “Christian Values” also favour policies that hurt the poor, sick, elderly, and orphaned. Such people aren’t Christians… they’re demonic impostors.

“Conservative” fanatics are trying to take over the Church. I believe that they’ll fail in the long haul, but in the near term, they’re going to cause a great deal of trouble. They’re not overly numerous, but they’re well organised and vocal… indeed, they make up most of the voices heard on the internet, even though they’re a minority amongst diaspora Orthodox. Interestingly enough, even though they claim to be “anti-communist”, they’re Marxist to the bone… that is, they believe in historical inevitability, the supremacy of economics over everything, and the concept of a “vanguard class”. They’re not Conservative in the least.

REAL Conservatives were men like Bismarck and Diefenbaker… men who placed generous social programmes in place for all the people. Indeed, Bismarck was a leader in single-payer healthcare, unemployment insurance, and old age pensions… as he saw them as the surest bulwark AGAINST socialism! Tsar Aleksandr III Aleksandrovich gave his approval to the sending of “Zemsky Doctors” out to the countryside at government expense to provide healthcare for the people (as one contemporary Russian doctor put it, “The Zemsky Doctors did it all!”… their legacy lives on). American “conservatives” such as Rod Dreher and Rush Limbaugh are nothing but slobbering apologists for wealth, not conservative at all (any group that idolises Edmund Burke isn’t conservative in the least).

Have a care… there be dangers on the road ahead. Take my hand, it’s going to be darker before the dawn arrives…


Thursday, 3 September 2015

LNR sez 13,000 Applied for Subsidised Domestic Coal Supplies

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Today, LNR Minister of Labour and Social Policy LC Svetlana Malakhova told us at a briefing about those eligible for subsidised domestic coal delivery:

We have a list of about 13,000 people who turned in the requisite applications and provided necessary documentation to local authorities. Of these, one-third are VOV veterans and families of the present war’s victims, whilst two-thirds, about 8,000, are pensioners who worked at closed mines, which receive domestic coal under the so-called “Mining Law”. We’ll address issues surrounding uniform standards for issuing solid fuel for all categories of recipients; we think that the average amount will be three tonnes per household. However, before 2014, veterans received 1 tonne and retired miners got 5.9 tonnes per heating season. We also considered the issue of substituting cash for in-kind deliveries of solid fuels. However, regardless of the decision, special categories of people will receive domestic coal during the 2015-16 heating season.

Earlier, LNR Minister of Fuel, Energy, and Mines LC Dmitri Lyamin also assured consumers that all who need coal would receive it.

3 September 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre



The Peoples Republics are instituting socialist social policies. The junta is instituting crapitalist “Free Market” policies of the most vicious and feral sort. Did I tell you that Butcher Biden’s kid is an executive with a company that wants to rape the Ukraine for Anglo profit? Isn’t that so cool… the American country club set steals from the productive labour of others in the USA… can you see why they support the Uniate fascists and the oligarch thieves? LIKE DOES CALL UNTO LIKE. Those who support the murder of innocent civilians via drone strikes support those who think that the murder of innocent civilians by aimless artillery fire is just hunky-dory.

Evil is usually not “ugly”… drive by your local country club. Now, that’s the face of unjust, insolent, and mind-numbing evil…


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