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Saturday, 6 August 2016

DNR Ministry of Labour and Social Policy Announced that Pensions would Increase by 10 Percent

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Today, the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy announced that the competent DNR government agencies completed indexation of pensions. The size of payments would increase 10 percent, effective 1 August 2016. It said:

We budgeted for the pensions of both civilian pensioners and retired security personnel, taking into account an increase in pension payments by 10 percent, to comply with a decree from the DNR Head of State.

The minimum DNR pension is 2,087 Roubles/month (212 Renminbi. 2,128 INR. 32 USD. 42 CAD. 42 AUD. 29 Euros. 25 UK Pounds). In a talk with journalists on 16 July, DNR Head of State A V Zakharchenko stated that the relevant DNR government agencies would carry out indexation of pensions this quarter. Later, Zakharchenko said that pensioners should receive an increased payment in August. On 15 March 2015, DNR Head of State Zakharchenko signed the Decree “On the Appointment and Payment of Pensions in the DNR”. Payments under this law started in April 2015.

4 August 2016

DAN Donetsk News Agency



The pension appears miniscule, but the prices are different in the DNR, and many items are cheaper due to state subsidies (just like the old USSR did). On the other hand, in the Ukraine, pensions and wages are falling (if paid at all) and prices are sharply increasing (just as the USA does… the junta copies its American puppeteers slavishly).

One of these things is not like the other. The DNR builds, using the healthy legacy of Soviet social policy… the Ukraine destroys, following the diktats of its American neoliberal “conservative” bosses. You may choose to support one or the other, but not both… choose wisely…



Tuesday, 8 December 2015

The LNR Peoples Soviet LOWERED Retirement Age for Women to 55

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THIS is how they treat old people in Russia and in the Peoples Republics… in Banderstan, the fascist thieves kick them in the face and steal their pensions. The Republican “conservatives” support the thieving fascists, not the upright and godly Russians… shitbirds of a feather DO flock together…


Today, Deputies of the LNR Peoples Soviet considered and adopted on second reading a law that reduced the retirement age for women to 55 years. According to the amendment:

Citizens living in the LNR can receive an old-age pension after reaching 60-years-old for men and 55-years-old for women, if they’ve been in the insurance scheme for at least 15 years.

Peoples Deputy Aleksei Karyakin commented on the new legislation:

Today, we adopted an amendment to the law stating that men can receive an old-age pension at 60-years-old and women at 55-years-old. We promised this to the people; so, it got a very spirited discussion. We worked hard on all the details… financing, collateral, and provision of guarantees… so, today, in the run-up to the New Year, we gave a New Year gift to our ladies. This will go into effect on 1 January 2016. Previously, we calculated pensions according to Ukrainian norms; for women, they were eligible at 57-years-old. After the New Year, the Ukrainian retirement age for women will rise to 58-years-old. We’ll keep the retirement age at 55 for women; I think that this three-year difference is important. Now, the Peoples Soviet sent the bill forward to the Head of the Republic for his approval. After he signs the document, we’ll publish it, and it’d come into force on the following day.

Earlier, Head of the Republic I V Plotnitsky said that the retirement age for women would decrease to 55-years-old in 2016. The LNR Federation of Trade Unions initiated the petition to the Head of the Republic to lower the retirement age to match Russian norms.

4 December 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre



Can you see why the US Republican filth support the putschist junta? They cudgel the ordinary people, just as the GOP monsters want to do. Ponder this… the Republicans claim to be “Pro-Life”, yet, they want to cut all forms of assistance to ordinary people to fatten the boodle bags of the rich. I call them liars and thieves. No doubt, you can see why I consider people like Rod Dreher lying and hypocritical nihilists…


Saturday, 21 November 2015

Patriarch Kirill Gave a Feast for the Homeless on His Birthday

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Today was the birthday of His Holiness Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias, so Orthodox activists prepared festivities for Moscow homeless; street people got treats and gifts. More than 120 homeless people came this afternoon for the daily food handout at the Salvation Tent* on Nikoloyamskaya Street in Moscow; in addition to the normal food distribution, they got cakes, biscuits, and dairy products. In addition, everyone got a prepared meal to take home. Roman Skorosov, the head of homeless services for the Mercy Orthodox Relief Service, said:

We gave them biscuits, ice cream, bananas, cakes, cookies. In addition, we handed out canned fish. This gladdened the homeless people. They thanked us, asking us how old the Patriarch was, as well as asking about his health. They wanted us to tell His Holiness that they were grateful for the food. We told the street people in advance that we were holding a special dinner for them today.

  • In Russian, the word ангар (angar) doesn’t just mean “hangar”, we also use it for large tents and industrial premises… the former is the obvious usage here

On an average day, about 80 to 100 people come to the Salvation Tent. They can warm up there, get a haircut, get medical help, take a shower, and call relatives. Social workers help the homeless to recover documents and purchase tickets to their native area, if anyone wants to go back home. Daily, the staff gives out noodles or potatoes and tea. In the evening, the Social Patrol bus takes people to the Lublin Social Services Centre. Distribution of gifts and treats for the homeless people also occurred near the Paveletsky and Kiev Rail Stations, and in other parts of Moscow. The employees of the Youth Department of the Moscow City Diocese and the Orthodox Volunteers helped the Salvation Tent staff organise the special treats for the homeless on Patriarch Kirill’s birthday, together with assistance from the Danilov Monastery {administrative centre of the MP and winter residence of HH: editor}.

The Salvation Tent is one of the 24 projects of the Mercy Orthodox Relief Service. Its main objective is to ease the return of the homeless into society. Any man in crisis without a roof over his head, regardless of the state of his documents and place of registration, can get help there. Mercy Orthodox Relief Service gives aid of 24 different types, from aid to orphans to helping the homeless and HIV patients. You can help by becoming a Friend of Mercy and setting up a regular donation on this special page.

20 November 2015



Tuesday, 5 May 2015


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Every year since 1992, 5 May has been International Day for the Rights of Disabled People. In 1992, on this day, disabled people from 17 European countries held a Day of Struggle for the Rights of Disabled People, to work to eliminate discrimination against people with physical, mental, or sensory disabilities. In the world, disabled people face barriers to their access to services that many non-disabled people take for granted… education, professional employment, adequate health care, information, and transportation services. On 13 December 2006, the UN adopted one of the first comprehensive human rights agreements in the 21st century… the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. The Convention entered into force on 3 May 2008, after 50 states ratified it. This pact aims at ensuring the full participation of disabled people in civil, political, economic, social, and cultural spheres, and to eliminate discrimination on the grounds of disability. It states that disabled people should have full enjoyment of all human rights and fundamental freedoms, as well as having effective legal mechanisms to ensure these rights. Amongst the fundamental principles of the Convention are respect for human dignity and independence, individual autonomy (including the freedom to make one’s own choices), involving disabled people in all aspects of society, equality of opportunity, equality between men and women, respect for the abilities of disabled children, and their right to preserve their identities. 158 states signed the Convention and 147 ratified it. According to the World Health Organisation (WHO), more than 1 billion people have some form of disability, which is almost 15 percent of the world population. More than 100 million children have disabilities.

5 May 2015


Official website of the MP Synodal Department of Church Charities and Social Service (OTsBSS)



Russia is a full signatory of the Convention… does it surprise you that the USA isn’t? The “Exceptional” and “House on a Hill” Republican filth blocked it. Thank you, “conservatives!” You refuse to ratify pacts that’d give dignity to individuals, but you’re quick to suck up to your rich paymasters and bosses. It’s why I hate EVERYTHING that Rod Dreher, Victor Potapov, Patrick Reardon, and Paffhausen stand for. They’ll kick helpless people in the face whenever their rich bosses tell them to and droolingly repeat everything that they’re told (aren’t they such LOVELY goodthinkers?). If that isn’t evil of the worst possible sort, I don’t know what it is. Remember… all those who cheer on the Republican Party cheer on vile grasping brutes. That’s the way it is…


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