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Sunday, 18 October 2015

18 October 2015. How ‘Bout a REAL RED America? Red as in “Red Banner of Socialism?”

00 debs or rockefeller. feel the bern. sanders. 181015


The Bernie Sanders campaign is successfully turning this election into a discussion that’s putting capitalism on trial and presenting “socialism” as an alternative. While this certainly doesn’t mean the public is becoming intellectualised with scientific socialist theory, it does mean that a significant amount of the public is embracing “socialism” as an American value and, as Lenin expressed nearly a century ago, this is an essential step in building class-consciousness. If circumstances continue to develop on this path, the public pursuit of “socialism” will become mainstream; open discourse will naturally lead to the prevailing of scientific socialism. By whatever means, let’s encourage and engage discussion about Socialism!


Communist Party of Texas

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Saturday, 8 August 2015

Plotnitsky Ordered Allocation of 6 Million Roubles to Open “Narodny” Supermarkets in Three LNR Cities

00 Russian food market. 27.12.14


Today, at a meeting of the LNR Council of Ministers, LNR Head of Government I V Plotnitsky ordered the government to allocate 6 million Roubles (582,000 Renminbi. 5.98 million INR. 94,000 USD. 124,000 CAD. 127,000 AUD. 86,000 Euros. 61,000 UK Pounds) as a loan to open three new locations of the Narodny state-owned supermarket conglomerate. He said that he contacted the GMA* heads in Antratsit, Rovenki, and Sverdlovsk, asking them to aid in the opening of Narodny outlets in their cities in the near future. Plotnitsky told Narodny Director Aleksei Voronenko, “We’re giving you this loan so that you can override the plan to open stores in October, November, and December… we want it done earlier”. Voronenko replied, “We’d be able to pay it back in about a month. Recently, the trend is to reduce prices for items in our stores”. Plotnitsky shot back, “We want it repaid in two months. Not only do we want it back in two months, we want all three stores up and running. Then, if you pay up on time and in full, we’ll continue to keep a line of credit open for you to open new outlets in other locations”. Plotnitsky emphasised that expansion of the Narodny chain has a direct relationship to the decline of consumer prices for basic foodstuffs in the LNR, which is a goal of the LNR government, saying, “We’d do it by using Narodny outlets to lower prices across the Republic. However, this isn’t to enrich you… it’s a way to ensure that our Republic [gets what it needs]”. Earlier, Voronenko said, “Next weekend, we’ll hold a temporary market in Pervomaisk”. Also yesterday, Acting LNR Minister of Economic Development and Trade Yelena Kostenko said that the Ministry of Economy plans to mandate fixed prices in the LNR on the most important food products. Eight items are on the list of socially important foods… bread, flour, poultry, semolina, oatmeal, pasta, eggs, and bottled drinking water.

  • GMA: State Municipal Administration, administrative apparat of a city

7 August 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Service



Prices for the people are FALLING in the SOCIALIST Orthodox Peoples Republics. Prices for the people are RISING (dramatically so) in the CRAPITALIST Uniate-run Ukraine. What does that tell you about Rod Dreher’s fulminations about the “Free Market” in the so-called American Conservative? It shows him up to be a self-centred liar and obsequious lapdog of the oligarchs, thumping his tail, lolling his tongue, waiting for his next pay packet. The Church blesses the socialist Peoples Republics… it does NOT bless the Uniate Crapitalist Hell known as “the Ukraine”. One of these things is NOT like the other! By the way… the Republicans and Interventionist Dems (Butcher Biden, Chilly Hilly, Chuck Schumer) support the Uniate greedsters… Bernie does NOT (by default… his domestic social plan wipes out most foreign adventures… look at it carefully). Orthodox people! What does that tell you about Republican whores such as Potapov, Paffhausen, Reardon, and Dreher? Just sayin’…


Wednesday, 29 July 2015

DNR Reduced Prices for Vital Fruits and Vegetables up to 50 Percent



Today, DNR Minister of Economic Development Yevgeniya Samokhina told journalists that the government cut the price of vital fruits and vegetables under the state programme “Social Vegetables”, stating, “We achieved our most important goal… to reduce the prices for vital vegetables. For example, the cost of bell peppers in the markets fell from 22 to 13 Grivnya (60 to 35 Roubles. 6.20 to 3.70 Renminbi. 64 to 38 INR. 1 to 0.59 USD. 1.30 to 0.76 CAD. 1.36 to 0.81 AUD. 0.90 to 0.54 Euros. 0.65 to 0.38 UK Pounds). Our programme led to a decrease in prices for fruits and vegetables overall, not only in Donetsk. We saw prices for vegetables fall in all markets in the capital region. In particular, the price of courgettes (zucchini) in the Voroshilov Market was 18.40 Grivnya (50 Roubles. 5.20 Renminbi. 54 INR. 0.84 USD. 1.08 CAD. 1.14 AUD. 0.76 Euros. 0.54 UK Pounds); now, its price has fallen to 9.20 Grivnya (25 Roubles. 2.60 Renminbi. 27 INR. 0.42 USD. 0.54 CAD. 0.57 AUD. 0.38 Euros. 0.27 UK Pounds).  Other vegetables fell in price by 12 Grivnya (33 Roubles. 3.40 Renminbi. 35 INR. 0.55 USD. 0.70 CAD. 0.75 AUD. 0.50 Euros. 0.35 UK Pounds), an almost 50 percent reduction”.

The DNR Ministry of Economic Development developed the “Social Vegetables” programme. Its first project began on 24 July, at a market-fair in Kuibyshev Raion in Donetsk. Buyers had a choice of a range of vegetables at reduced prices (up to 60 percent off) on offer for sale. The Ministry plans to operate such market-fairs every ten days. Detailed information on this programme is on the DNR Ministry of Economic Development official website.

28 July 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



I’m assuming that the prices are per kilo. A local market has the following prices for the two veggies mentioned above:

  • 1.07 USD/pound green peppers (non-organic)
  • 1.54 USD/pound zucchini squash (non-organic)

Green peppers would be 2.36 USD (140 Roubles. 15 Renminbi. 150 INR. 3 CAD. 3.25 AUD. 2.15 Euros. 1.50 UK Pounds)/kilo and courgettes (zucchini) would be 3.40 USD (202 Roubles. 21 Renminbi. 218 INR. 4.40 CAD. 4.65 AUD. 3.10 Euros. 2.20 UK Pounds)/kilo. The American price for courgettes (zucchini) is 810 percent of that in the DNR, or, to put it the other way round, the subsidised DNR price is 12.35 percent of the American one. The American price for green peppers is 400 percent of that in the DNR, or put this one the other way round, the subsidised DNR price is 25 percent of the American one. This means that the socialist subsidised DNR prices are very fair, indeed.

Note this, readers… the Peoples Republics are doing their best to build a fair socialist society. The Church backs that 100 percent, to the max! On the other hand, the Galician Uniate/schismo nationalist fascist junta is a neoliberal nihilist hell… the bosses continually raise prices and wages are so far in arrears that it’s a crime. The USA supports the Uniate/schismo fascists… not the socialists! Both John McCain and Chilly Hilly support the fascists. Both Butcher Biden and Ted Cruz support the fascists. Will Bernie support the socialists? Time will tell us…


Monday, 15 June 2015

15 June 2015. Back to the Future in Simferopol… “Last Bell 2015”

00 simferopol. crimea. last bell 2015. 12.06.15


The Crimea is now one of the most “Red” portions of Russia. It was a KPU stronghold under “Ukrainian” occupation… it’s a KPRF bastion now. The people of the Crimea are NOT going to give in to Western pressure. Look at these kids… the “Last Bell” is the last day of school, it’s like an American High School graduation day. Friends tell me that the people of the Crimea have swiftly removed ALL signs of the “Ukrainian” occupation. They’re RUSSIAN, and that’s that. Even people of “Ukrainian” background refuse to speak Galician pidgin… everybody speaks Russian or Surzhik. The people want the USSR back… they want the social programmes, the focus on internal development, and the pride that goes with being one of the global powers. Make no mistake on it… Russia has stopped cringing before the toddler Anglo Americans.

The New Russia amalgamates the best of the Old Russian, Tsarist, and Soviet legacies… it owes NOTHING to Anglo American juvenile notions… this upsets the USA. They’d best get used to it. Russia is going to follow its own way… the USA doesn’t have the strength to stop them. Look at this picture… not only do the people of the Crimea want the USSR back, so do most of the people in the notional “Ukraine”. It’s only a matter of time before the American puppet state falls, just like the Republic of Vietnam did in 1975. God willing, the time won’t be long… to cut short the suffering.


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