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Monday, 15 June 2015

15 June 2015. Back to the Future in Simferopol… “Last Bell 2015″

00 simferopol. crimea. last bell 2015. 12.06.15


The Crimea is now one of the most “Red” portions of Russia. It was a KPU stronghold under “Ukrainian” occupation… it’s a KPRF bastion now. The people of the Crimea are NOT going to give in to Western pressure. Look at these kids… the “Last Bell” is the last day of school, it’s like an American High School graduation day. Friends tell me that the people of the Crimea have swiftly removed ALL signs of the “Ukrainian” occupation. They’re RUSSIAN, and that’s that. Even people of “Ukrainian” background refuse to speak Galician pidgin… everybody speaks Russian or Surzhik. The people want the USSR back… they want the social programmes, the focus on internal development, and the pride that goes with being one of the global powers. Make no mistake on it… Russia has stopped cringing before the toddler Anglo Americans.

The New Russia amalgamates the best of the Old Russian, Tsarist, and Soviet legacies… it owes NOTHING to Anglo American juvenile notions… this upsets the USA. They’d best get used to it. Russia is going to follow its own way… the USA doesn’t have the strength to stop them. Look at this picture… not only do the people of the Crimea want the USSR back, so do most of the people in the notional “Ukraine”. It’s only a matter of time before the American puppet state falls, just like the Republic of Vietnam did in 1975. God willing, the time won’t be long… to cut short the suffering.


Wednesday, 10 June 2015

10 June 2015. A Colloquy with a Correspondent on Bernie Sanders

00 greed. 10.06.15


It’s time to take patriotism back from the loudmouth rightwing asshats… after all, most of the loudest ones are yellow cowards who refused to serve… yet scream for war… none dare call that what it is… hypocritical anti-patriotism!


00 Bernie Sanders. rich man. 09.06.15


My interlocutor is in italics.



Did you see where Bernie’s in it to win? I know that Far Lefties don’t like him. I say, “It’s a vast improvement… let’s take it”.

I agree. Incremental steps to the Left are better than leaps to the Right. Leftist friends supported Cynthia McKinney for this reason.

Bernie ain’t incremental. He wants to slay the “conservative” dragon. I’ve come to hate “conservatism” (it isn’t Conservative at all… its hyper-Liberalism… they lionise Burke, an arch-Whig). Diefenbaker wasn’t Harper… Ike wasn’t Cruz or Rubio. However, in the Anglosphere, One Nation Conservatism is dead… the Free Market Moneybags killed it (oddly enough, Conservatism, as long as aristos ran it, wasn’t as feral as “conservatism” is). Anyone who describes themselves as “conservative” is evil, incoherent, or simply ignorant. American “conservatism” is satanic and Antichristian, and that’s that… yes, I do think that Evangelicalism is the “Religion of the Antichrist” and that we consort with it at our peril.

It’s incremental to some people’s agendas! 

Bernie’s the best deal on the market. You can have half a loaf or no loaf at all.


Saturday, 6 June 2015

6 June 2015. Socialism is GOOD! It’s Time to Push Back at Those Lying Loudmouthed Republican Asshats!

00 democratic socialism. 06.06.15


The Republican Party has fed the American public lies about the New Deal since 1946. Until 1981, there were sufficient people who’d been adults in the Great Depression who knew how the New Deal saved the USA from an armed revolution (1932 was the pits… that year saw the largest CPUSA vote in US history). Now, it’s time to reverse EVERYTHING that the Republican asshats have done since 1946! Repeal Taft-Hartley! Roll back privatisation! Apologise to the patriots (or their families) slandered by Republican liars! Apologise to the Rosenberg family for the execution of their innocent mother! Regulate Wall Street at least as much as we did in 1980!


You do not compromise with a rabid dog. Republicans are ravening beasts intent on ravishing America and the world to enrich the Affluent Effluent. Nothing else matters to them. Didn’t they nominate the draft-dodger and outsourcer Willy Romney in 2012? He called for incessant and endless war, even though he was a yellow coward who refused to serve himself! That is, the Republican Party spits on patriotism.

We can have Democratic Socialism or we can have Oligarchic Tyranny. There are no other choices on offer.



Thursday, 7 May 2015


00 Am I a Socialist. 07.05.15


00 Red Rose (Socialism)

The Red Rose of International Democratic Socialism… Bernie should make THIS his symbol


Barbara-Marie Drezhlo. White Rose Leaflet One. 2012

Is it America’s sunset? It won’t be if we all vote for Bernie!


It’s time to pick up the Red Banner and cheer! It’s time to wear the Red Rose and be loud n’ proud! Perhaps, Bernie could adopt the Red Rose as his symbol… it’s the symbol of international democratic socialism. By the way, some of the leading democratic socialists are communists! G A Zyuganov would cheer on Bernie! So would P N Simonenko! It’s time to oppose the mendacious lies the Republicans have circulated about the American Left since 1946.

That’s why I hate everything that the Republican Party stands for. It stands four-square for the feudal oligarchy now raping our country. It stands for constant warmongering in foreign parts, with an emphasis on killing innocent civilians. It stands for fucking up the environment permanently for fleeting immediate gain. It stands for the death penalty and the massive incarceration of the poor, especially, if they’re black or Latino. In short, the GOP is evil to the bone and ALL who shill for it are EVIL. That’s why I hate everything that people like Rod Dreher stand for… he takes a pay-cheque knowing that he defends manifest evil, but he doesn’t care as he benefits personally. He’s NOT alone… that’s the motivation of most Republicans. That’s why we need socialism… to flush this evil out of our country… so it can return to the vision of the New Deal.

Post the Red Rose on your blogsites… share it with others… SOCIALISM IS GOOD!

Vote for Bernie… he’s our last hope, I fear…


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