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Saturday, 25 April 2015

25 April 2015. This is What I Believe In…

00 Party9999999. Our Common Labour. 2014


I need add nothing…


25 April 2015. Get Off Your Ass and Vote!

00 Get Off Your Ass and Vote! 25.04.15


There’s only one viable candidate who stands for ordinary folks… Bernie Sanders. I hope that he runs and beats Chilly Hilly. We don’t need the likes of her… she’s almost as bad as a Republican. Bernie’s an open socialist… that’s what we need… a return to the ideals of the New Deal. After all, America’s greatest victory came under the socialistic New Deal… no Republican, for all of their warmongering, has even come close to that achievement.

Bernie for Prez. Let’s give PEACE a chance for a change!


Thursday, 23 April 2015

23 April 2015. Christianity and Socialism… A Match Made in Heaven

00 christian.debs. 23.04.15


Look at the Scripture quote… look at the quote from Eugene V Debs… their ethos is IDENTICAL. His Holiness Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev speaks against the excesses of Me-First capitalism… Francisco Bergoglio the Pope of Rome speaks against the depravities of capitalist decadence. So do most other legit Christian leaders. By the way, American Radical Sectarians (“Evangelicals”) don’t make the cut as Christians… their relationship to Christ and His Church is only incidental (and not very deep at all). Our Lord Christ wouldn’t have dragged poor Ms Patel in Indiana before the law courts… in fact, that’s profoundly Anti-Christian… anyone who’d speak in favour of such has the Mark of the Beast upon them. Our duty as professing Christians in the USA is to confess Christ as did Pastor Niemöller did under the Nazis… note well that the “Evangelicals” promote a oddbod “Christ” that’s utterly in opposition to the Living God and Second Person of the Holy Trinity. To show Christ brandishing a gun… as many “Evangelical” images do… is the lowest form of blasphemy.

We have a duty to OPPOSE the political faction in our country that panders to the godless Sectarians. No… the alternative’s not much better. However, we have a duty before God and Man to act prudentially. All Christians have the DUTY to oppose the Republican Party… in 2016, that means voting against whomever that bloc nominates. After all, the last time they nominated an anti-patriot who REFUSED to serve his country… a man who was a godless gutless yellow coward who punked out of duty in the Vietnam War (he had his gazillionaire daddy buy him a bogus clergy deferment) and then wrapped himself up in the flag. What Christian can associate themselves with such?

What concord hath Christ with Belial?

Indeed… what concord?


Saturday, 11 April 2015

LNR Mintrans Resumed Operation of Eight Trolleybus Routes in Lugansk

00 lugansk trolleybus 01a. 11.04.15


00 lugansk trolleybus 02a. 11.04.15

The indicated fare is 1.50 Grivnya (3.50 Roubles. 0.40 Renminbi. 4 INR. 6 US Cents. 8 Canadian Cents. 8 Australian Cents. 0.06 Euros. 4 UK Pence)


00 lugansk trolleybus 03a. 11.04.15

“Don’t distract the driver”


00 lugansk trolleybus 04a. 11.04.15

“Signal for hoist”… obviously, for handicapped access/egress


00 lugansk trolleybus 05a. 11.04.15

“Don’t lean [against this]”


00 lugansk trolleybus 06a. 11.04.15

At the Tsentralny (Central) stop in Lugansk


00 lugansk trolleybus 07a. 11.04.15

The banner on the upper-left reads, “Kick the enemy back to their homeland! We will destroy the fascists!”


Today, Aleksandr Chumachenko, LNR Minister of Infrastructure, Transport, and Communications, stated that Luganskelektrotransa reopened eight trolleybus routes in Lugansk, saying, “Trolleybus routes in the Southern and Eastern sectors now operate normally”. He also said that it isn’t possible to run the trolleybus route to Yubileiny as combat operations had severely damaged the power substation there and the powerlines for the buses. He noted, “We face many problems in repairing our vehicle inventory, but in the short time that the Chairman of the Government gave us, we did what we could”. Eight months ago, trolleybuses in Lugansk stopped running because the fighting caused shortages of electricity.

11 April 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre



Lugansk sure doesn’t look like a warzone to me. What this means is that Choco Loco and his American puppeteers are liars… let’s see… the Anglo American establishment claimed that Serbia was massacring Bosnians and Albanians, Afghanistan was a hotbed of terrorists, Iraq had WMDs, Libya was in the grip of a cruel dictator, Syria is the worst dictatorship in the Middle East, and the people in the LNR and DNR are dirty separatist criminals bent on dismembering the peaceful Ukraine. Such is the narrative one hears in Washington… they echo every lie of the “Ukrainian Catholics” and “Ukrainian Orthodox”. The LNR and DNR (and the rest of tsarist Novorossiya too) simply want to left alone… “Kick the enemy back to their homeland”. They want no part of Galician Uniate nationalist “Consciousness”… they want no part of Galician hillbilly pidgin (“Ukrainian”)… they want no part of the illegitimate extremist fascist putschist junta in Kiev installed by the Americans.

Lugansk wants normality… putting the trolleybuses back online is part of that normality. You can support socialist sanity or you can support American-sponsored fascist lunacy. I prefer to support the socialists of the LNR and DNR. They’re “People’s Republics”, indeed… note well that subsidised public transport is part of the”social contract” in the People’s Republics… the Uniate fascists beat the people with clubs (literally) as they jack up utilities rates and transit fares into the stratosphere (and cut wages and pensions as they do so… can you see why the US Republican Party loves them?). I know where I’d prefer to live if given the choice between the Republics or Banderstan! I’m NOT alone in thinking that way!


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