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Saturday, 23 August 2014

23 August 2014. The NY Times Blubbers About the “Russia Left Behind”… Hell, What About the “America Left Behind?”

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Late last year, the NY Times wrote up a glossy report about The Russia Left Behind… it was the usual self-congratulatory neoliberal rot. It was well-produced and full of accusatory images. Click here to read it. Please, do so… it’s important for you to know what sort of rot the clerisy is churning out (and do reflect on the fact that Serge Schmemann and Sophia Kishkovsky are willing house niggers of this organisation). I’d say that the NYT would’ve done better by driving from New York City to Albany to Buffalo to Cleveland! They would’ve seen a landscape worse than that pictured in their article on Russia! If they wanted to see decline, why, go to Amsterdam NY… Carbondale PA… Scranton PA… Gary IN… Detroit MI… all products of the rape of America by the banksters let loose after the time of Slobberin’ Ronnie. However, if any writer on the NYT were to criticise the neoliberalism regnant in the West, why they’d be out of a job! Poor babies! In short, most of the rot issued by the Western media has an underlying assumption… that the suffering let loose by unbridled crapitalism is good and that its victims deserve no compassion… except where it suits the cause of the neocons and “humanitarian interventionists”. The Russia Left Behind… what self-absorbed rot… if the NYT doesn’t address The America Left Behind it’s a pack of liars, and I say so openly. Reflect on this… the Republican Party APPROVES of destroying communities for profit’s sake. I call that EVIL… what about you?



Wednesday, 2 April 2014

BBC Buys Into Junta Lies About Sashko Bily… WHY?

00 Karl Kraus saying. 26.03.14


Firstly, read this. That was fibs from stern to stern; now, pour yourself a drink, knock it back, and say, “To hell with the Beeb!” Sometimes, you have to read repulsive shit to stay informed… this is one such time. However, the important question is, “WHY is the Beeb acting as an apologist for the Timoshenko junta?” Firstly, its presenters and writers don’t have a scrap of character amongst them, they all know that if they don’t repeat the Party Line of the moment, their ass is grass. They’re relatively innocent, as things go. I believe that the Anglosphere governments are lining up behind the junta just as the EU’s getting cold feet. You see, the rest of the world has to bow down at the feet of the superior Anglo-Saxons and kiss their bare ass at every opportunity… otherwise, the Anglos get their nose out of joint. In this case, the neoliberals in the Anglosphere (both “Libertarian” and “Liberal”) are so stupid that they don’t realise that the rest of the world is attending to its interests, not to their dictates.

Indeed, it may signal the end of the 25-year run of American Exceptionalism on the world stage. Mind you, the USA will still be there, but it’d be cut down to size to what it was during the Cold War… one of the actors on the stage, a major one, but not the only major one. As for the lies published by the Beeb… well, they’ve deteriorated, that’s all that one can say of it. Don’t be too harsh… any of the Western media whores would’ve done likewise (or worse)… if it wasn’t the Beeb, it would’ve been Christiane Amanpour, Serge Schmemann, Ann Coulter, or Sophia Kishkovsky… they’re all cousins under the skin, aren’t they?

Pass the jug… the world hasn’t got any less crank in the last 24…


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Friday, 28 February 2014

28 February 2014. Sophia Kishkovsky Surfaces at “The Art Newspaper”… Writes Acrid Russophobic Propaganda

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01 woman reading newspaper


I was wondering where Sophia Kishkovsky got off to, as she no longer appeared in any of my Google alerts. Well, kids, one of the Cabinet clued me in… she’s writing for a rag called The Art Newspaper. Apparently, she’s no longer writing for the IHT… did she get the can last year when it changed its name? She’s writing politically correct bullshit… click here for a typical POS post by her. She’s her father’s daughter, all right… she supports the American neoliberal establishment with obsequious intensity (as does her Uncle Serge, no doubt; he probably got this talentless media hack her positions). Does this mean that the Syossetites and the SVSniki are still unrepentant Russia bashers? It’s not conclusive, but I’d say that it’s a strong possibility. I’d go so far as to say that SVS and some of the Syosset apparatchiki (especially, Lyonyo and his stooge Jillions) will make up the nucleus of a “Rump OCA” (thank you, Alex Riggle for that useful concept!).

I’d LOVE to see loudmouthed little Mizz Sophia in Sevastopol! They’d learn her QUICK… she’d either learn the truth, or, they’d run her out-of-town… would she hobnob with the kleptocratic Timoshenko putschists? I’d say that they’re soulmates (that is, good neoliberal defenders of greedster crapitalism)… after all, shitbirds of a feather flock together!


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Saturday, 28 January 2012

28 January 2012. Ivan Ivanovich Speaks… in Favour of VVP!

Working class people at a spontaneous pro-Putin rally in Yekaterinburg, the “Russian Pittsburgh”, showing not only their support for the PM, but their opposition to the pro-Western suck-up managerial creeps who purport to speak for society.


“Citizens, our voice is important!” (text on sign in foreground)


Ever since the chaos of the Nasty Nineties, the working people of Russia have mistrusted the thin layer of pro-Western lickspittles who “speak” for Russia to the Western media. Click here for a western media report (AFP) on pro-Putin rallies. You see, “limousine liberal” poseurs like Serge Schmemann, Sophia Kishkovsky, Anya Schmemann, and Katrina vanden Heuvel only speak to a small circle of zapadnik pseudo-intellectuals and “biznessmen” (the word is a pejorative in Russian… normal people tend to spit after saying it). Look at how they cream their jeans over Gorbachyov! Let me tell you, Mikhail Sergeyevich is one of the most hated men in Russia… most ordinary people blame his dithering and indecision for the death of the USSR and the import of the most feral forms of Western capitalism.

Let me give you a small example. SVS hates the Union of Orthodox Banner-Bearers and calls them “Fundamentalists” (always a term used by the overeducated and underinformed). Supposedly, they’re racists, homophobes, “traditionalists”, yadda, yadda, yadda. I’ll tell you why they hate them… they’re working class people who won’t be led about by phoney pseudo-intellectuals like John Behr, Paul von Meyendorff, and Patrick Henry Reardon. C’mon, such sorts imagine themselves to be modern Mahatma Gandhis, but they’re really the political and academic equivalent of Verka Serduchka (click here and here for two of his funny vids). As for the Banner-Bearers, their strongholds are gritty blue-collar suburbs like Lyubertsy (the famous rock band Lyube comes from there… here’s one of their songs (“KomBat” is a Russian military acronym for “Battalion Commander”)) and Bibirevo (in Moscow, the workers live in the outer ‘burbs, not the oligarchs), not the effete environs of the Vanil Restoran… where one can find Dickie Wood sipping a martini with his oligarch pals (as photos indicate). The people in the image above are of the same ilk. Working people don’t need “direction” from jumped-up fraudulent “middle class voices”. They can do their own thinking and come to their own conclusions, thank you very much, even if credentialised putzes in academe and the media think otherwise.

If you were to ask most working people, they want a society with Social Justice and Social Democracy (with a good dose of Socialism as part of the mixture). Yet, they also want a society where bureaucrats leave them alone and where John Law stays off their backs. That is, they’re NOT Neoliberal “conservatives”, yet, they’re not American-style “liberals” either. I’d say that working people want a society like the New Deal… where there’s a social safety net and social benefits to ensure a decent “floor” for living, where the government looks out for the “little guy”, but where criminals go to the slammer, and where the state leaves people free to pursue their private lives. That’s what most ordinary folks want… not the “freedom” to rape one’s fellow man for personal gain, or, for the “right” of corporations to have more rights than living-and-breathing people do.

The ordinary people of Russia are speaking… and they’re NOT saying what the NY Times, the Economist, CNN, and Fox News want you to hear. Look at the image… and be enlightened. “Citizens, our voice is important!” I’d say that’s true here, too… Barack Obama and Mitt Romney should heed it…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Saturday 28 January 2012

Albany NY

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