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Thursday, 8 December 2011

8 December 2011. Tennessee Firemen Watch House Burn to the Ground and Do NOTHING

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If you haven’t paid up the swag demanded by the rightwing pigs in South Fulton TN, they’ll REFUSE to put out the fire… they’ve done it TWICE.


Read this. When I tried accessing the City of South Fulton’s webpage, all that I got was a “Fedora Test Page”. They use the ususal rightwing dodges… people didn’t pay the demanded fee… they should understand that if they don’t pay up, well, they won’t be protected. That’s what the Republican slimers believe in and they do act upon their gross and inhumane ideology whenever they can. If you don’t pay up… we won’t protect you! That’s the “Christian USA” for ya… Tennessee is one of the Buckles on the Bible Belt. “See how they love one another”… indeed.


When I checked Wikipedia earlier, there was an item stating that South Fulton was the city where firemen TWICE refused to put out fires because people in outlying communities hadn’t ponied up a demanded fee on rural townships. That information’s no longer there. It’s why you can’t totally trust Wikipedia, any jerk can edit it. Wikipedia should put the information back in (it’s true) and “lock” the piece so that lying Republican slimers can’t edit it out. This tells you volumes about the Republicans and their attitude to the Truth, doesn’t it?



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