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Saturday, 28 April 2018

28 April 2018. The American Record of FAILURE Against Russia

DNR soldier holding up an American MRE pack captured in Debaltsevo… the mortar-location radars and anti-tank weapons went to Russia for examination.


May Day 2015 in Donetsk… America’s intervention DEEPENED the commitment to the Soviet legacy; it didn’t supplant it.


You hear much rot from Americans that “Russia needs to change its ways”. They act as though they’re the uncontested global hegemon. Nothing is further from the truth.

Let’s start with 2008… the USA used its puppet-state client Georgia to attack Russian forces in South Ossetia. That war started with a surprise Grad bombardment of the Ossetian capital, Tskhinval, at 2200 in the evening. The Georgians learned well from their American mentors. The American way of war is to strike civilians in preference to dealing with a state’s military forces. Of course, they use “remote means” such as aircraft, missiles, and drones… since they don’t face their victims, you see, it makes it less culpable (in their eyes, that is). Most Americans aren’t as honest as Curtis LeMay, who admitted that if the USA had lost World War II, he would’ve faced trial as a war criminal.

The South Ossetia War ended in disaster for the USA. Russia didn’t call up any reserves; it used two divisions in the Caucasus and two airborne divisions from the strategic reserve to rout the Georgians. Another opening act of the war was an attack on the Roki Tunnel, a transportation bottleneck. Russian regular forces smashed American special oppers disguised as PMC mercs. In fact, the Russian advance to Gori chased the US “advisors” to the Georgians out of their lair, leading to a treasure trove of intel falling into Russian hands (the Russian advance was so swift, the Yanks had to abandon everything, including their computers). The USA bleated that the Russians got nothing of value, but the photographic evidence belied that.

What did Russia do? It didn’t boast. Instead, Russian commentators noted all the problems that surfaced in the operation. This was wrong, that needed repair, and they needed to put this other right. There was no American-style chest-beating and posturing. Russia simply buckled down to work on correcting what it saw as mistakes. After all, the USA and its proxies threaten Russia; it doesn’t have the luxury of secure borders, as the USA has.

In 2014, the USA fomented a coup in the Ukraine. The point of this was not only to put a lickspittle puppet client regime in place in Kiev; it was to seize the Russian naval base at Sevastopol, which controls the Black Sea. In fact, the latter objective was far more important than the former one. The USA managed to put its clients in power in Kiev. However, the Ukraine has been a somewhat lawless anarchic entity since its formation in 1991. The Autonomous Republic of the Crimea and Lugansk and Donetsk Oblasts resisted the coup plotters and their pseudo-government. These three areas were the strongest supporters of the Party of Regions and the KPU, two political entities banned by the American puppet junta. In addition, the Crimea had only been part of the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic since 1954; it was in the RSFSR before that… it’s never been “Ukrainian”. Therefore, it surprised no one but the ignorant that these three entities refused to obey the illegal authorities installed by the Americans.

The new junta proved itself ineffectual. It couldn’t call the many thousands of reservists to the colours. It didn’t… perhaps, because it couldn’t. Unconfirmed reports indicate that hackers fucked up the Voenkom (military conscription body) computer system… a report that seems true, considering the chaotic recruiting situation since the coup. Russia sent no troops to the Crimea. It had no need, the forces onsite proved sufficient to the task. Indeed, most of the Ukrainian troops cowered in their barracks… if they didn’t rally to Russia outright (as did the commander of the Ukrainian Navy, Admiral Berezovsky). After the initial stages, Russia sent the Ukrainian soldiers home with money in their pockets (if they didn’t choose to rally to Russia… most did). There was no combat whatsoever. To put it short, the USA failed in its main objective of dislodging the Black Sea Fleet from its main and most important base. That is, the coup was a failure insofar as attacking Russia went. That’s the real reason for the sanctions… the USA hates it when another power either defeats it or stymies it. The Cubans know all about that.

Now, the Americans wanted to crush the patriotic elements in the new Donetsk Peoples Republic (DNR) and Lugansk Peoples Republic (LNR). The new American plan was to seize the Donetsk airport and fly in junta troops stiffened by American special oppers (again, disguised as PMC mercs, a common Langley ruse). Scratch local forces and Cossacks checked the junta troops tasked with taking the airport. As they couldn’t prevail, the USA fed in “mercs”… this didn’t turn the tide, as the Peoples Republic forces had high morale, motivation, and cohesion (they were fighting for hearth and home, after all, and knew that the Galician Uniate nationalist pigs wanted to kill them). Then, the USA did something abysmally stupid. The only other NATO state willing to help in the American operation was Poland. That caused an uproar in the LNR and the DNR… it was 1612 all over again. The battle at the airport ended in total victory for the DNR forces. It was hard-fought and bloody, but the Americans and Poles, along with their clueless Galician allies, had to abandon the airport and its environs. Another American plan bit the dust!

Then, the American plan was to help the junta forces defeat the patriot forces in a battle around Debaltsevo. The USA trained its lackeys… but it proved ineffectual. Whenever the Galicians ran into serious opposition, they’d resort to frontal attacks, leading to horrific casualties. They were also inert, showing no aptitude for mobile operations. They sat in isolated pockets; the DNR forces defeated them in detail, as the junta forces laid still in stunned cowardice, refusing to withdraw to safety. Did they tell the junta troops that the Americans would rescue them? Perhaps, but we have no evidence that the USA planned such. Rather, I think that the Americans decided to cut their losses and let their allies rot… it’s what they did in China and Vietnam, after all. Like South Ossetia, Debaltsevo was a treasure chest of intel; much of the matériel sent to the junta troops ended up in the hands of the DNR forces, who sent them off to Moscow.

Today, the USA makes Sturm und Drang… but do look at the record. It doesn’t do well against Russia. It simply lacks the ground forces necessary (it isn’t and wasn’t ever a “hyperpower”). If it were to use NATO allies to make up its lack of ground forces, it’d either lead to stiffening Russian resolve (if Germany or Poland came in) or to having half-hearted ineffectual allies holding the flanks. Remember, Romania, Hungary, and Italy held the Wehrmacht’s flanks and failed… their grandsons would do no better (like their grandfathers did, they well understand that this isn’t their war and they’d crumble at the first serious push).

Mike Pompeo is a self-important overconfident asshole, full of braggadocio. Does he believe the drivel that he spouts? I don’t know… neither does anyone else. If he does believe it, we’re in for “interesting times”, and you know what the Chinese mean by that.



Saturday, 8 August 2015

OFFICIAL Letter of LNR Chairman of the Government I V Plotnitsky on the Anniversary of the South Ossetia War of 2008




Today, 8 August, is seven years from the day when pro-American Saakashvili junta forces treacherously attacked the South Ossetian capital of Tskhinval. Georgian artillery shot into the sleeping city and attacked Russian peacekeepers. In those days, this vile crime against humanity stirred up all the Donbass. Then, Ukrainian President Yushchenko sent military aid to the aggressors. However, it didn’t help the forces of evil… the Russian army routed the invaders and restored peace. Then, we were happy for this triumph of justice, and we grieved with the long-suffering people of South Ossetia over the war’s victims.

No one could have imagined that, just a few years later, the flames of war, fanned by the same foreign agitators, would flare up in the Ukraine, and the tragedy of Tskhinval repeated itself in Lugansk, Pervomaisk, Slavyanoserbsk, Khryashchevatoe… then, we couldn’t know that fanatic nationalist aggressors would come to our homes, just as they did in South Ossetia, to brutalise and kill civilians. Furthermore, in no way possible could we have imagined that the bloodthirsty murderer of Tskhinval would become a governor in the Ukraine.

An old proverb wisely says that you find out who your friends are when you get into a jam. We were able to withstand the aggressors and the Ossetians were able to withstand the aggressors, and both of us were able to rise up again from our knees with timely and effective assistance from fraternal Russia. The first state to recognise the LNR was the Republic of South Ossetia. Thanks to the development of cooperation with South Ossetia, products from our enterprises gained access to international markets. This summer, some of kids had a summer holiday and fun in the in the hospitable Ossetian land. Yes, thousands of kilometres and the Caucasus Mountains separate us… the brotherhood of the peoples of South Ossetia and the LNR came together in common crisis, we share our common joys and our common goals.

We’ll stand together and win!

00 I V PLOTNITSKY 01. 110715I V Plotnitsky

Chairman of the LNR Government

8 August 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Service


Friday, 19 June 2015

19 June 2015. We Won’t Get Neoconned Again! This is What Happened in the Last American Proxy War

00 destroyed georgian tank. 130615


As bad as the Republican neocons are, the Democratic “Humanitarian Interventionists” are worse than they are. That’s to say, Chilly Hilly and Butcher Biden are FAR more evil and nasty than McCain and Rubio are. That’s why Bernie Sanders has created such enthusiasm. He’s the only candidate not in the pocket of the oligarchs. Make no mistake on it, Hilly and Biden are as much in the pay of the oligarchs as are Rand Paul and Bill O’Reilly. Please, though, take a care with groups purporting to support Bernie. Some are really pro-Hilly groups in drag… they talk about not allowing criticism of Hilly and other Dem sellouts, so, if you see that, it’s a sign that the group is phony-baloney Sanders, and really in favour of Hilly. I got fooled myself, to be frank, but that’s OK… we all make mistakes, and we all learn from our mistakes (or we should).

Hilly hasn’t renounced “welfare reform” and she’s still persona grata with the grasping Waltons of Wal-Mart. That is, the only thing that she deserves from all decent people is damnatio memoriae. Have a care, there be cowpats on that there road, and shit is hard to clean off one’s boots…


Thursday, 12 March 2015

12 March 2015. A Thought on the Similarities Between ISIS and the USA

00 USA Russia flags. Putin quote. 27.09.12


ISIS is what it is because they’re Sunnis… and Sunnis are a minority in Iraq. The Shia and Kurds outnumber them by far. They can’t win a war for the control of Iraq… so, all that they want to do is to destroy what they can’t have themselves. To find the seeds of their destructiveness in their religion is a false path… all those who follow that are boobs. It’s rather rage that they can’t have it; therefore, no one else shall have it either. This is the same for the USA in the “Ukraine”… deep down, they know that they can’t win a war in that region of the world (South Ossetia in ’08 proved that to all comers), so, they wish to cause the most destruction that they can whilst they can. Mirabile dictu! Why, there’s no difference between the reasoning employed by ISIS and reasoning used by the USA! In short, the spiritual pathology of Anglo America is WORSE than that shown by ISIS. ISIS is causing mayhem at home; but the USA goes far and wide in foreign parts to spread destruction. It tells you much about the Affluent Effluent and the political and pundit classes who support them. Shitbirds of a feather flock together… to think that John McCain/Ted Cruz and the ISIS chieftains are milk-brothers* under the skin… now, that would be LMAO funny if it wasn’t such a real tragedy (in both Iraq and the Ukraine)…


  • Milk-Brothers: Russian idiom for two men who’ve had sexual relations with the same woman
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