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Saturday, 8 December 2012

8 December 2012. Fun From the Russian Web. Beano, Beano, Who’s Got the Beano?

00 Chimp Fun. Gotta Stop Eatin' Those Rosalie


Refriteras, for them not “in the know”, are refried beans, a standby in Mexican/Tejano/Southwest cuisine. They’re widely-known to have very SERIOUS gastric consequences… so, don’t eat ’em unless you’re with friends and family. You’ll be rather… ahem!… musical, and rather… to put it mildly… fragrant, so, please, don’t eat ’em right before meeting the bishop (unless he’s gonna indulge, too, in that case, knock yourselves out, but I’ll be sure to be far away from the “scene of the crime”). Where did I put the Beano (that is, the American fart-suppressor, not the British kid’s comic)?




Friday, 30 March 2012

Spanish General Strike Finds Millions Taking Part in Demonstrations



On Thursday, millions took part in demonstrations that swept the whole of Spain, as a climax to a general strike against the so-called “labour reform”. In Barcelona alone, union leaders reported that about a million people attended the protest action. They said that there might have been a stronger turnout if many hadn’t feared to lose their jobs. Bearing placards with the slogans, “Long live the struggle of the working class”, “Not one step back”, “We’re opposed to the ‘reform’”, demonstrators marched through the main streets of the capital and gathered at the Puerta del Sol for a rally. The latter ended in clashes with police. In total, according to trades union sources, several million people attended the demonstrations that swept 110 cities.

30 March 2012

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

Let’s keep this focused. The Republican Party wants to extend to the rest of the country the acrid and violent attitude found in the American South to trades union organisers. Organisers are beaten and killed, with none of it reported in the “free press”. Now isn’t the time to go into “why” the political and social culture of the American South and Southwest (especially Texas) is so violent and nasty. However, one does notice that the region has had the most extreme reaction amongst its ruling class to working class solidarity. I think that it has something to do with a combination of “slave culture”, oddbod quasi-Calvinist “religion” (“Evangelicalism“), and American occupation of legitimately-Mexican territory.

That is, American labour is just as restive and fearful as Spanish labour is… it’s simply denied an outlet. That’s the rather more dangerous course, I’d say…


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