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Thursday, 17 March 2016

17 March 2016. Old-School Red Army Chorus Vid… They Defended the World Against American Aggression

00 Soviet soldier in Afganistan. 16.02.14



This vid appears to be from the 60s (Civil War vets in the crowd… the VOV vets look like they’re in their 50s… the uniforms and equipment is of that era). The Red Army halted American aggression from 1950 on… it stopped American moves in Korea, Cuba, and Indochina, and assisted the indigenous  fighters in the Portuguese Colonial War of the 60s and 70s. It’s one major failure was in Afghanistan, where the USA used Radical Islamists (nurturing Osama bin Laden and the future Taliban) to push back the Red Army forces supporting the DRA. We’ve seen what happened in the power-vacuum after 1991… the actions of the USA since then proved to all comers that the Americans, NOT THE SOVIETS, were the aggressors in the Cold War.

Mistrust all “conservatives”… they’re liars and conscious defenders of evil. Give them no quarter…



Monday, 6 April 2015

Nazi Vandals Deface Memorial to Afgansy in Lvov

00 Memorial to Afgansy. Lvov THE UKRAINE. 06.04.15


On Sunday night in Lvov, unknown vandals desecrated the monument to the soldiers who fell in Afghanistan, sawing off a hand from the bronze soldier figure and damaging its knee. Members of the Lvov Oblast Society of Afghanistan Veterans (Soldier-Internationalists) filed a complaint with the police, which resulted in a criminal case under the UKU article “Theft”. Some think that the vandals could sell the removed parts as non-ferrous metal scrap. The monument to Lvov homies who died in Afghanistan went up in 1999. the funds to build it came from the Lvov branch of the Union of Afghan Veterans.

6 April 2015

Russkaya Vesna


Saturday, 11 October 2014

11 October 2014. The Mother-Motherland Calls! Four Generations of Courage…

00 Four Generations of Courage. 11.10.14


This requires no commentary. Another invader has tried to put their hands around Holy Rus’ neck. It shall fail… as all invaders failed in the end. In this case, the Americans won’t back their neo-Nazi protegés in the Ukraine… there’s nothing left in the larder… they spent it all on bootless land wars in South Asia and in insane tax giveaways to the Affluent Effluent. It’s as it always has been… all those who march on Russia will be put to death. The Banderovtsy Uniate filth will not prevail…



Monday, 12 May 2014

12 May 2014. Now, for Something Entirely DIFFERENT… Here’s Something Life-Affirming and GOOD

00 Moscow. Victory day. Thank you granpa for the victory 01. 12.05.14


00 Moscow. Victory day. Thank you granpa for the victory 02. 12.05.14


00 Moscow. Victory day. Thank you granpa for the victory 03. 12.05.14


00 Moscow. Victory day. Thank you granpa for the victory 04. 12.05.14


Here are my heroes… there’s not many of  ’em left. You can honour the heroes of the VOV or you can honour grasping cowardly scumbags like Darlin’ Yuliya, Rush Limbaugh, Aleksandr Turchinov, Sarah Palin, John Kerry, Arseny Yatsenyuk, and Willy Romney. One of these things is NOT like the other… and anyone who’d confuse the two is a scumbag, too. You can associate with selfless people of character or you can associate with selfish moneygrubbing “law of the jungle” libertarians. It’s up to you… you can’t hang out with both.


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