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Saturday, 25 April 2015

25 April 2015. This is What I Believe In…

00 Party9999999. Our Common Labour. 2014


I need add nothing…


Friday, 24 April 2015

“This Alternative is an Invincible Union of Orthodox Christianity and Socialism”

Castro and Metropolitan Kirill Gundyaev



I just didn’t have time to translate the whole post. If you wish to see the rest, click on the URL below.



I think that we’re a people with a legitimate natural right to associate with other peoples. However, I agree with those who say that force isn’t acceptable or an essential means for solving this problem. Primarily, we must act by example, to attract those who want to recreate a Union of Countries opposed to global evil. To do this, we can’t resort to a monarchical form of government; we must reject historically obsolete ideologies, such as the capitalist system, which destroyed Christianity in the West. You must use and improve a unified alternative to world capitalism and in its modern globalist (mondialist) guise. This alternative is an invincible Union of Orthodox Christianity and Socialism. Only a non-adversarial socioeconomic system can bring the people’s life in all its diversity to the real Gospel ideal. This approach could be a key factor and a condition in any decisive victory against global evil and a worthy monument to all our ancestors and contemporaries who gave their lives for Faith, Tsar, and Fatherland, including in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-45, and in the many conflicts provoked by the West and its satellites in the former USSR, Yugoslavia, Africa, the Middle East, and other regions.

23 April 2015

Anatoly Kurnosov

Doctor of Technical Sciences and Professor

Veteran of the Great Patriotic War

Russkoye Narodnoe Liniya


Wednesday, 22 April 2015

22 April 2015. Today is Lenin’s Birthday!

00 inObrAS. In Memory of Lenin. 2008


22 April is Lenin’s birthday on the Gregorian calendar (it was 10 April Julian when he was born in Russia). I’ll simply make this observation… in the Ukraine, those who honour Lenin, also honour the Church and Christ. Those who hate Lenin and rip down his statues (mostly Uniates, schismatics, and sectarians) also hate Christ and His Canonical Church. My, my… what a coincidence! If you claim to be Orthodox, but call yourself “anti-communist”, YOU ARE A LIAR. Full stop… by their fruits ye shall know them. The god-fearing commies in the DNR and LNR are doing their best to heal a country battered and raped by crapitalistic oligarchs and their American puppeteers. The godless anti-communists in the Ukraine slobber idiotically as America and its Western pals rape the country, steal its resources, and do their best to entice the “best and the brightest” to emigrate to the West.

I’d say that there was quite a difference.

If you want St Vladimir, you must stand for Vladimir Ilyich. That’s that… that’s reality.

Lenin lived, Lenin lives, Lenin will live… had the Old Empire been truly Christian, he would’ve never made a revolution. The Old Empire had become corrupt and kleptocratic in the aristocratic and bourgeois classes… the same is happening in America today. Ponder that. Remember this… all of those White Russian anti-communists who slobber over the memory of the Imperial Family… their ancestors didn’t lift a finger to save the tsar and his family from Kerensky’s imprisonment. Not a one fought for restoration of the tsar in the ensuing Civil War. Therefore, take all of their rants with a great deal of scepticism… after all, they DID lose a great deal in the way of money, power, and influence, didn’t they?

Lenin wasn’t an angel… but he was no devil either. He was a man, with all the frailties that l’condition humaine implies. He was a great man who continues to inspire millions… many of whom are Orthodox Christians. His legacy still lives…


Tuesday, 21 April 2015

21 April 2015. The Workers and Peasants Red Army Liberated the Death Camps… Galician Uniate Nationalists Helped Run Them… and That’s Not “Deceitful Russian Propaganda”

00 Holocaust memorial day 2015. 16.04.15


The Galician Uniates are screaming about “deceitful Russian propaganda”… well, in 1945 the Workers and Peasants Red Army LIBERATED Oświęcim… Galician Uniate nationalists helped run the camp and they rounded-up people for the Nazis. I seem to see a difference there. The people who honour Lenin, honour the Red Army heroes who liberated the camps. The people who honour Bandera and the UPA, honour those who helped the Nazis run the camps. That’s not “deceitful Russian propaganda”…


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