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Thursday, 21 May 2015

DNR Peoples Soviet Big sez Junta’s Repudiation of Soviet Legacy Denies its Right to the Donbass

00 dnr. donetk pr. patriotic rally. 21.05.15


00 languages spoken at home. Ukraine. 21.02.15

Do note how the linguistic boundaries almost parallel the voting realities in the notional “Ukraine” in 1991-2012


00 Ukraine 01. ethnolinguistic map. 13.02.14


00 Yushchenko. Yanukovich. map. 04.06.14.


00 The Ukraine. map. 27.02.15


00 Lands Added to Russia on the Territory of the Former Ukrainian SSR. 21.08.14


00 2010 Ukrainian presidential election

You see the blue area? That’s Novorossiya/the Crimea. This political pattern was steady-on from 1991… Novorossiya and the Crimea were never integrated socially or nationally with Malorossiya/the Lvovshchina… and never can be. That’s the facts…


00 Ukraine 02. Per Capita Income map. 13.02.14

Here’s the REAL reason for the aggression in Novorossiya… the richer regions are in Orthodox Novorossiya… the poorest regions are in the Uniate Lvovshchina. Without Novorossiya, the Lvovshchina and Malorossiya are dirt-poor back-of-the-beyond European Somalias. The Ozarks and the Mississippi Delta are higher in social development.


Miroslav Rudenko, a leader of the Free Donbass faction in the DNR Peoples Soviet, in comments on new Kiev junta laws outlawing communism, said that the junta’s repudiation of the Soviet legacy deprives it of any right to territory ceded to the Ukrainian SSR under the Soviets. He said, “Therefore, the contemporary Ukraine can’t claim some areas within its current borders. If we look at the UNR, the Skoropadsky Hetmanate, and the ephemeral ‘government’ proclaimed by the Banderovtsy in Lvov in June 1941, they didn’t include the Donbass-Krivoi Rog Soviet Republic, the Odessa Soviet Republic, or the Tavrida Soviet Republic (Crimea). Moreover, these ephemeral ‘Ukrainian’ entities didn’t include modern Galicia, Bukovina, and Podkarpatskaya Krai. Remember, our People’s Soviet adopted a memorandum emphasising our historical continuity with the Donbass-Krivoi Rog Soviet Republic. This gave us a solid principled foundation to protect our rights in future relations with any Ukrainian state”.

21 May 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Tuesday, 19 May 2015

19 May 2015. It’s 19 May… Pioneer Day! They Ain’t Dead… The Rumours of Their Death Were Greatly Exaggerated

00 Pioneers. 19.05.15


00 red square pioneers 2012. 25.05.14


In Russia today, you’ll find the most patriotic people in the KPRF! The Church and the Party stand together, as they’ve done ever since the CIA’s assault on our ancestral motherland in the Nasty 90s (sadly, the ROCOR helped Langley back then… thrusting a knife into the backs of our compatriots). If you support the Anglo American assault on Holy Rus in any way at all, you stand with Satan… there’s no other way of putting it. That’s why I oppose certain people so bitterly… they’re Judases who’ve sold out their heritage for acceptance in American rightwing circles. I wrote earlier:

I stand with the Lord Christ the Worker, the Risen God Crucified by the Powers-that-be… not Jayzuss the Idol of the “Elect” Oligarchs. Where do you stand?

The Pioneers live! You can have the healthy communal unselfish ethos of the Pioneers, or, you can have the Me First selfish narcissistic ethos of the American “Conservative”. It’s up to you… as for me…



Monday, 18 May 2015

18 May 2015. This is For a Certain Father of Two Boys of My Acquaintance…

00 thank you grandpa for the victory. russia. 18.05.15

“Thank you, Gran’pa, for the Victory!”


Do you hear what I hear? SOMEBODY is out in the garage doing something STRANGE. DO YOU REALLY WANT TO KNOW WHAT HE’S UP TO? Keep his dinner warm… he may be late, dear… but at least you KNOW where he is…

BTW, the sign ТОРТЫ means “Cakes”… something, the little one may be thinking of…


Saturday, 16 May 2015

16 May 2015. The USA Rattles Its Toy Sabre… The Bear and the Dragon Wait… “All Those Who March on Russia Will be Put to Death”

00 putin victory day speech. moscow. 15.05.15



The USA makes loud noises about being the sole superpower. The last time that it faced peer opponents, in Korea, the best that they could get was a stalemate, essentially restoring the status quo ante. Russia and China are peer powers… hmm… they WERE the peer powers that fought the USA to a standstill in Korea, weren’t they? The Anglos aren’t very bright, are they? They WANT to fight the very people who bloodied them badly the last time around!

Pray for peace… Russia and China are being responsible, but the Anglo Americans and their Galician Uniate nationalist attack dogs are not. We don’t need a thermonuclear exchange…


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