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Tuesday, 31 March 2015

DonNTU First University to Receive the Academician V P Glushko International Prize

00 DonNTU award. Donetsk. 31.03.15


Today,Donetsk National Technical University (DonNTU) was the first DNR educational institution awarded the prestigious Academician V P Glushko International Prize. The son of the prominent scientist, Major General A V Glushko, handed over the award to A Ya Anoprienko, DonNTU Rector. General Glushko spoke about the DonNTU’s achievements, “It’s one of the most-recognised higher institutes in the SNG due to its compelling research in hundreds of projects for a variety of industries, from geology and metallurgy to mechanical engineering and mining. Even in wartime, in fact under conditions of blockade, it still pays special attention to promote science and technology”. In turn, Rector Anoprienko said, “DonNTU has received the first Academician V P Glushko International Prize. In time, the award will go to leading scientists, artists, and pilot-cosmonauts. We’ll do our best to continue research in our school, to train and develop higher-education science”. DNR Minister of Education and Science Igor Kostenok congratulated DonNTU’s students and faculty, “Today, the DNR is emerging. It’s important for us not only survive, but to develop systematically. In this, our foremost assistants are scientists and higher science, which since Soviet times were amongst the top ranks. We should undertake the most serious study. Awarding such high honours… that’s the best way to do it”.

The International Academy of Spiritual Unity of the People of the World UNESCO “For the Promotion of Science in Literature” established the Academician V P Glushko International Prize in 2005. Over the next eight years, the Academy gave out the award, but there are no records of who received it and what they received. This was due to the lack of a legal basis, as well as financial difficulties. After 2013, due to the efforts of the St Petersburg Foundation for Support of Education and Science, the Prize became official.

V P Glushko (1908-89) was a Soviet engineer and scientist specialising in rocket and space technology and was a pioneer in liquid rocket engines. Beginning in 1974, he became director and general designer of NPO Energiya, which designed the 11K25 Energiya booster-rocket/MTKK Buran reusable space shuttle system. He became Academician of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR and the USSR, twice winner of the State Prize of the USSR, and twice Hero of Socialist Labour.

31 March 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Thursday, 28 August 2008

ISS Orbit Adjusted To Dodge Space Junk According to Mission Control

The International Space Station‘s orbit was adjusted to avoid a cluster of space junk, Russia’s Mission Control Center (MCC) said on Thursday. “Information on a possible collision was received from Russian and American services…and was used by the MCC specialists to perform calculations for an ISS orbit adjustment”, mission control said. It said that the engines of the Jules Verne Automated Transport Vehicle (ATV) docked to the ISS were activated to lower the station’s orbit by 1.7 kilometres (1 mile) to 353.7 kilometres (220 miles) over the Earth’s surface. Corrections to the space station’s orbit are also conducted before launches of Russian cargo modules and US shuttles to compensate for Earth’s gravity and to ensure successful dockings.

28 August 2008



Editor’s Note:

Because of the planned retirement of the US shuttle fleet in 2010, NASA shall be entirely dependent on Russian spacecraft to get American cosmonauts and cargo to the ISS between 2010 and 2015. Invincible and matchless America… I don’t think so! A little humility goes a long way… shall the American government learn it? One hopes so. However, I shall NOT hold my breath waiting…


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