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Friday, 24 April 2015

24 April 2015. A Thought from St Kiprian of Carthage

00 St Kiprian. 23.04.15


One hears bleats from konvertsy toddlers that this one or that one has “automatically excommunicated” themselves or that so-and-so bishop or metropolitan has deposed themselves by their actions. That’s absurd. No one is “automatically excommunicated”… in fact, the Church is very chary of what the Latins call “excommunication”… it’ll often condemn an idea without attacking the person involved… hell, the Church didn’t condemn Bulgakov or Florensky, and they issued some right gnarly heresy.

I chose the above image with malice aforethought. Ilarion Alfeyev is perhaps the most pro-papist and pro-oligarch of the hierarchs… but that doesn’t strip away his position. The Church hasn’t deposed him, and probably won’t, as he’s useful in certain limited ways (note well that he’s the first External Relations head not to be a ruling bishop… he’s only a fancy auxiliary vicar bishop with a white hat). Tikhon Mollard’s no prize… but the Church chose him for a reason. He was the best man available… not the best man. Sometimes, there are no “good” choices… that’s the way of things. He’s bovine… but it’s like Pimen Izvekov, one of the bishops said later, “He was the Church’s choice”. Mollard was the Church’s choice… he smiles at the old ladies and issues toothless epistles… he doesn’t harm the Church. Sometimes, “do no harm” is all that we can do… that’s not a bad thing, kids.

The Church here is in NO danger… Rod Dreher’s rant about the Church going Episcopal was a laugh… a friend of mine said, “He thinks that he’s saving the Church, but he’s the one who needs saving”. We have plenty of broken vessels in the clergy… but then again, they came from us, and most of us are sinners (I know that there must be perfect people out there, but I haven’t met one yet). The older I get, the less individual bad clergy discomfit me. I can see that the younger generation is solid… anywho, God didn’t appoint me Judge of the World.

Christ’s Church is FULL of tares… as is every other institution that you could name. I’m here for the long haul… what about you?


Wednesday, 25 March 2015

25 March 2015. A Thought from St Kiprian of Carthage…

00 St Kiprian of Carthage. 25.03.15


Yes, the wealthy are the slaves of their wealth… but the people immediately below them, their willing and eager lickspittles, are even worse. That is, the Koch Brothers and the late Steve Jobs were/are asshats, but Ted Cruz, Chilly Hilly, Marco Rubio, and Andrew Cuomo (and Rod Dreher and Victor Potapov on a smaller scale) are far worse… they’re drooling fawning devotees of wealth… so, they do the wishes of the Affluent Effluent.

Yes… power corrupts… but the love of money is the root of ALL evil. The Apostle said that… do note that the religious hobbyists don’t have much to say on that, do they? It might cramp their attachment to the Prosperity Gospel, wouldn’t it?


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