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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

5 May 2015. Lvov VOV Vet Still Fulla P & V!

00 Lvov VOV vet. 05.05.15


Here’s the original caption:

Lvov homie Aleksandr Kalinyuk, Chairman of the Lvov Anti-Fascist Committee, Deputy Chairman of the all-Ukraine Anti-Fascist Committee, and a KPU member, came to the rally with a St George Ribbon. “All my family fought in the VOV. This isn’t a symbol of provocation; it’s a token of remembrance, even if some think otherwise. I live in this town, and I’m not afraid to wear a symbol of our victory over the nationalist fascists”.


THIS is why the junta and their American puppeteers can’t COUNT on the Lvovshchina. Indeed… there’s been as much draft-dodging in the Western Ukraine as elsewhere. One village put its men on buses for NOVOSIBIRSK! In other places, the men headed for the hills (literally), and in Podkarpatskaya, the men snuck through secret trails to Slovakia. If I were the junta I wouldn’t be so blustery… then, again, the US and Canadian troops may really be at that polygon* in the far Western Ukraine (it’s almost Poland) to keep open an escape route for the American commissars of the junta and their local scumbag scalawag carpetbaggers. Yatsenyuk can go to Palm Beach with his Scientologist sister… hell, he’s stolen enough to be a member of that cult! Expect the unexpected… the junta is in anarchic freefall, and no one, but no one knows when it’ll hit the ground. I don’t… NOBODY does. NOT “Colonel Cassad”… NOT “Fort Russ”… CERTAINLY NOT the strutting asshat poseurs at Stratfor in Texas (they’re just in an office strip-mall in Austin, I’m told… however, a bunch with 200 employees is NOT an intel agency of ANY standing… Stratfor is proof of the vacuity and stupidity of the “conservative” movement… they actually pay these phoney-baloney jabronies their wild-ass guesses).

The goofiest part of the ride is yet to come…

  • Polygon: Russian colloquialism for a military base, due to polygonal concrete blocks on the drill ground and airfields



Saturday, 21 April 2012

21 April 2012. VOR Presents… St George Ribbon Event: Eighth Edition

On 23 April, the annual St George Ribbon event will begin in Russia to commemorate the heroic feat of our Great Patriotic War veterans. Amongst many slogans associated with this event are, “My granddad’s victory’s my victory!”, “Tie it on if you remember!”, “I remember! I feel proud!”, “We’re the heirs of the Great Victory!,” and “Granddad, thanks for the Victory!”


People tie St George ribbons onto car antennas, school bags, prams, or wear them on their lapels as a Victory Day symbol.


The first St George Ribbon campaign took place in 2005, activists handed them out near metro stations and transit centres or tied them onto the antennas of parked cars.


Over the past seven years, more than 60 million ribbons were handed out in Greece, France, Estonia, Germany, Moldavia, Belgium, and other countries.


This year, volunteers with the Student Community Association prepared over 3 million ribbons to give out to Muscovites.


The St George Ribbon first appeared in 1769 as part of the Order of St George.


The St George Ribbon was featured in many military medals of Pre-Revolutionary, Soviet, and modern times.


The colours of the ribbon… black and orange… stand for “smoke and flame”.


20 April 2012

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