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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

31 August 2011. A Point of Unity… Betcha Ya Can’t Guess Where This Snap was Taken! C’mon… Be a Sport! Guess Before Reading…

First impressions can be misleading, not just in people, but in buildings as well. The above image is of…

St Mark’s Basilica in Venice!

Yes, sir… a genuine, 100 percent, no-bullshit-really-real Catholic church. St Mark’s dates from 1071… so, one can see that RCs and Orthodox were once much closer than they are at present. It’s as impossible for institutions to recapture the past as it is for us for us as individuals to relive our childhood or adolescence. One can’t erase history… nor should we attempt to do such. We are what we are… our experience has made us what we are… both as people and as “Church”. The sooner that we realise that, and stop the infernal and pointless “dialogue”, the sooner that we can be friendly and useful neighbours to one another. After all, we’re called to “love” our neighbour… not “convert” them (which is, after all, the point of “ecumensim”… a barely-disguised effort to bring others to one’s own POV)!


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