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Sunday, 28 August 2016

URA! Today is Miner’s Day!

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Miner’s Day 28 August 2016… the last Sunday of August is the professional holiday of our courageous miners; people whose hard work is the key to successful economic development. For more than half a century, Russia and other former Soviet republics celebrated Miner’s Day, paying tribute to the selfless work of the glorious army of thousands of miners. Coalmining has been one of the key sectors of the Russian economy, providing fuel for both business and ordinary people. The quantity and quality of the extracted coal will affect the heat in our apartments this winter, not only locally, but also throughout the country. Miner’s Day officially began in the USSR with a proposal by coal industry officials A F Zasyadko and D G Onika on 10 September 1947. The first Miner’s Day celebration was 29 August 1948. The name that probably comes to mind in talking about miners is A G Stakhanov. On 31 August 1935, Stakhanov, thanks to the special organisation of the job, set a record… in 5 hours 35 minutes he extracted 102 tonnes of coal… 14 times the norm. Since that time, we’ve seen the words “Stakhanovite”, “Stakhanov movement”, and ” Stakhanovite work”. For coal-mining towns and districts such as Inta, Karaganda, Donetsk, Kemerovo, and Novokuznetsk, Miner’s Day is an important holiday and they celebrate it with concerts and folk festivals. In Kemerovo Oblast, well-known music groups and other folk artists come to perform on this holiday. The celebration traditionally ends with fireworks. Today, coalminers celebrate Miner’s Day in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, the Ukraine, and Belarus. I sincerely greet all workers in the extractive industry on their holiday. Thanks to your work, courage, and professionalism, our homes have warmth and comfort.

28 August 2016



Saturday, 29 August 2015

OFFICIAL Day of the Miner Greetings from DNR Chairman of the Government A V Zakharchenko

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To my dear compatriots and fellow citizens of the DNR!

I warmly greet you on the Day of the Miner, a holiday near and dear to every family in our glorious labouring Donbass! For our region, mining isn’t just a job… it’s the backbone of the DNR working class. Heroes of Labour such as Nikita Izotov, Ivan Bridko, Aleksandr Kolchik, and, of course, Aleksei Stakhanov forged a worldwide reputation for the Donbass mines, and for the miners who worked them. During the Great Patriotic War, the fascist aggressors ravaged our native land, but it quickly recovered, and in a short time, the industrial might of the Donbass embodied our workmen’s impressive achievements and victories. All this was possible thanks largely to our miners’ daily heroic labour… they’re famous for their courage, selfless devotion to their work, and steadfast character. Especially, these qualities were clear in 1943 and 2014 in the battles that raged around Saur-Mogila. In 1943, our fathers and grandfathers swept the fascist plague out of the Soviet Donbass… today, real heroes, the children and grandchildren of our glorious victorious VOV vets, defeated the Nazis again, beginning the DNR’s liberation. This shows our intergenerational continuity and testifies to our loyalty to our miners’ region traditions. Today, we work with you to rebuild the Donbass from the ruins. Thanks to your selfless labour, patriotism, and devotion to your motherland, we’ll do all that’s necessary to restore our land’s prosperity, to make it a healthy state where the working class takes pride of place.

Dear miners, with all my heart I wish you good health, boundless vitality, and inexhaustible optimism! I wish you and your loved ones happiness, good luck, and every success! Let your brilliant work achievements and glorious victories on all fronts always inspire you. A happy holiday to all of our miners! To the feast, on this Day of the Miner!

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Chairman of the DNR Government

29 August 2015

DNR Online

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Friday, 28 August 2015

Donetsk Noted 80th Anniversary of Stakhanovite Movement

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Donetsk noted the 80th anniversary of the Stakhanovite movement with a retrospective exhibition entitled, A Great Beginning for the Donbass. The exhibition, which includes about 60 paintings, sculptures, and commemorative medals, opened today at the all-Republic Art Museum. DNR Minister of Culture Aleksandr Paretsky attended the gala event, along with figures from industry, politics, and celebrities, alongside ordinary people. Paretsky observed, “These canvases evoke images of Alexei Stakhanov and his colleagues… railwayman Pyotr Krivonos, steelworker Makar Mazaya, traktorist* Praskovya Angelina. Their names are a legitimate source of pride; they help our young republic today to return to working people their deserved honour and glory. Despite wartime conditions, we’re getting ready to celebrate one of the most favourite holidays in the Donbas… Miner’s Day… we should be sure to remember one of the most famous miners who ever lived… Aleksei Stakhanov”.

  • Traktorist: “tractor-driver”, actually a rural jack-of-all-trades, driver, mechanic, harvest apparatus operator, general “fix-it man”

The exhibition presents the work of 35 artists, most of them being local Donetsk homies. The list includes Pyotr Vasyukov, Polina Shakalo, Ivan Lisov, and others. Vladimir Sarbash, technical director of the Donetsk Coal Energy Company, who was at the exhibition, said, “It excited and thrilled me to see these canvases at the museum. We learned about some of these folks in books; we worked with some of these people. They were real heroes of labour, the bedrock of the working class of the Donbass”. The exhibition will be on display and run until the end of October, being completely open to the public.

The Stakhanovite mass movement followed the example of Soviet Donbass coalminer Aleksei Stakhanov, who worked at the Central-Irmino Mine. Stakhanov mined 102 tonnes of coal during the night shift of 30-31 August 1935, when the norm for a shift was 7 tonnes. Subsequently, on 19 September, he set a new record by bringing 227 tonnes of black gold to the surface. The all-Union Communist Party encouraged and promoted the Stakhanovite movement, as a new form of socialist competition and as a way of increasing labour productivity.

27 August 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


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