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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

9 October 2013. And Now A Word From Our Sponsor… Reflect on What the Republicans REALLY Want During This Shutdown

00 Luo Jie. China Daily. Gun Control. 16.07.13

Gun Control vs Gun Abuse

Luo Jie



Do you want the world that the Republicans want to put into place? To help you, I’d advise you to ponder what happened to two people in Florida, one of the states misruled by a Republican junta today. What happens there now is what the GOP wants throughout the country.

Firstly, there was George Zimmerman, a self-appointed vigilante. I asked several cops and a lawyer if what Mr Zimmerman did was within the law and SOP for Neighbourhood Watch groups. To keep it short, it flew in the face of everything that responsible cops teach Neighbourhood Watch volunteers. Volunteers are ordered to NEVER to initiate contact with a suspect. NEVER EVER. The watch is supposed to inform the police, who’ll then send a patrol to make contact with the suspect. The volunteer is supposed to lay back, keep the suspect in sight, but never contact or accost them, ever. Besides which, no Neighbourhood Watch volunteer is supposed to be armed, and especially not with a firearm! In short, Mr Zimmerman flouted all the rules… and the Sanford FL PD supported him! Why? I’ve no doubt that Republican politicos threw their mantle of support over Zimmerman, because it’s what they want (lawless vigilantes beating up “uppity niggers n’ spics”) and because it fits their vision of a Radical Libertarian Anything-Goes Deregulated Paradise. The Sanford PD decided not to buck the politicos… by the way, Zimmerman is part-Cuban, a group detested and hated by all other Hispanic populations in the USA. Cuban-Americans, disproportionately, come from the classes that supported Fulgencio Batista… that is, they helped Batista rape Cuba for the benefit of the Americans. That’s why no Mexican or PR is going to vote for Marco Rubio, not now, not ever.

Secondly, there was Marissa Alexander. Last year, a Florida court convicted Alexander of assault with a deadly weapon with no intent to harm, and under Florida’s mandatory minimum laws sentenced her to twenty years in prison after firing a warning shot to ward off her abusive husband. Alexander attempted to have her case dismissed under Stand Your Ground, claiming her right to protect herself from a man who had repeatedly beat her, but was unsuccessful.

Do you see the Jabberwockian insanity in the above? THAT’S WHAT THE REPUBLICANS WANT THROUGHOUT THE COUNTRY. It’s why they’re “shutting down the government”. The “right to keep and bear arms” only applies to the people whom the Republicans like… as the Zimmerman and Alexander cases show. The Republicans want a pro-business thugocracy just like the one in Florida… if you doubt my word, ask the union organisers who’ve tried to organise Disney World… the ones who survived, that is.

This is what the shutdown is really all about… it’s all about the Republicans ripping up the US Constitution and putting a Libertarian Hell in its place. I’m against that… and I’m not alone…



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