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Monday, 22 December 2014

22 December 2014. A Picture IS Worth a Thousand Words… A Soldier Kisses His Girlfriend in Stavropol

00 Kiss in Stavropol Russia. 22.12.14


Normal life does go on… a soldier kisses his girlfriend in Stavropol. Thank God… things are as they’ve always been. Aren’t you ashamed of having listened to the Western media’s lies about Russia? There aren’t any ogres about… nor is there any war being prepared… on the Russian side, that is. As for the Uniate fascists and their American puppeteers… it’s anyone’s guess (in fact, a false flag op ginned up by Langley carried out by Uniate fanatics isn’t out of the question). “Winning is the only thing”… you forget that about Anglo Americans at your peril… “A knife for the Moskals!”… such is the Christianity of the Uniates. Let those with ears, hear…



Monday, 1 September 2014

1 September 2014. Video. Liturgy on Top of Beshtau in Stavropol Krai

01zc Faces of a Religious Procession



This is a clip of a liturgy held at the top of Beshtau in the Caucasus in Stavropol Krai. The first half is from the liturgy; the second four minutes is the bishop’s sermon (in Russian). Watch it for the visuals… now, this was an OTPUST! WOW! My knees ached just looking at it… THIS is Holy Rus… this is why the patriots in Novorossiya shall win in the end…

с Нами бог!


Sunday, 14 October 2012

Oscar Winners to Promote Orthodoxy in Russia


The Buranovskie Babushki are mentioned below, here’s their Party for Everybody… if that ain’t Orthodox, I don’t know what it is (it’s NOT “Party for the Chosen and Affluent Few”).


The Orthodox movement Soboryane said that it plans to show posters all over Russia promoting Orthodoxy depicting Hollywood star Tom Hanks. Andrei Vorontsov, the movement’s chairman, said that posters depicting famous people, including two Oscar winners, the Forrest Gump star and Russian film director Nikita Mikhalkov, amongst others, with quotes about Orthodoxy, would appear ahead of a major religious holyday. Vorontsov said that they’ve carried out a pilot campaign in Stavropol, the capital of the southern Stavropol Krai, which was beset by conflicts between ethnic Russians and indigenous people from the neighbouring Caucasus.

The “We are Orthodox” campaign inspired Orthodox activists in 25 other oblasts, which have similar events in their hometowns, Vorontsov said. Komsomolskaya Pravda quoted him as saying, “Activists will place posters or banners… depending on how much money that they have”. One can see samples of the campaign’s posters, featuring ESC stars Buranovskie Babushki and the 19th century writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky, amongst others, on Soboryane’s page on vKontakte, Russia’s most popular social network site. Members of the movement were asked to submit their favourite quotes of famous people for the campaign, according to vKontakte’s official page, which has over 4,000 subscribers. Vorontsov told The Moscow News, “We’re in process of negotiating with the people we want to participate in the campaign. We hope that Tom Hanks will agree to take part in it”.

Hanks, who converted to Greek Orthodoxy on marrying actress and producer Rita Wilson in 1988, is cited in Russian as saying that he realises the importance of attending church services and the questions posed by Orthodoxy. One of the posters also features an image of Yuri Gagarin, the first man in space, with the quote, “If you haven’t met God on earth, you won’t find him in space”. Given the difficult relationship the Soviet establishment had with religion, his words could well likely reflect atheist views as much as Orthodox ones. However, Vorontsov said that Church spokesman Fr Vsevolod Chaplin, best known for his controversial views, endorsed the campaign. He also told KP that Orthodox activists in the Ukraine and Belarus contacted the Soboryane movement in order to stage similar events in their countries.

10 August 2012

Alina Lobzina

The Moscow News


Sunday, 22 April 2012

Millions Pray Throughout Russia for the Defence of Christ’s Church Against Its Enemies… Thousands Turn Out to Answer HH’s Call in Moscow


On Sunday, the RF MVD reported that about 65,000 Orthodox believers gathered at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow as part of a nationwide prayer action in defence of the faith and desecrated holy places. Earlier, the MP estimated the number of worshippers at the event at 50,000. MP First Hierarch Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev served liturgy in at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour in downtown Moscow, during which he urged believers to take part in the nationwide prayer action outside the Cathedral “for our faith, for our Church, for our holy things, and for our Motherland”. His Holiness hoped that the prayer action would “multiply our spiritual strength” to fight faithlessness.

Led by Patriarch Kirill, bishops and priests prayed together with Orthodox believers in front of holy relics outside of the cathedral, including ones recently desecrated by vandals. Anton Alyalichev, a participant in the action, said, “This was necessary. We can’t and don’t want to hold meetings to show our position… we just wish to get together and pray”. Holy Orthodox relics were purposefully brought to the Cathedral for the action. Amongst the relics was a 3.5-metre veneration cross damaged by an attacker in a cathedral in Nevinnomyssk (Stavropol Krai). There were also five of the 30 icons vandalised with an axe in the town of Veliki Ustyug (Vologda Oblast) this March; an icon of the Holy Mother of Vladimir, shot at in the early 1920s, was also brought from the same city. Other prayer actions occurred in front of other Russian cathedrals.

Vandalism and church desecration cases have become more frequent in Russia after the female punk group Pussy Riot performed what it called “a punk prayer” in February in front of the royal gates at the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, which is off-limits to all but priests. Five group members, clad in balaclavas, chanted a song entitled Holy Shit against Prime Minister Vladimir Putin that was also insulting to Patriarch Kirill. Priests and believers prayed that those who desecrated holy things in a series of recent blasphemous actions across Russia would change their ways, and they prayed for the good reputation of the Church. A number of high-profile scandals embroiled the Church recently. Bloggers and opposition media criticised top MP officials for their “lavish” lifestyles. Earlier this month, the MP Supreme Council said in a statement that it had been targeted by “those pushing through radical liberal values” {“radical liberal” in Russian terms is “libertarian conservative” in American terms… that is, the Church opposes the Free Market and “greed is good” vulture capitalism: editor} over its opposition to same-sex marriages and consumerism.

22 April 2012



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