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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Stratfor Chock Fulla Shit… Predicts a Russian Collapse

00 sleeping bear. 24.02.15

The Bear is sleeping… I’d recommend the asshats at Stratfor to shut the fuck up. Bears don’t like being poked at, dontcha know…


Read this. Read it? Read it all? What arrant bullshit… it’s bollocks on stilts! Barron’s called Stratfor the “shadow CIA”… that shows you how intelligent the average “conservative” is… the GOP isn’t the “Stupid Party” for nought! Stratfor only has 75 to 200 employees max… it’s no intelligence agency, it’s a commercial security firm that sells crank predictions at 40K per annum. Only asshats on the level of Ted Cruz, John McCain, and Rod Dreher take it seriously. However, it’s useful… it’s what the Anglo American toddlers want in the world. They want to rip apart Russia, destroy Orthodoxy, and replace it with their godless Sectarian twaddle. Stratfor is utter nonsense, not worthy of a lengthy refutation. However, “conservatives” slobber over its vacuities. I’ll only say this… Russians survived the 900 Days… they’ll survive whatever the bratty Amerikantsy toddlers toss at them. Trust me on that…

One last thing… this has all the marks of something “run up by the apprentice whilst the blacksmith was out”. The American hegemonic project is going into the shitter big-time… Stratfor is one of its shameless whores. Ergo, this “report”… I don’t think that it’s going to stop the collapse of the “Ukraine” nor stop the Sino-Russian alliance (which scares the shits out of the Amerikantsy juveniles). Read Stratfor in the light of those facts…



Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Hammond, Anonymous, and the FBI

pay no attention to the man behind the curtain

Always ask, “Cui bono (Who benefits)?” It leads you to INTERESTING places. Stratfor’s not a serious intel outlet… it’s a mouthpiece for American domestic political interests. That’s that…


Jailed hacker Jeremy Hammond is one year into a 10-year sentence for hacking into the Stratfor intelligence (sic) company’s website. Like any idealist, he did it to “expose the truth“, but the truth behind his imprisonment is anything but a simple matter. According to leaked documents, Hammond was one of many hacktivists provided targets by an FBI informerI informer. Reportedly, not only did the informer instruct hackers like Hammond to hack sites like Stratfor to check for vulnerabilities, but the FBI collaborator also directed Anonymous and others to target no fewer than 30 foreign government websites. Hammond’s stiff sentence was a reaction to the national security threat he allegedly posed, but what about those who were pulling the strings in the first place?

29 December 2014




01 Art of Money Getting



Stratfor is an overrated commercial operation… it isn’t an intelligence agency of any sort. No group of less than 200 employees is a serious intel operation, full stop. It shows the ignorance of those who tout and use it. It’s a fave of such ignoranuses as Ted Cruz, Bob Martinez, and Marco Rubio… along with most of the American business community. Barron’s calls it the “Shadow CIA”… which gives you the measure of Barron’s! It sure doesn’t speak highly of the intelligence of the Affluent Effluent, does it?

Stratfor is a pet of loudmouth Tea Party interests… unconfirmed low-level District sources tell me that GOP staffers give it access to government classified data. I don’t know how righteous that buzz is, but it does fit the Righties and their MO. You see, if Stratfor fucks up, they can deny that Langley had anything to do with it. That is, if you follow this model, Stratfor doesn’t produce any intel of its own (it simply lacks the capability), but it does “leak” intel given to it by sympathetic Republicans (most of its published material comes from “open sources”… as does most intel, by the way… the conclusions are predigested pabulum pretested for salability, not veracity). Its conclusions are no better than mine (or any other source’s) are… they have no technical or HUMINT assets, so, connect the dots. They’re nothing but a mouthpiece for retrograde political interests, who gull the idiotic into paying for their services (they’re worthy successors of P T Barnum and “There’s a sucker born a minute and two born to take ‘im”).

Probably, Hammond got the drop big-time for stumbling onto stuff that incriminated high-level GOP filth (perhaps, e-mails linking GOP figures to intel leaked to Stratfor)… so, they saw to it that he got serious slam time for it. After all, the GOP didn’t scruple at putting Ethel Rosenberg in the hot seat even though she was innocent… their history isn’t the best, is it? We ARE talking about the party of Joe McCarthy…


Sunday, 2 November 2014

2 November 2014. Here are Those WEAK Russian Forces That the Anglo Americans are ALWAYS Denigrating

00 russian naval infantry 03. 01.11.14


00 russian naval infantry 02. 01.11.14


00 russian naval infantry 04. 01.11.14


00 russian naval infantry 01. 01.11.14


The drippy-nosed Anglo American toddlers are forever telling us how strong that they are. However, the US DoD plans to have enough forces to conduct one major war and one minor war at a time… gee, they’ve already reached the limit, haven’t they? There are fewer brigades in the US Army than there are in the Russian Army. There are fewer brigades in the US Army than there are DIVISIONS in the PLA. How, then, can it have “overwhelming conventional superiority?” Don’t listen to the asshats at Stratfor… they have no technical means (that is, no SIGINT or ELINT assets)… they don’t have enough analysts (they only have 75 to 200 employees total)… they don’t have actual and vetted HUMINT assets at all (they do have personal contacts with some middle-level flunkies, but no one of importance). They’re crapitalist bullshitters… used-car salesmen of the worst sort. They don’t have any more cred than I do. They do have an ex-Navy SEAL as an exec… which gets them into some DoD circles, but by no means at the highest level. It shows you the level of intelligence of those who buy their crank services (it does tell you much about the level of brains of the rightwing clowns who take them at face value). “Shadow CIA”… anyone who believes that belongs in a rubber room with no access to sharps.

The images… they’re the Russian Naval Infantry… the “Black Death”… the SEALs had best watch their step around them. Pride goeth before a fall, I hear tell…


Monday, 18 August 2008

Russia Faces Misplaced Threats by the West

Coalition forces in Iraq. American soldiers and their allies are tied down in peripheral theatres and are war-weary from five years of relentless guerrilla war in Iraq. There’s nothing in the store-cupboard for Georgia.


According to foreign media reports, Western diplomats, stung by Russia’s quick response to Georgia’s attempted blitz in South Ossetia, are already making all kinds of threats against Russia, from blocking its entry of the WTO all the way to Russia’s complete isolation and termination of its G8 membership. Most of these threats are coming from Washington and with pretty good reason too. It looks like Russia gave one of America’s smaller allies hell at a time when the USA‘s absorbed in its wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as potential conflict with Iran and a destabilising situation in Pakistan. All the Americans can do now to help Georgia is to supply it with limited quantities of light weapons, such as antitank and, more alarmingly, handheld Stinger-type antiaircraft systems. As to strike weapons like M1 Abrams tanks and armoured personnel carriers, this is absolutely out of the question, Firstly, you’ve got to have well-trained crews to man them, and, secondly, the Americans have no predilection for giving out alms, even on Sunday. Really, the Iraqis have oil money enough to pay for 120 used Abrams tanks, which are simply too expensive for the Americans to haul back home, whilst the scrap metal that makes up the bulk of Georgian exports will hardly get the US interested. Besides, ordinary American, who can hardly tell the difference between Ossetia and Cossackia, will take a lot of time and persuasion to approve the dispatch of any sizeable American contingent to a part of the world he’s just learned about from the latest news report.

Well, Main Street can surely be brainwashed to believe that the future of global democracy now hinges on the situation in Ossetia, but like I said, this’ll take time, and, with the presidential elections now less than three months away, playing this risky card could cost one of the candidates his chance to get into that coveted seat in the Oval Office. By cracking down on the Georgian invaders, Russia fully realised the price it’d have to pay to its Western “partners”, but it also knew that the pros would eventually outweigh the cons. One can hardly disagree with George Friedman, the founder, chairman, and Chief Intelligence Officer of Stratfor (Strategic Forecasting Incorporated), a private American intelligence firm that analyses and forecasts trends in world affairs, when he says that an increasingly assertive Russia backed the Americans into a corner. “The Europeans, who, for the most part, lack expeditionary militaries and are dependent upon Russian energy exports, have even fewer options to respond to the Russian action in Georgia”, Friedman wrote on his website. “If nothing else happens, the Russians have demonstrated that they’ve resumed their role as a regional power. Russia isn’t a global power by any means, but a significant regional power with lots of nuclear weapons and an economy that isn’t all too shabby at the moment. It’s also compelled every state on the Russian periphery to re-evaluate its position relative to Moscow. As for Georgia, the Russians appear ready to demand the resignation of President Mikhail Saakashvili. Militarily, that’s their option. That’s all they wanted to demonstrate, and they’ve demonstrated it”.

15 August 2008

Mike Sullivan

Voice of Russia World Service


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