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Sunday, 20 November 2016

20 November 2016. From the Russian Web…



The animals are God’s creatures, too…



Friday, 23 May 2014

23 May 2014. From the Russian Web… They Get on Like… Well… Cats and Dogs

00 russian cat and dog 01. 23.05.14


00 russian cat and dog 02. 23.05.14


00 russian cat and dog 03. 23.05.14


00 russian cat and dog. 23.05.14


KP, Russia’s answer to the Daily News or The Sun, can compete with the best of ’em in oddbod animal stories. In this one, Natalya, a nearby resident said, “Kids found kittens in the dump and made a little shelter for them. Then, a stray dog appeared and started living with the kitties. It didn’t steal the food people left for the kittens”. Reportedly, the dog stayed with the kittens for more than three weeks in the shelter, it started to protect and feed them. Now, all the animals are safe n’ sound… as the pictures show, they get on like, well, cats n’ dogs.

The world’s being its usual self. Pass the jug and cheer…


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Saturday, 29 October 2011

29 October 2011. Video. Riding the Metro on Four Legs… Take a Look…

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This is in English. Moscow‘s stray dogs have learned to ride the metro just like everybody else… this vid’s a slow starter. The REAL DEAL doesn’t begin until 0:55 into the play. Take a look… hey, if dogs and cats can master public transport, does that mean that Stokoe and Lyonyo can too (or is that asking too much?). Here’s a little piece of trivia… the older vet is a Dr Poyarkov… the same family name as Metropolitan Yuvenaly Poyarkov (yes, THAT Metropolitan Yuvenaly… THE Metropolitan Yuvenaly… who had good feelings for the OCA until the Chancery Gang soured him (mostly Lyonyo, Connie, and Mark))? One wonders if they’re related in some way! Perspirin’ minds wanna know!


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