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Sunday, 22 October 2017

22 October 2017. Pray for Bishop Lazar… He’s Had a Stroke


Bishop Lazar Puhalo has had a stroke and is recovering in hospital. Pray for his recovery and a swift return to his monastery. Whether you like him or not, one of the rules of the house is that we pray for the sick and hope for their recovery. After all… we’re Christians! That’s what we do…



Sunday, 16 February 2014

16 February 2014. An Update on the Condition of Fr Igor Burdikoff

00 Grumpy Grandpa Elephant IPA. 16.02.14

Fr Iggy has a family to keep him on the “straight n’ narrow”… you keep him in your prayers


On 27 December, I reported that Fr Igor Burdikoff suffered a stroke. I can offer an update on his condition. He’s home from hospital; a righteous source told me the following:

Don’t say that he’s “limited”… that implies that he’s homebound, but he’s seventy years old and he has to learn to “slow down”. Thank God, he’s got a parish that knows how to say “no” to him.

From my own observations, there’s been a slight diminution of his physical powers, especially, in movement and in a slight speech impairment (not much, to be sure, but noticeable to anyone who knows him). That is, it wasn’t CRITICAL… but it was bad enough, and he’s still on the mend. That being so, keep him in your prayers, keep lighting candles for him, and do pester your priest to keep mentioning his name at the Proskomidi. That’s what Christians do…


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