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Thursday, 7 February 2013

7 February 2013. Fr Alexander Atty Leaves STS Due to Crank Health

00 Fr Alexander Atty. 24.12.12


Click here for a story about Fr Alexander Atty resigning his posts at St T‘s. It’s cancer, and it’s not getting any better. Light a candle for Fr Alexander this Sunday and ask your priest to mention his name during Proskomidi… that’s what Christians do, after all. It’s that serious…




Monday, 24 December 2012

24 December 2012. Fr Alexander Atty of STS Too Weak to Serve

00 Fr Alexander Atty. 24.12.12


Fr Alexander Atty of STS, who’s very well-known in Orthodox circles here in the Northeast, is too weak from cancer to serve liturgy. Keep him in your prayers, light a candle for him, and ask your priest to mention his name at the Proskomidi. He’s a real lion…


Friday, 9 November 2012

9 November 2012. A Goombah Comments on l’Affaire Atty at STS

THIS is what we’re getting from the First Families… how much longer, Lord?


Here’s something interesting (but sad) that I heard from one of the goombahs:

I’m convinced the OCA, due to its bumbling ways, is trying to piss off everyone possible outside the OCA. The rules were actually changed to allow Atty to remain under the Antiochians when he took over as dean at STS (previous deans all had to be OCA). Now, they’re sticking it to him with this contract shit. Maybe, the alienation isn’t intentional, but damn, it sure seems that way sometimes. At one time, the Antiochians were the closest friends of the OCA… or, at least it seemed like it… here in North America. From the looks of it, that’s gone by the wayside. Individual and parish friendships remain, but at the top, no way!

The people suffer, and Syosset and the First Families don’t give a damn… how long? Yes, how long?


Sunday, 14 October 2012

14 October 2012. The People Suffer and the Higher-Ups Don’t Give a Good God-Damn… Dear Lord, How Long?


One of the Cabinet disgustedly told me:

So, now, STS has to hire lawyers and spend our donations defending the board from their own dean! Shameful!

This is what truly fries my ice and gets my dander up… these jabronies don’t give a good god-damn for the believers. Criticise me for my choice of words if you will, but I’m going to say it straight from the heart. These people aren’t worthy of respect or admiration, the only thing they’re worthy of is having a Size 12 planted straight up their arse, hard and with full force. THIS is why the OCA’s a dead duck. It’s time to go home… Mother Kirk IS calling us…



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