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Friday, 11 October 2013

Poll Sez Russians More Negative About the West

00 Russians say DA to Jesus. 11.10.13


According to a new survey, Russians’ attitudes towards the USA and the EU dramatically worsened since 1997. The poll results, released on Friday by the Levada Centre, showed that the number of Russians regarding the USA “in general poorly” rose to 36 percent this year, up from 31 percent last year and just 12 percent in 1997. A further 13 percent this year said they regarded the US “very poorly”. The survey showed that only 3 percent of Russians regarded the USA “very well”, down from 12 percent in 1997. That was slightly better than in 2008, when positive opinions of America reached a record low, with only 1 percent giving that answer. Similarly, Russians’ attitudes towards the EU also worsened, with 24 percent regarding it “in general poorly” last month, whilst a decade ago the figure was just 9 percent. The survey, conducted between 20-24 September, interviewed 1,600 people in 130 towns and cities, with a margin of error of +/- 3.4 percent.

11 October 2013



Editor’s Note:

Most of all, Russians hate America‘s greed and aggression… two vile twin brothers who always seem to march together. It’s interesting to see American Born Agains claim credit for Russia’s return to traditional morality. This year, we celebrated the 1,025th anniversary of Orthodoxy in Russia… all the American sects arose after 1800… I seem to see a SLIGHT difference there. We owe NOTHING to such people (or to loudmouthed konvertsy either)… it’s one of the reasons why Russians regard America so poorly. After all, what adult enjoys being lectured to by an arrogant upstart smarkacz? ‘Nuff said…



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