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Sunday, 20 March 2016

20 March 2016. From the Russian Web… The Best Swim Team in the World

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Monday, 8 August 2011

Bear Murdered Because of British Student

The British NATO contingent wastes up to 100,000 USD (2.9 million Roubles. 70,000 Euros. 61,000 UK Pounds) of their taxpayers’ money per aircraft per hour, every single day since 17 February, by bombing kids, strafing water supplies, murdering babies, and targeting civilian structures in Libya. Now, in Norway, they shot a polar bear because of a British student. The bear’s name, let’s say, was Mor (Mother). It spent months nurturing its cub, rooting for food in an environment that was getting more and more hostile. Fewer seals, more intrusion from Mankind… and, like any good animal, the further away from this species, the better. Also, like any good animal, the warier of this species, the better. Therefore, when this species gets too close, and intrudes too far into the realm of the polar bear, what’s it supposed to do? The tragedy that struck the family of young Horatio Chapple today, mauled to death in his tent outside his environment and inside that of the bear, is the same tragedy that strikes Libyan families every day as British cowards sitting in aircraft 30,000 feet (9,145 metres) up in the sky murder their children. Four other British tourists were hospitalised in the bear attack. The police were alerted, and, unfortunately, the bear was destroyed. After all, it was only in its own habitat (Svalbard Islands, Norway). As the British press carries this story in its headlines, maybe, some of these callous bastards could spare a fleeting thought for the Libyan children slaughtered in their homes by NATO cowards. On the other hand, one suspects they couldn’t care less.

6 August 2011

Timofei Belov



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