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Monday, 27 October 2014

Fascist Nutter Defeated in Lvov

Sergei Yolkin. Its Yet Another Election Day. 2012 (2)


On Sunday, the Central Elections Commission said that preliminary results after they counted 7.5 percent of votes showed that Irina Podolyak, the Samopomoshch (Self-Reliance) candidate for Rada People’s Deputy, won election in District 116 in the Western Ukrainian city of Lvov with 43 percent of the vote.  The incumbent Deputy, Irina Farion, an extremist of the Svoboda faction, came in second with 17.32 percent of the vote. Podolyak is the head of the Culture Branch of the Department of Social Policy of the Lvov Gorsoviet. Findings of an exit poll conducted by For A New Society suggested that Podolyak would win 43 percent and Farion would only get 13 percent. Farion is notorious for her frequent Russophobic statements, especially, her call to imprison “all degenerates who don’t speak Ukrainian”. She also stated that “no one can stop the spread of [ultranationalist Galician terrorist] Bandera’s ideology in the Ukraine”.

27 October 2014




Friday, 10 October 2014

“Fascists Out!” Spanish Students Get Rid of Ukie Nationalists

00 Death to Fascism! 18.09.14




Students at the Complutense University of Madrid kicked out several radical Ukie nationalists who stormed into a lecture, trying to provoke a fight. Posters reading, “A Ukraine besieged by fascism will not happen” appeared in campus halls after the incident. Currently, the university faculty of political sciences and sociology is hosting an exhibition, Humanitarian Crisis in the Southeastern Ukraine and its Consequences for Europe, which features photographs from Odessa and the DNR/LNR. The display is part of a series of lectures and roundtables on the Ukrainian situation. When students gathered for a discussion on the 2 May Dom Profsoyuzov massacre in Odessa, that left nearly 50 anti-government activists dead, several radicals carrying Ukrainian flags and Ukie nationalist banners stormed into the hall, not letting professors begin the lecture. According to the Spanish newspaper La República, a group of neo-Nazi Svoboda supporters carried out the protest. Chanting the name of Stepan Bandera, a Uniate terrorist of the VOV era, the protesters threatened and assaulted several students who had gathered to remember the victims of the Dom Profsoyuzov arson in Odessa. One of the exhibition’s organisers, Sergey Markhel, told the media, “At first, the professors asked them to leave the room, but they wouldn’t do so, saying that they wouldn’t let the lecture begin. That outraged the students, so they started to shout, ‘Fascists out!’ Almost half the faculty got involved”. After they kicked the fight’s instigators off the campus, students put up posters against fascism in the Ukraine. La República reported that the perps left the university premises in a van registered to the Diplomatic Corps of the Ukrainian Embassy in Madrid, still waving Ukrainian flags. The embassy confirmed to the media that someone from the Ukrainian Embassy attended the event. El País reported that the Ukrainian Ambassador to Spain later met with the university rector, expressing his “deep concern” and asking him to cancel Ukrainian-related conferences, which he claimed were being “used by Russian propaganda agents to give false information”. The conference on the Ukrainian crisis is to run at Complutense University until 23 October.

10 October 2014



Sunday, 31 August 2014

Right Sector and Svoboda Terrorists Beat Up Farmers in Kherson

00 Right Sector. 31.08.14


On Sunday, at about 15.00, agitated local farmers held a rally in Kherson at the OGA* building to express indignation at the junta’s agricultural policy. The gathering was peaceful, with its main slogans being:

  • “Ukrainian Agrarian Policy Ruined APK Khersonshchiny”
  • “Agrarians Need Accessible Loans”
  • “Government! Buy your Produce from the Local APKs”

The farmers coördinated the meeting with the mayor of Kherson and the local branch of the MVDU, which promised to protect the protesters and preserve public order. However, only minutes after the start of the meeting at the OGA building, armed gunmen showed up and brutally beat up the farmers. That’s the kind of democracy and European values ​​regnant in the Ukraine after the victory of the fascist junta in February 2014. If you don’t see fascism in the Ukraine after this… then, look in the mirror.

1 September 2014



OGA: Oblast State Administration


THIS is what the Republican Party supports with its recent proposed Russophobic legislation (“Russian Aggression Prevention Act“). After all, it’s what it wants to do here. THIS is “American Democracy”… that is, the “Crapitalist Golden Rule”… “Let them with the gold rule”. I seem to find that evil… I’m NOT alone in thinking so.


Friday, 15 August 2014

Lyashko Led Fascist Extremists in Scandalous Commotion at UPTs/MP Parish in Kiev Oblast

00 #savedonbasspeople 01. 28.05.14


Ilya Repin. The Rejection of the Sermon of the Uniate Kuntsevich in Byelorussia. 1893

The Rejection of the Sermon of the Uniate Kuntsevich in Byelorussia

Ilya Repin


We face the same threat today… the Vatican hasn’t changed its spots (but ordinary RCs didn’t make the decision, kids)…


Watch the first 30 seconds carefully, look at the vehicles… they’re commandeered civvie off-road jobs; the jeep has improvised DIY Homer n’ Jethro “armour-plate”. More on that later… but I want to you know this… watch the first minute, even if you watch nothing else.


Controversial Rada People’s Deputy O V Lyashko led extremist toughs from the Svoboda and Radical Party of Oleg Lyashko factions in disrupting worship and mocking the clergy at a UPTs/MP parish in Kiev Oblast. The intruders dared to lay hands on and desecrated the altar. R A Silantyev, head of the Human Rights Centre of the Worldwide Russian People’s Council (VRNS), told reporters that fascist extremists poured tomato juice on and otherwise abused Fr Vladimir, the rector of Holy Protection-St Tikhon parish in Chervonaya Motovilovka (Fastov Raion). Under threat of violence, the priest asked for a chance to go to Russia. The intruders accused him of being pro-Russian and “supporting terrorists”. This pogrom occurred after only a day after the election of Metropolitan Onufry Berezovsky as First Hierarch of the UPTs/MP. Silantyev said, “The meeting of the higher organs of the UPTs/MP and its Sobor on 13 August took place in an atmosphere of relative calm. However, they’re not afraid to attack ordinary priests. There have already been more than 60 attacks on clergy and they’ve destroyed churches, they’ve set many churches on fire and damaged them with artillery fire and killed two or three priests”. This number includes incidents incurred during the fighting in Novorossiya. The new head of the UPTs/MP, Metropolitan Onufry, has already appealed to junta strongman P A Poroshenko to stop bullying and intimidation of canonical clergy by junta security forces.

15 August 2014




Some of my sources in the Rodina tell me that civil order, the rule of law, and legitimate government no longer exists in the Ukraine. It’s become a lawless kleptocracy, with those with arms in control of the streets, as the above vid showed. Therefore, what Poroshenko thinks is irrelevant… he doesn’t control the streets, the fascist toughs do. Remember, the fascists demanded and got key posts in power ministries after the coup. I think that the Americans wanted it that way… since the fascists only have minority support, they’d NEED the Americans in order to stay in power. The fact that they’re anti-Semitic to the bone doesn’t bother Victoria Nuland… it tells you much about neocons, doesn’t it?

The fascists are attacking the canonical Church, just as they did in the 1990s. Back then, the Komsomoltsy stood up for the real Church… I shall remind all that the ROCOR stabbed the Mother Church in the back, supporting the CIA’s efforts to undermine the canonical Church (Victor Potapov was a major actor in this). Today, the First Family apparatchiki desperately try to hide this, but it happened… the ROCOR DID ordain Valentin Rusantsov and Agafangel Pashkovsky as bishops. The ROCOR did cooperate with soulless slimers like John Herbst (who tried interfering in the reconciliation of the ROCOR and the Mother Church… with the aid of certain ROCOR clergy who’ll remain nameless).

Today, we have quislings in our midst. There are signs that tell you who’s a Church stalwart and who’s a semi-Uniate traitor. Firstly, if a priest wears Uniate-style vestments, not Russian-style vestments, he betrays his opposition to Holy Rus and support of the Unia. Michael Dahulich pushes this innovation, but he’s a semi-papist (he was a willing and receptive pupil of the Jesuits at Duquesne) who had a major fracas with the late Metropolitan Nicholas Smiško… Dahulich slunk off to the OCA (who was dumb enough to take him). Any priest who wears such vestments shows his open antipathy to Holy Rus, to the Rodina, and to our received Russian Traditions, customs, and usages.

Secondly, if they spell “Kiev” as “Kyiv” and if they say “Volodomyr” in hillbilly dialect instead of “Vladimir” in proper formal usage (it’s like calling “Joseph” “Joey”… it lacks all taste, education, and class… it’s nekulturny to the max), you know that they harbour semi-Uniate tendencies. Some say that Mollard has such… he certainly has a deacon, one Roman Ostash, who’s known to have pro-junta leanings. Dahulich is a Uniate in all but name (unfortunately, his influence on young clergy at St T’s will take years to root out completely)… don’t let his “Pro-Life” posturing fool you… he’s anti-abortion, NOT Pro-Life in Cardinal Bernadine’s sense. SVS is totally pro-Uniate… New Skete’s always been soft on Uniatism. Mind you, that doesn’t mean that they’re outside the Church… it means that they hold questionable opinions. Remember, we don’t believe that people or institutions are infallible… we’re not papists. However, it’s safe to say that there’s treason in the upper reaches of the Church, whilst the lower reaches are still solid. That’s saved us before (the Iconoclasts, the Ferrara-Firenze kafuffle, and the Unia of Brest… in all three cases, bishops became apostates and betrayed the Church, but the people kept the Faith and saved the Church).

It’s time for ordinary folks to save the Church yet again. How, I don’t know… but that’s what history teaches us. Remember, we have the examples of Patriarch St Germogen of Moscow and St Mark of Ephesus, and of the Apostates Kirill Terletsky and Iosafat Kuntsevich in front of us. It’s up to us to choose which one to follow. You KNOW which one I chose, don’t you? Keep it focused, the times are evil.


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