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Sunday, 13 March 2016

13 March 2016. Today is the Ninth Anniversary of Eric Iliff’s Death

00 Eric Iliff 13.03.12 Pannikhida


I wrote this four years ago:

[Five] years ago, Eric Iliff died, supposedly a “suicide”, after having been sexually assaulted by a staff member at SVS. Today… remember his memory… light a candle… say a prayer… have Pannikhida said for him. Do NOT forget his tormentors… the main ones were Timothy Blumentritt and John Erickson. Erickson is still in good odour with the OCA apparat (indeed, Erickson’s the mentor of the strutting smarkach Oliver Herbel (the one who denies that St Peter the Aleut existed)… “birds of a feather”)… he’s not only an amoral monster, he’s an indifferentist heretic. Indeed, the unrepentant weasel just gave a lecture at a Uniate seminary in Pittsburgh… we shouldn’t even be in the same room with these imposters. They’re a dagger of the Roman Curia aimed directly at our hearts. Is it surprising? The good word has it that Erickson covered up the Iliff case… facts show that he consorts openly with our implacable Uniate foes (who attack the Church openly and relentlessly in the Ukraine). What a loser. Remember Eric… remember his Golgotha. Also, remember how his tormentors walk free… the OCA diehards applaud them. DO draw the proper conclusion.

Вечная ему память, раб божий Ерик Иванович…

NOTHING has changed, sadly enough, save for us to be mired still further in the same old pit. When you pray for Eric, or have Pannikhida said for him on the anniversary of his passing tomorrow, DO NOT FORGET HIS PARENTS JOHN AND MONICA. They didn’t deserve what happened to their son. His death was “convenient” to some in the apparat, wasn’t it? Oh, yes… the lawsuit against SVS “went away” with Eric’s death, didn’t it? I’d say, “Ask yourself, ‘cui bono?’ and connect the dots”. Follow the evidence… it’s a rum go, isn’t it?

Note well that those who tormented Eric all were (and are) in good odour at SVS (save for the sacrificial lamb, Blumentritt). Those who covered up Eric’s death also supported the convicted perv Storheim (and approved of his attorney’s tactic of smearing the victims as “mentally ill”… that’s SVS common tactic, after all). Follow the truth wherever it may lead you… be prepared for the “respectable” and the goodthinkers to hate you for it…



Friday, 6 March 2015

Another Shocker from Finland… Metropolitan Ambrosius of Helsinki Sparks Controversy by Inviting Female Lutheran bishop Irja Askola to Altar during Clergy Ordination

00 same ol' shit. 29.05.12



What else isn’t new? Shit of this sort has been going on in Finland for decades. It’s goofy… it’s sad… but it’s what they’ve DONE for a LOOONG time. It’s wrong, but it isn’t serious. If it happened in Bucharest, Athens, Belgrade, or Warsaw… or even SVS… it’d be news and BIG NEWS. Coming from Finland, it’s HO-HUM. “What have they done this time?” The only question is whether schmidiots like Dreher will snap at this bait and claim that the sky’s falling. It’s “business as usual” in Helsinki. One of these days, they’ll step over the line, the Local Churches will have enough, and give ’em the heave-ho. Leave it to the bishops… one last thing… this bunch is LOVED by the SVS gang. Caveat emptor…



Orthodox Metropolitan Ambrosius of Helsinki of the Finnish Orthodox Church invited female Evangelical Lutheran bishop Irja Askola to Altar with him during Clergy ordination at the Sunday Divine Liturgy. This sparked much controversy. He also ordered the Deacons to pray for the Lutheran woman bishop during litany. This angered several Orthodox faithful. Archbishop Leo… the First Hierarch of the Finnish Orthodox Church… condemned the incident and asked Metropolitan Ambrosius to clarify the issue before considering any measures against him. Major Finnish newspapers reported the incident. Archbishop Leo released an official statement on the controversial incident, available at the Finnish Church official website.

5 March 2015

The Orthodox Church


Statement from Archbishop Leo here in Finnish

Helsinki News Report here

Monday, 19 May 2014

19 May 2014. Much Ado About Nothing… Indifferentist “Unity” Conference in Toronto… NO MP or ROCOR Bishops Present… GIGO Event

00 Justice Gagged. Uniate. 08.12


Click here and here. They’re both from crank anti-canonical sources. However, read them… you see, all the goodthinkers will rise up and say, “See, you have to be quiet about the Uniate speaking at SVS. See! The MP dialogues with them”. That’s a crock of shit. Firstly, no MP Bishops were present. NONE… none from the Mother Church, none from the ROCOR. There were no OCA Bishops present. NONE. There were no ROCOR clergy present at all. If you count the number of participants in the photo, there are 22 clergy (5 bishops) and 37 lay delegates… hardly a mass movement, I’d say… they’re probably all from the self-appointed clerisy at the seminaries and chancelleries. However, the fact that there were no legit MP bishops there scuppered this meeting. Patriarch Kirill made it clear… no MP bishop will meet with schismatical bishops in such a public forum… he makes it stick. This didn’t get publicity on patriarchia.ru. NONE. No one from the main office of the OVTsS at the Centre was there. NOBODY. They didn’t mark Victory Day (which was 9 May) nor did they condemn the junta for the Dom Profsoyuzov fire. In short, this was a rubbishy ecumaniac affair, without any real significance or import. NOTHING HAPPENED OF SUBSTANCE. NOTHING. If Balashov or Archbishop Mark Golovkov had been there… now, that would’ve been worthy of notice. As it was, it was a glorified academic bullshit session. This was the usual airy-fairy intellectual mutual masturbation session… we’ve all seen that all too often. HO HUM. However, in light of the SVS abomination, someone had to bell the cat. Consider it done. Oh, yes… I’m “full of hate”, according to the goodthinkers… I think not. I simply find it unfitting to sit in the same room with those who hold a gun to my kinsmen’s heads. I find THAT an abomination… and I’m NOT alone in thinking that way.

This was just another EP talk shop… what a buncha maroons…


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Friday, 16 May 2014

Matusiak Gives Evasive Answer on Taft Invite to SVS… Refuses to Condemn this Abomination

00 eastern ukraine. 10.05.14

Our people mourn their dead murdered by Uniate fascists… SVS invites a Uniate to speak… one of these things is NOT like the other!


Editor’s IMPORTANT Preface:

I have many contacts, and many of them pass on items from others (I know who’s the conduit for what bishop, for instance). After all, many Cabinet submissions are forwards from other people. Tosi should watch his step. I had nothing to do with this. He’ll blame the wrong people again, assuming that this one or that one sent it on to me. Remember… I have many contacts, both lay and clerical. Is this item newsworthy? You bet! Tosi had best keep his hands off the original writer (I do have copies of the original correspondence). Matusiak’s not overly bright… neither are Tosi or Jillions. God do help the suffering people of the OCA.

I did track down the original recipient of Matusiak’s e-mail, and I have full permission to publicise it (I checked with a lawyer on this one, knowing Syosset’s habit of legally harassing its critics).



An Orthodox layperson wrote oca.org to complain against the Uniate poseur Taft speaking at SVS. John Matusiak replied:

It would be more appropriate for you to direct your concern to Saint Vladimir’s Seminary. It is the seminary, not the OCA, that is hosting the speaker who, if I am not mistaken, was not personally involved in the travesty committed in 1944.

In Christ,

Father John Matusiak, OCA Q&As

Firstly, Matusiak should understand that SVS is a stavropegial institution of the OCA… therefore, if SVS invites Uniate scum to speak… then, the OCA invites Uniate scum to speak. Furthermore, as SVS is under the direct authority of the First Hierarch, it means that if SVS invites Uniate scum to speak, well, Tikhon Mollard’s inviting Uniate scum to speak. The Uniates are the implacable enemies of Christ’s Church, as the Dom Profsoyuzov fire shows to all, even the slow learners. For SVS to invite Robert Taft… a Jesuit masquerading as an archimandrite… to speak is the same as trampling upon the icon of Christ and spitting on it in public for all to see. It’s denies the Church’s Reality that we affirm every time that we recite the Creed.

Oh, one last detail, Matusiak… the massacre at Khatyn took place in 1943… not 1944. Bob Taft didn’t personally take part in that, no… but he spent his whole career in the Vatican hobnobbing with those who did and blessed similar things (like the unrepentant Nazi collaborator monster Slipy), and it bothered him not one little bit, no sir! Your answer nauseated me, sir… I’ll say no more… for your answer was one of the worst blasphemies that I’ve ever seen in my life.

May God see and judge this…


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