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Sunday, 23 March 2014

23 March 2014. More on the Paffso Saga…

pig in a poke

“I’m so poor… can you help me?” If you fall for that one, I’ve got a wonderful one-owner bridge in Brooklyn… small bills, please. Note well that all the konvertsy drool on command over Paffso… shitbirds of a feather DO flock together… 


I got this from a Cabineteer:

Paffhausen’s been released to ROCOR by the Holy Synod of Bishops of the OCA. It’s true,Barbara… he announced it at the ROCOR Cathedral in DC. I just lost a lot of respect for the ROCOR… they will rue this day, but the OCA is free of his foolishness. He’s been crying poor, but he’s gotten very large inheritances from his deceased relatives… what a fraud!

THERE IS NO OFFICIAL NEWS ON THIS. NONE. Of course, we all know that bone-idle incompetents run the official OCA and the ROCOR websites. However, I’m getting so much conflicting intel, that I’m not gonna believe NUTTIN’ until the fat lady sings (the fat MAN has sung… but we all know his tune, don’t we?). Hmm… he just got inheritances… one wonders if he applied the “green poultice” to the “boo-boo”… it’s been known to work before, hasn’t it? Keep the jug handy, it ain’t over yet…




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Sunday, 14 April 2013

14 April 2013. Trib Reports on Moriak’s Smack-Down… Will Golitzin Become Midwest Honcho? … Why Does JP Need 25 Gs for “Moving Expenses?”

01 money down toilet

25 Grand for moving expenses… gimme a break!


One of the Cabinet piped up:

It’s occurred to me that Golitzin might as well be the Midwest hierarch, as well as the Bulgarian. It makes good sense, almost too much for the OCA. There’s precedence for this. The late Kirill Yonchev, bishop of Western PA, was also Golitzin’s predecessor as the Bulgarian Diocese’s ruling hierarch. Nikon Liolin, bishop of New England, is also the Albanian Diocese’s hierarch. The Bulgarian Diocese has the following locations:

Since Golitzin’s Bulgarian territory mostly overlaps with the Diocese of the Midwest… why not?  It’s ironic, though, that he’s now the locum tenens for the Midwest. He was one of the names put forth for the episcopal search committee’s consideration after Vladyki Job died, but he didn’t make the final cut. He supposedly was said to be a no-go for the episcopacy years ago by the Synod, but who knows what the reasons were, and why that changed. He’s a known quantity in the Midwest, having been in the diocese for a number of years, teaching university. He’s said to be a real down-to-earth sort. He knows the diocese, so I strongly doubt he’d rock the boat, as Moriak seemed to delight in doing.

Here’s some input about JP’s “moving expenses”:

25,000 bucks (779,000 Roubles. 19,100 Euros. 16,300 UK Pounds) for moving expenses for a monk is beyond arrogance and stupidity. It’s greedy. I wonder, though, if moving expenses for his parents (whom he apparently helps support) are included in that? Didn’t they move to DC to be near him? If the 25 thou is just for JP’s moving expenses, well, he can stuff it. He needs to hook up a little U-Haul trailer to move his stuff. Most clergymen seem to accumulate a lot of books, so books, clothing/vestments, and a few household items, are my guesses. If he wants the OCA to pay for his parents’ moving expenses, no damn way!  It wasn’t our decision for his parents to move to DC.

Oh… Moriak’s smash-up made the Chicago Trib (click here for the full story… it smells like a konvert talked to the paper). I wonder if Moriak served at Holy Trinity Cathedral to talk to his drooling konvertsy claque one last time… perspirin’ minds wanna know…



Wednesday, 13 March 2013

13 March 2013. Shall the OCA Holy Synod Act in re Ray Velencia? He HAS been Suspended, After All

01 See no Evil


I’ve gotten good feedback from my last post on Ray Velencia. Sources tell me that Archbishop Demetrios of the GOAA does know of the situation, as he was informed of Ray’s suspension when it happened in January 2012, as Ray was already floating around Greek parishes and summer camps. The OCA and the GOAA were both informed of Ray’s continuing and continuous violations of his suspension. How many violations will it take before they actually do something?

It’s time for the Holy Synod to shit or get off the pot. It’s time to haul Ray in… and if he refuses to come, the HS should then move to defrock him without his presence. You see, no other religious body would tolerate such rebellion from a disgraced clergyman under its jurisdiction. Ray has cocked a snoot at the HS… with the aid of the GOAA. It’s time for the OCA to enlist the Centre in this fight… that’s why the OCA’s spurious “autocephaly” has been detrimental in fighting the EP’s aggrandisement.

We’re paying dearly for the OCA Holy Synod’s dereliction of its duty. It’s time for at least one of the honest bishops to speak up, even if the craven bishops shout him down and/or refuse to help him. If one bishop proved himself a man, then, it’d galvanise the believers.

What do I expect? Part of me says, “Nothing… they’re worthless apparatchiki and posturing poseurs (as one can see in the antics of Peterson, Moriak, and Maymon)”. Yet, there’s another part that still has hope. It’s faint to be sure… but is there ONE honest man amongst the Synod members? If so… speak up! The other bishops would hate you, but the believers would support you!

Frankly, it’s an outside chance, but I haven’t lost hope, yet…



Saturday, 2 March 2013

2 March 2013. Ura! Midwest Diocese Shows that It Still has that Old-Time Old-School Metropolia Spunk

00 Russian Orthodox Journal. John Shahovskoy. 1969

Back to the future! Not a bad rallying cry, is it? The Lord Christ prayed that we should be as one. That’s a good beginning, I’d say.


One of the Cabinet whispered this:

I received some extremely encouraging news from various friends this week. There appears to be a popular uprising in some parts of the Diocese of the Midwest. Laity are rising up against Moriak. A letter-writing campaign is underway. The Synod meets before Great Lent begins. People are writing to the bishops on the Synod, demanding Moriak not be reinstated. If that’s not good news, I don’t know what is. The laity are showing they have their heads on straight and which way is up. There’s still time to write to the members of the Synod before their meeting. Their addresses are here (scroll down).

Hooray! The believers still have that old-time old-school Metropolia spunkiness and grit. Look, priests aren’t perfect… neither are bishops. Baba and Dede knew what to do when faced with such… they’d go to the metropolitan in a group, and demand, “Vladyki, in all due respect, we can’t take what he’s handing out. Do something about it”. Trust me, the offending priest (or bishop) “disappeared”. Of course, that’s when REAL First Hierarchs like Leonty Turkevich ruled the Metropolia… and REAL First Hierarchs like Anastassy Gribanovsky ruled the ROCOR (both were friends and consulted each other often… many people saw their mutual comings and goings in New York). This means that the real believers aren’t going to put up with konvertsy bullshit. What the real believers want is a return to the sane, balanced, “live n’ let live” Metropolia days. They don’t want protest marches… they don’t want changes every other week… they don’t want politics mixed in with their religion… they don’t want Orthodox forbearance and oikonomia replaced by Evangelical censoriousness and witch-hunting. They DO want old-time good-sense, a return to our sacred tradition, and old-school respect for our Old Country customs and values… I say, “Amen”. I don’t think that more need be said, no?

We need UNITED Russian Orthodox Church Metropolias under the Mother Church for the USA, Alaska, Canada, and Latin America… I think that I’m not alone in wanting that…


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