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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

13 September 2011. (Trumpet Fanfare) Fathausen at the UN! HO-HUM!!

Original low-res image on oca.org


Read this:


This isn’t a big deal. Firstly, El Gordo had NOTHING to do with this. He got in due to blat from Potapov (a BBG/VOA bigwig with Langley ties) and Lyonyo (who’s got ties to the CFR and Langley). In addition, it wasn’t an official UN affair… it was something ginned up by the RC Archdiocese of New York. Don’t forget, the RCs tried to hide their pervert priests and hierarchs, too… finally, they paid up big time for that error. I’m pointing no fingers… our guys are WORSE. I’m just saying that the RC Archdiocese apparatchiki and the Orthodox apparatchiki are peas shelled from the same diseased pod, and they’re looking out for one another (it’s “You scratch my arse, I’ll scratch yours”). They’re both a bunch of crook bureaucrats with a crank institutional culture, “the interests of the Establishment first, last, and always; the rank n’ file priests and people be damned”. That’s BOTH sides; not just us, not just them. There was NO mention of this ecumaniacal Dixie Fry on patriarchia.ru… apparently, no MP people were there… proof positive that this was nothing but a minor and toothless Archdiocese of NY tea party (the literal sort, with cups of tea, watercress sandwiches, scones with clotted cream, and Battenberg slices)… HO HUM!!

The word out there is that Calin’s a known homosexual. In fact, he and Deacon Michael Suvak (grew up in the ACROD parish in Endicott NY, I think) were THROWN OUT of SVS sometime in the 80s in re a homosexual incident. Then, the two lived together in Brooklyn and started attended Pokrov in the City, as laymen… Archimandrite Makary (long-time partner in crime of l’Huillier) was rector then. Eventually, Calin was ordained deacon and priest by l’Huillier and Suvak was ordained Deacon… once clergy, they moved to 2nd St together. Bobby hung around there a lot…at one point, there was a big falling out between RSK and Makary… also, they talked about consecrating Makary to the episcopate, but as he lacked any theological formation, they were going to sent him to STS for a while… give him some type of diploma, but that never materialised. Following Feodosy Lazor’s orders, Makary wrecked the iconostas at St Sergius Chapel by dyeing it a hideous dark colour and applying tasteless gold leaf on the carved woodwork. They should have left the way it was before, the same as it was in Metropolitan Leonty‘s time. The fagorama never ends… don’t forget El Gordo’s AGAINST homosexuality… he said so! Hmm… then, why does he hang around Peterson, Brittain, Soraich, Eliel, and Calin… his list of supporters reads like a litany of Gay Blade Pretenders. Remember… it’s better to have an openly gay hierarch as V Gene Robinson is, than it is to have closeted gay clergy. The first are harmless… the latter… look at the OCA and weep. I need say no more…

One last thing before I go… it’s been nearly TWO WEEKS since Royster’s funeral on 1 September, and oca.org still hasn’t posted a single high-res image of the affair… it’s like they’re ashamed of it all. If the stories about Dmitri have even the slightest scintilla of truth to them, they very well should be…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 13 September 2011

Albany NY


Monday, 12 September 2011

12 September 2011. The Amazin’ Disappearing and Reappearing Post on Lyonyo’s Junket to Moscow on patriarchia.ru

Well, well, well, Lyonyo’s junket is in the news again on patriarchia.ru:


There’s no difference in the text, save for the fact that Beyrle’s wife is mentioned in the latest incarnation of this missive. Shall it stay put? Who knows? Everyone knows how Lyonyo and his assorted pals in Syosset, SVS, and the ROCOR (Stokoe’ the worst of the lot) like to “edit” history. Anything that they don’t like goes down the “memory hole”… it was “misreported”, dontcha know (there’s been three major “re-edits” of OCA/ROCOR history, so far)! It was reposted at 09.45 MSK (06.45 UTC 01.45 EDT 22.45 11 September)… I was only 15 minutes off in my prediction. This was a Chinese Fire Drill… someone goofed up, and Papa Bear (KMG) won’t be inclined to be forgiving (as it was a public and visible snafu). Someone’s going to Magadan… pack your snuggies, son!


Thursday, 8 September 2011

8 September 2011. OCA Fumbles Yet Again… It Didn’t Post a Timely Report on the Death of Dmitri Royster… The Report Itself was Written LAST FRIDAY (It Took FIVE DAYS for oca.org to Post It)

Read this:


Note this:

The following reflection on the life and ministry of the late Archbishop Dmitri, written by Archpriest Basil Zebrun, rector of St Barbara Church, Fort Worth TX, on the day after the Archbishop’s funeral, was sent to the OCA web team on 6 September 2011. 

This is an obvious lie… did you notice that they can’t even fib well? They should have kept silent about the date of writing… it wasn’t necessary to the understanding of the piece. The piece was written last Friday… and they received it then, but there was a hell of a fight over the “slant” that the coverage would take (I heard that a Synod meeting for this week was scrubbed). Ergo, the five day delay. Of course, they’ll deny it, just as they denied any wrongdoing in all of their settlements (“We admit no wrongdoing”). Do note the lack of actual reportage on the funeral itself. NO IMAGES, NO TEXT, NO NOTHING. It’s now a WEEK after the funeral. This is unprofessional in the extreme. The OCA web team are a bunch of drooling layabouts who ought to be taken out at dawn and shot by Wally the Mexican and his band of grinning Mexican banditos. Compare the coverage of Dmitri’s funeral and that of Metropolitans Laurus and Nicholas! Neither the ROOCR nor the ACROD have a paid staff or a “web team”, yet, both got the news out in a timely fashion.

I note that Mark Stokoe is silent on this, too. He’s waiting for his orders from Lyonyo, no doubt. Remember… Mark is nothing but Lyonyo’s sock-puppet on the web. I’ve heard it from several sources that Lyonyo, Stokoe, and Connine Tarasar formed a “troika” that attempted to “take over” the Chancery, as a part of a plan to “hijack” the upper levels of the OCA. Lyonyo and Connie were involved in TOC, so they couldn’t “start” an “independent” website. Note well that Mark isn’t an independent “outsider”… he’s been a highly-partisan “insider” for years. What I find interesting is how Stokoe’s seems to have pulled the wool over the konvertsy element’s eyes. I wasn’t well-connected, so, I didn’t know the whole megillah at first… but I asked around, I found reputable sources, and I learned (I especially asked people of the generation preceding me, that is, people born in the ‘30s and ‘40s). My conclusion is that the konvertsy aren’t clueless… they can see what the rest of us can see. Simply put, they tolerate the schmutz out of ambition. They want to take over the Church and remake it in their image. They desire to twist it into a caricature… into a distortion.

I want you to think on that. That’s why I’m not going to go on and on. THINK on what I just wrote. Ask yourself, “Do I want a REAL Church for my kids and grandkids?” That’s what’s worth fighting for… not pointless disputes over this-or-that canon or this-or-that Father… do we want a REAL Church for our kids and grandkids?

Now, that’s a question to PONDER…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Thursday 8 September 2011

Albany NY 

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

6 September 2011. Another Workday Ends on the East Coast… oca.org Has Nothing Up on Dmitri, Czech Trip, or Dickie… Stokoe Posts Outdated and Stale Nonsense… an Update on Hilary Madison

Yep… it’s the end of the workday… I gave ‘em enough time to get it up… if it’s not up now, it won’t be until tomorrow… what a buncha maroons!


Let’s clear away the first item, for it’s shorter. As of 19.35 EDT Tuesday 6 September 2011, there’s still no posting on oca.org concerning the funeral of Dmitri Royster, the trip to Czechia of Benjamin Peterson, and l’Affaire Wood (in fact, oca.org posted NOTHING today, as of 19.35 EDT). I’ve seen images posted on Flickr, so, it’s not a matter of not having pictures of the event. In short, it’s WORSE than the usual Syosset Chinese Fire Drill. It’s been FIVE DAYS since the burial… can’t these jabonies get their act together?

Mark put up a gobbledygook post. However, that shouldn’t surprise you, for Mark’s Lyonyo’s faithful and sycophantic cur… he’s been quiet because Lyonyo’s muzzled him… Lyonyo’s kept Mark tied up because Syosset doesn’t know (or squabbling over the details… more likely) how to cover the funeral, what to say about the Czechia trip (which I suspect MAY not have gone well and/or as planned), and, maybe, the Wood situation is at a delicate/difficult impasse and they can’t (or don’t know how to… more likely) address it in a public manner. Mark’s nothing but Lyonyo’s obedient and obsequious mouthpiece (he’s Lyonyo’s Step n’ Fetchit)… ocanews.org is Lyonyo’s analogue to oca.org. NEVER assume that Mark’s an independent internet journalist as I am… Mark’s a former Syosset Chancery drone lusting for his old paid sinecure, he’s a party-line Old Bolshevik member of Lyonyo’s faction, and he’s one of the more fanatical disciples of ADS’ crackbrained autocephalist notions. Here’s the link for Mark’s gesmischlichkeit post:


Mark posted NOTHING about the funeral… Mark posted NOTHING about the trip to Czechia… Mark posted NOTHING fresher than 13 August on l’Affaire Wood (which is over three weeks ago). THIS is journalism? IT MOST CERTAINLY IS NOT! It’s nothing but strident partisan advocacy of the lowest sort, its Lyonyo’s Ministry of Propaganda and Enlightenment (or, is it Lyonyo’s Orwellian Minitru, with Mark as Winston?). By Mark’s own definition, it’s … YELLOW JOURNALISM. As for the Coneheads, Dreher, Mattingly, and the rest of Team Jonah, who knows? Wo ist der Dicke? (Where is the Fat One?) Let’s face it… it’s a bloody circus.

There’s been some discussion on Hilary Madison, and on how he was shuttled from one post to another as the tales of child abuse travelled with him like Joe Btfsplk’s rain cloud… so, let’s get a straight and vetted story out there. Job Osacky didn’t appoint Madison as Chancellor of the Diocese of the Midwest; rather, Boris Geeza did (probably doing so to get Madison out of a position where he had access to kids). Bishop Boris retired at age 65 in 1988 as Bishop of Chicago and the Midwest; then, Feodosy Lazor became locum tenens… Madison stayed on as Chancellor. For a short time, Mark Forsberg (then, Bishop of Bethesda MD) was temporary administrator, but this didn’t work out. Sometime after 1990, in the early 90s, the Holy Synod transferred Bishop Job from Hartford to Chicago. Shortly after his installation as ruling bishop of Chicago, he fired Madison as Diocesan Chancellor, and Job transferred him somewhere else. To the best of my information, he was only in LA in the 60s… he didn’t do a second tour there {apparently, more information has surfaced… Job fired Madison because he couldn’t keep his hands off kids. Instead of canning him from the clergy, Job sent him to Calistoga CA. It just gets “better”, doesn’t it? THIS is why the OCA has no cred: editor} . Sadly, Archbishop Dmitri protected this sexual predator instead of protecting the people. Madison ended up at St Tikhon’s Monastery… towards the end, when he was quite ill, Tikhon Mollard took care of his personal needs. Mollard may have been a hieromonk then… I stand under correction in that… which means that Herman was “covering” for him, even at the very end…

It’s enough to make me reach for the jug… take a good slug, yourself… it’s going to get loonier before it’s all resolved. God DO help us all…

Oh, one last thing… friends reminded me that oca.org failed to post on the FROC National Convention… but what else would you expect? It’s too much of a muchness…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 6 September 2011

Albany NY

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