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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

8 May 2013. Here’s the Official Schedule for the Memorial Day Pilgrimage at St T’s

St Tikhon's 05.12


Here’s the official listing for the Memorial Day Pilgrimage at St T‘s (there’s an article for the monastery in the Russian Wikipedia, but NOT in the English one… it looks like SVS/Syosset is trying to whitewash history):

Monday, May 27, 2013

  • 07.30 Divine Liturgy, Monastery Church
  • 10.00 Hierarchical Divine Liturgy
  • 12.00 Veteran’s Pannikhida and Memorial Service, All Saints Bell Tower
  • 13.30 Akathist to St Aleksei Tóth in the Monastery Church (NB: The Russian Wikipedia article is more complete than the English one is… shame on the OCA)
  • 14.30 Molieben to the Most Holy Theotokos and Anointing of the Sick,
    Infirm, and all Pilgrims at the Monastery Bell Tower
  • 16.00 Vespers and Matins in the Monastery Church

All times are Eastern Daylight Time

For the entire schedule of the weekend, click here. God willing, it’ll be better than the last couple of times. Of course, the question remains… is Mollard going to allow Feodosy and JP to serve with him? Is Mollard going to have some sort of role for his sugar daddy Herman? Perspirin’ minds wanna know…




Thursday, 16 August 2012

16 August 2012. Plans for Parma Sobor Gell… Is It Going to be Relevant?


One of the Cabinet sent this on:

The Holy Synod wants to hold the election in church; that’s why it’s going to be in Parma. Not sure if the building’s big enough or if the local fire department will allow it to be used for such. Peterson and Popp want it ASAP… talk is of November or December, for one day only.

If this buzz is accurate, it means that the OCA Sobor will occur AFTER the London Conference. That is, it could be “too little, too late”. If sufficient momentum arises from the London conclave, then, this sobor would be a dead letter (“Parma Place“, anyone?). Events aren’t happening in a vacuum… to be blunt, there’s no logical candidate for the white hat left in the OCA… none. If the Centre sends its rumoured white hat to New York, you can be sure that parishes will begin to leave the OCA, and, once that occurs, it’s sayonara time.

In the meantime, things are going to be MORE confused and murky. Don’t trust what you hear, especially from the Syosset or SVS crowd. Have a care…


Sunday, 25 March 2012

25 March 2012. Wherefore art Thou, John Jillions? Or, a Short History of Transparency Amongst the OCA Chancellors…

If John Jillions is living in Canada, how can he be a clergyman at a chapel in Long Island? That’s not kosher… neither is working for the papists, and taking their money (which gives them control over him). 


Let’s start with what we know of the previous chancellors. Of course, this is to establish my cred to comment on the present situation. RSK lived at three addresses in Syosset from 1984-2006 whilst serving as Secretary to the Metropolitan, (Corporate) Secretary of the OCA, Acting OCA Chancellor, and OCA Chancellor. Daniel Hubiak lived in Floral Park, in a house he owned (he raised his daughters there), an apartment in Whitestone, and, finally, at the rectory of Ss Peter and Paul in Jersey City. He succeeded John Skvir, who had passed on. By the time he was living in Jersey City, he was only serving as OCA Chancellor on a part-time basis. Multiple sources told me that the OCA cut his salary because of that. Furthermore, the OCA didn’t reimburse him for travel expenses between Jersey City and Syosset. Joseph Pishtey Sr served as rector of Holy Trinity in Yonkers whilst he was Chancellor of the Metropolia/OCA. Back then, the Central Administration operated out of Yonkers, the Cathedral on 2nd St in the City, and Metropolitan Leonty Turkevich lived out at “Pishtey’s Folly” in Syosset (the present Chancellery). After Metropolitan Leonty died, Metropolitan Ireney Bekish lived at 2nd St in the beginning. Later, the Central Administration moved out to Syosset and Metropolitan Ireney continued to reside at the Cathedral. Later, “they” forced him (against his will) to move out to Syosset. Later still, the Schmemanndorf gang pushed Ireney into the Ss Cosmas and Damian Home in Staten Island.

Now, that we’ve established that I know the past players and their haunts, let’s talk about the present. Do note that former Chancellor, Garklavs, still resides at the same address in Huntington and still is one of the clergy at the St Sergius Chapel at the Chancery. At the rate they’re going, there’ll be more clergy attached to St Sergius Chapel in Oyster Bay Cove than are attached to Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Moscow. Supposedly, he’s been relieved of his position as Chancellor, yet he hasn’t received a parish. Is he still working at the Chancery in some capacity? Is he receiving a salary, consulting fees, or other compensation from the OCA? This, of course, leads to the question, “Where does John Jillions live?” Officially, he’s a clergyman at St Sergius Chapel… but does he ever serve there? Is he the full-time Chancellor, or, does he “moonlight” as Chancellor, keeping his “day job” as a professor at the Uniate seminary in Ontario? If he still lives in Ottawa, does the OCA pick up the tab for his travelling expenses to the Island? His personal Facebook page references a home address in Canada, and it doesn’t list the OCA Chancery as his employer, rather, it lists his teaching position in Ontario. According to oca.org, Jillions’ address is PO Box 675, Syosset, NY… with NO indication of an actual location. If he’s living in Canada, it’s very ODD that he’d be clergy on the Island… the distance is just too great. That’s First Family Transparency for ya!

Does Jillions stays with his brother-in-law Eric Wheeler in Huntington Station when he’s in town, or, does he stay at the East Norwich Inn (down the road from the Chancery) at OCA expense? This brings up an important point… the incestuous First Family influences in the apparat… of course, I mean “incestuous” in the metaphorical sense, an ingrown and inbred set at the head of the Church. On the one hand, we have Jillions, Lyonyo, Wheeler, Stokoe, Garklavs, and Tosi… on the other, we have Bobby K, his hangers-on such as Burdikoff, Karlgut, and Perich, and their episcopal marionettes Moriak, Dahulich, and Fathausen. It explains why Velencia made Stokoe a party to his crank lawsuit. Velencia’s part of Fathausen’s circle, which means that Bobby’s probably using Sir Ray to strike at Lyonyo and Jillions through Mark (is he subsidising Ray’s legal efforts? Perspirin’ minds wanna know). What’s most interesting is that Behr isn’t of either party yet… if he makes the wrong judgement call, it’s finis for St Fagomir’s, and it won’t get a second chance (let’s see… they’ve been running a deficit for years… and the OCA made its Treasurer the OCA Treasurer… interesting, no? If she’s incompetent in running a single seminary…).

Here’s another interesting titbit… Jillions supposedly attended a three-day course at a crank “institute” in Seattle. Click here for the OCA Pravda on this situation. I checked its website, and this institute doesn’t mention the University of Washington at all… however, give Lil’ Mizz Ginny the benefit of the doubt… she’s not overly bright, and she only regurgitated what Fathausen told her. She’s NO journalist, she’s only an ignorant PR flack who vomits forth whatever Bobby wants her to (by this time, everybody knows that Bobby’s manipulating JP, along with Potapov).

Fathausen’s down in DC or Dallas… Jillions is up in Ottawa and STILL teaching at the Uniate seminary… this leaves Lyonyo, Tosi, and Garklavs (along with Wheeler and the rest of Lyonyo’s cabal) on the Island running day-to-day operations at the OCA Chancery in Syosset. Fathausen is even more opaque than Feodosy Lazor or Herman Swaiko ever were… well, maybe Jillions is following suit by being more covert than Hubiak, Kondratick, and Garklavs ever were… after all, birds of a feather do flock together, no? However, Jillions spits on Christ and His Church by continuing his employment at a Uniate institution. That means that Jillions can pass everything that goes on in the OCA to the papist foes of the Church. They do pay him, after all… and he who pays the piper, chooses the tune, as they say.

What type of “Strategic Plan” would Baba and Dede implement to remedy this hutsky-klutksy Chinese Fire Drill administration disarray? I think that you know the answer…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 25 March 2012

Albany NY

This Just In Department:

A friend just sent me:

Garklavs was assigned to a parish in the Midwest Diocese. There was a pastoral changes posting on the Midwest Diocese website, but it’s gone now, as it’s “old news”. I believe his appointment was effective within the past month. He took over Vladimir Berzonsky’s parish, Holy Trinity in Parma OH. Click here, it’s their website with the bulletin from March 18 and Garklavs is listed as the rector. He’s listed as the rector here, too.


Monday, 12 September 2011

12 September 2011. The Amazin’ Disappearing and Reappearing Post on Lyonyo’s Junket to Moscow on patriarchia.ru

Well, well, well, Lyonyo’s junket is in the news again on patriarchia.ru:


There’s no difference in the text, save for the fact that Beyrle’s wife is mentioned in the latest incarnation of this missive. Shall it stay put? Who knows? Everyone knows how Lyonyo and his assorted pals in Syosset, SVS, and the ROCOR (Stokoe’ the worst of the lot) like to “edit” history. Anything that they don’t like goes down the “memory hole”… it was “misreported”, dontcha know (there’s been three major “re-edits” of OCA/ROCOR history, so far)! It was reposted at 09.45 MSK (06.45 UTC 01.45 EDT 22.45 11 September)… I was only 15 minutes off in my prediction. This was a Chinese Fire Drill… someone goofed up, and Papa Bear (KMG) won’t be inclined to be forgiving (as it was a public and visible snafu). Someone’s going to Magadan… pack your snuggies, son!


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