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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Anti-Serb Graffiti on Orthodox Church in Hungary


MTI reported that vandals painted anti-Serb graffiti on a Serbian Orthodox church in the town of Szentendre near Budapest. Hungarian police stated that vandals spray-painted the walls of the Serbian Orthodox church and a memorial plaque of Serbian writer Jakov Ignjatović in the last two days. On Friday night, Fr Zoran, a priest of the Serbian Orthodox Church (SPC) in Budapest told Radio Television of Serbia (RTS) that the graffiti painted on the church included the saying, “Death to Chetniks”. He said that vandals painted “Go back to your Serbia” on the memorial plaque and on the walls of the Serbian school, adding that flyers with similar texts were handed out in the town. MTI emphasised that an investigation was underway. The headquarters of the SPC Diocese of Budapest are located in Szentendre. The Serbian museum, library, and archives located in the town are of utmost importance for the remaining Serbs in Szentendre. Serbs first came to Szentendre during the Great Serb Migration in 1690, led by Serbian Patriarch Arsenije Čarnojević.

27 October 2012




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