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Monday, 13 July 2015

13 July 2015. Animal Funnies… I Think That I Just Stepped in Something Nasty

00 Kirill Trubitsyn. The Dancer. Black-Winged Stilt. Serengetti National Park Tanzania. Nasty. 130715



Saturday, 16 August 2014

16 August 2014. Now, For Something Entirely Different… There Be Orthodoxy in Darkest Africa, I Hear…

00 african orthodox church. 16.08.14



Do you know WHY Holy Orthodoxy is the fastest growing religion in Sub-Saharan Africa? Of course, it’s the True Faith and it appears to simple innocent people with signs and wonders. However, there’s more to it… unlike the RCs and Protestants, Orthodoxy appeared in Black Africa as ANTI-imperialist. It didn’t come in under the protection of the colonialists’ bayonets. Catholics, Anglicans, and Protestants all came to the black man as a part of the white man’s often brutal, sometimes patronising, but always condescending dictatorship.

On the other hand, Orthodoxy came to modern Africa from Greece and (especially) Cyprus. Cyprus, like much of Africa, had been under arrogant and arbitrary British rule and imperialism. Like the Africans, the Cypriots loathed their “paternal” overlords and their condescending snootiness… they struggled long and hard to break free. When Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda struggled for their freedom and dignity after World War II, they found rich support from Metropolitan Makarios of Cyprus, who furnished Africans with both spiritual weaponry (The Holy Faith) and material weaponry (military training and support from Cyprus).

The African peoples NEVER forgot this… Greeks and Russians (yes, even in the time of the USSR) won the love of the African peoples… and their Faith inspired Africans too… Orthodox Christianity. It was a Christianity free of the White Man’s Diktat. The struggle of the Kenyan freedom fighters against the Brit occupiers was a hard one, as the Brits had no scruples and spared no one. However, with God’s help, in the end, the natives kicked out the Brits and won their freedom. Cyprus was the first nation to recognise the sovereignty and independence of almost a dozen African states. Africans haven’t forgotten this… nor have they forgotten the cruelties of the conceited and snotty Western Europeans and Anglo Americans. We see their narcissism and wilfulness in the Ukraine today, don’t we? They sure haven’t changed, have they?


Monday, 14 October 2013

14 October 2013. RIA-Novosti Presents… Our “Smaller Brothers”… Братья наши меньшие

00 Little Brothers 01. Dog. Vancouver BC. 14.10.13

Parishioners at a church in Vancouver BC CANADA can attend services with their pets. Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord! Praise ye the Lord!


00 Little Brothers 02. Elephant. Africa. 14.10.13

The governments of Kenya and Tanzania are holding a joint census of elephants and other large mammals. Are the tickbirds the census-takers? Perspirin’ minds wanna know…


00 Little Brothers 03. Lions. Africa. Kenya. 14.10.13

Lions bagging zee’s at a Kenya Wildlife Service conservation centre.


00 Little Brothers 04. Crested porcupine. Szeged HUNGARY. 14.10.13

A three-week-old crested porcupine riding on its mother’s back at a zoo in Szeged (Szeged DIstrict. Csongrád County. Dél-Alföld Region) HUNGARY.


00 Little Brothers 05. Yellow baboons. Antwerp Zoo BELGIUM. 14.10.13

Yellow baboons chillin’ at the Antwerp Zoo in Anvers/Antwerpen (Arrondissement Antwerpen. Province AntwerpenFlanders Region) BELGIUM.


00 Little Brothers 06. white lion cub. Belgrade Zoo. SERBIA. 14.10.13

A tiny white lion cub was born at the Belgrade Zoo in Belgrade (Belgrade Municipal OkrugSERBIA. The little guy doesn’t have a name yet.


00 Little Brothers 07. stork. Strasbourg Zoo. FRANCE. 14.10.13

A stork struttin’ his stuff at the Le parc de l’Orangerie Zoo in Strasbourg (Arrondissement Strasbourg-Ville. Département Bas-Rhin. Région AlsaceFRANCE.


00 Little Brothers 08. spectacled bear. Antwerp BELGIUM. 14.10.13

A spectacled bear checkin’ out the photog at a zoological centre in Anvers/Antwerpen Belgium.


13 October 2013



Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Things are Shakin’ at the Yekaterinburg Zoo: First Aardvark Born in Russian Zoo

00 baby aardvark. 03.04.13



One of my favourite things… The Ant and the Aardvark 


On Wednesday, the zoo in the Urals city of Yekaterinburg reported on its website that it’s welcomed a new resident, a baby aardvark, born in February, stating, “This is the first aardvark to be born in Russia”. A couple of aardvarks were brought to Yekaterinburg from Tanzania last spring. Later, other Russian zoos added these rare animals to their collections. Aardvarks have the body of an anteater, the ears of a rabbit, the snout of a pig, and the tail of a kangaroo. Their bodies are 100 to 150 centimetres (40 to 60 inches) long. They stand up to 65 centimetres (26 inches) tall at the shoulder and weigh up to 80 kilogrammes (177 lbs). The little-studied aardvark, which means “ground pig” in Afrikaans, is the only representative of the order Tubulidentata. The aardvark owes its name to its unique tooth structure. In fact, its teeth are clusters of vasodentin tubes without enamel or roots. In total, only about 90 aardvarks live in zoos worldwide. Ten aardvarks were born in captivity over the past 50 years.

3 April 2013



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