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Friday, 2 May 2014

A Letter from an Ordinary Odessa Guy…

00 berlin. treptow war memorial. 02.05.14


Good day, Mr Morozov…

I want to express my sincere gratitude for your work in this difficult time for all of us. I read your article. The letter of the Zaporozhe descendant moved me tremendously; therefore, I’d like to share some thoughts about Galician nationalists.

My grandfather was a Commander of the Order of Glory. For me, the St George Ribbon is a symbol of my grandfather’s podvig during the Great Patriotic War. I’m proud of my ancestors. When I was in Treptow Park in the heart of Berlin, my heart fluttered from the grandeur of the monumental sacrifices performed by a single nation in the fight against fascism. However, I had the same feeling when I saw my hometown, Odessa, at the top of the list of Hero Cities. I realised what the podvig of Odessa meant for the country in 1941, if Leningrad and Stalingrad were lower on the list. It was the first city to stand up to the enemy; it didn’t give up, it gave hope to others!

In Germany, I saw a bombed-out church, which stood as a reminder of the terrible war years. In a restaurant, I saw guilty looks from those who fell for Nazi propaganda. The German nation offered repentance. However, time quickly passes, and the privileged swiftly forget the pain of the people, as they don’t feel the people’s calamity, which gives them a sense of chosenness.  Again, my homeland faced deception because of Germany’s imperial ambitions… but at the last moment, we had the courage to call a spade a spade, and refused the unequal conditions of EU association, which caused a storm. Who more than others defended this slave contract for the Ukraine? Those who helped the Germans to suppress uprisings of freedom-loving Poles and Hungarians in the 19th century, those who butchered Poles, Jews, Belarusians, Ukrainians, and Russians together with the Germans in the 20th century, and those who in the 21st century again urge Ukrainians to accept western slave conditions:


And again …
Hurry, hurry, to the Germans

For the truth! …


These words listed below and excerpts of Taras Shevchenko are his reflections on the 1844-46 Galician riots.


Plow the field,
Trouble seeded …

Well, did it grow?
See the sprouts!


These seedlings were always blood and fear. For 200 years, the Galician Nazi-imperialists tried to copy and implement German imperial philosophy. As can be seen from the quoted cry of Shevchenko (Only I cry, like one damned…), 170 years ago, the boyar-oligarchic order won in the Ukraine. One must understand that the Galicians had no link to the Sich Rada and its former glory, as the “Descendant of Zaporozhe” correctly noted in his letter. Their talk of democracy is a sham. In fact, the oligarchical model, which they’ve built up in the last three months in the Ukraine, is an ideology congenial to the Galician mentality. It’s a self-appointed junta.


Come to your senses! Be people
Or get you grief.

Quick break the fetters

Binding people.

The court will come, thundering threats

Blow up, Dnepr and hills!

Your children’s blood gushing out


“AS MY BROTHERLY LEGACY, I LEAVE MY CREATION TO THE DEAD AND TO THE LIVING, AND TO MY YET TO BE BORN COUNTRYMEN, BOTH IN THE UKRAINE AND OUTSIDE OF THE UKRAINE”… the testament of Taras Shevchenko shows the profound essence of today’s processes. The servile junta serves its Western bosses at any cost without any thought about the Ukraine:


Nowhere is there another Ukraine
Nowhere else is there a Dnepr.

And you?
You rush into exile
Search for the greater good,

Good holiness.
Will! Will!
And fraternal brotherhood!
Carried, carried from another field

And in the Ukraine brought
A lot of Great words –

That’s all.
You scream
That God created you not… then

So you worshiped falsehood!

What were you, under orders,

Oppressed and bent!


Shevchenko wrote that the Germans rewrite Ukrainian history and that European Integration would cause violence, costing our Mother-Ukraine dearly:


What the Ukraine’s got … 
And what she suffers: 
Worse yet, her children 
Crucify her afresh. 
Instead of beer, righteous 
Blood from edges sharpened; 
Her sons want Enlightenment 
Modern lights as their

Mother eyes. 

That was after an age, 
They went blind for the Germans 
Poor cripple.



Poet dreamed of salvation from all the Ukraine’s pro-Western radicals:


Oh, if you no longer returned to us,
Dropped dead, huddled in the wrong angles!
There’d be no crying children, the mother wouldn’t have cried,
God wouldn’t have heard that.

We’d breathe air you couldn’t poison
In steppes free, clean, and bright,
People wouldn’t mistake you for eagles.
They’d scorn you, not bowing.


Shevchenko had it hard, just as we do now, experiencing destructive processes in the Ukraine. To edify all those Ukrainians who rape our country and who force their neighbour to do their will, Shevchenko made the General Epistle of John 4.20 the epigraph of his will:

If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar.

With God’s help, we can overcome anything.

Thank you,

Vitaly from Odessa

1 May 2014

TsIA Novorossiya


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Thursday, 1 May 2014

A Letter of a True Son of Zaporozhe to the Galician Nationalists

Sergei Gavrilyachenko.  Cossack Duty. 1999

Cossack Duty

Sergei Gavrilyachenko



I’m Ukrainian, descended from Zaporozhe Cossacks and from ancient Rus. My grandpas beat the Nazis, risking their lives. I say… since when are Galician descendants of Polish and Austrian slaves, who were never amongst us until 1939, who’d lived for half a millennium under other states until Stalin forcibly joined them to us, “model” Ukrainians? Galicians speak a Polish-Austrian pidgin that differs from real Ukrainian as much as galoshes differ from ladies’ pumps, but they decided that they’re the real Ukrainians! They even claim to defend the Ukrainian language and nation. It’s like claiming that since American Negroes speak English, and the English living in England speak English, they’re one nation. However, a common historical and cultural past has to exist to have a unified nation. WE DON’T HAVE A COMMON HISTORICAL PAST WITH THEM. They stunk up our country with their diaspora-Galician nationalism, which they called “Ukrainian”.

They’re all shits… RUKH, KUN, NUNS, OUN, UPA, and that mongrel Tyagnibok’s Svoboda… these cockroaches that crawl all over the Ukraine are EXCLUSIVELY FROM GALICIA. Suddenly, in their opinion, they decided that all of us in Novorossiya and Malorossiya are racially inferior Ukrainians. They’re not even of us, yet, they presume to teach us that Ukrainian nationality and their shitty “consciousness” are synonymous. By the way, THEIR SHITTY “CONSCIOUSNESS” IS NOTHING BUT A GALICIAN HISTORICAL INFERIORITY COMPLEX. Their history has nothing but slavery and betrayal.

Now, they’re trying to steal our history, claiming that they’re an “old Cossack clan”. Ha! They were NEVER Cossacks… Cossacks impaled any Uniates that they caught for betraying the faith of their ancestors. On the other hand, Cossacks showed mercy to Polacks! Taras Shevchenko isn’t a part of their history, because he was never in Austrian Galicia. In any case, almost all Shevchenko’s prose is in Russian. They stick their dirty snouts into the history of a country where their ancestors never lived. Their portrayal of their role in the history of Bogdan Khmelnitsky is wrong. They weren’t part of the history of Bogdan Khmelnitsky, because the Galicians always sided with the Polish occupier in the war of liberation of our people against the Poles. In the real history, they sided with Polish King Sigismund and the Austrian Emperor Ferdinand. What did these Galician mutants ever really do to benefit the Ukraine? NOTHING! Galicia… the motherland of traitors and human sludge.

Letter to the Editor from Taras


The above sentiments aren’t uncommon in Novorossiya and Malorossiya. Why do you think that they always voted for the KPU and the Party of Regions in preference to the “nationalist” factions? There’ll be no “reunion” of the Ukraine. The people won’t have it. Like it or not, the above is indicative of the attitude of most patriots in the Ukraine. This artificial construct is on borrowed time…


26 April 2014

TsIA Novorossiya


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Sunday, 1 July 2012

YOU SAY “Помидор”; I SAY “Помідор”

The Wednesday Morning Fights (at the Rada, not the Garden)

Sergei Yolkin



This cartoon is from two years ago… “the more things change, the more they stay the same”… pass the jug…


Last week, fists flew in the Ukrainian parliament over the latest attempt to grant the Russian language a measure of official status in the country. Fat politicians brawled with other fat politicians, whilst outside, an angry crowd protested. From her jail cell, former Prime Minister Yuliya Timoshenko denounced the bill as a “crime”. Earlier, she had characterised it as an apparently sacrilegious assault on “an issue that’s holy for many of us”. Timoshenko, who could not speak Ukrainian until she was 36, is a demagogue. Nevertheless, the word “holy” reveals the extremes of passion felt on this subject. Politically and culturally, language is a hot kartofel (or should I say kartoplia?) in the Ukraine and the “Russian Question” provokes defensive outrage from Ukrainian nationalists.

I witnessed Ukrainian language policies in action in 2005, when I visited Kiev. I confess that I thought it rather strange that many people were speaking Russian, but all of the signage was in Ukrainian. The apotheosis of absurdity came when I watched a Russian action movie, where the credits were in Ukrainian, but the language of the film was Russian. Pretentiously, there were English language signs on some government buildings, but nothing in Russian. I also recall a story about a town in the Western Ukraine, where some micro-fascists had banned Russian pop from the airwaves. The struggle to impose the Ukrainian language by force on the country’s large Russian-speaking population, about 30% of the total, has a long pedigree. In his fascinating book, The Affirmative Action Empire, Terry Martin details a barking-mad attempt in the early revolutionary period to compel everybody working in government administration to switch from Russian to Ukrainian in two years… a move that Moscow endorsed in order to defeat “Great Russian Nationalism”. It failed because it was a stupid idea, and ground to a complete halt when Stalin, a Russifying Georgian, came to power.

Of course, it’s natural that many Ukrainians feel anxious about their language. Russia is a powerful neighbour located right next door. The Ukraine has only been independent for 20 years, and nationalists fear that the use of Russian will divide the nation, and threaten its very identity. However, the country already has sharp divisions, and what, in fact, is that identity? It’s not as if all those Russian speakers in the Eastern Ukraine and the Crimea arrived last week to destabilise a hitherto homogenous Ukrainian culture. Most Russians living in the Ukraine were born there. The only reason the Russian-speaking Crimea is part of the country because Nikita Khrushchyov “gifted” it in 1954 to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Ukraine’s union with Russia. The Russian Empire captured New Russia in the south-eastern Ukraine in the 18th century, and both Russians and Ukrainians settled there. For centuries, there was no border, and Kiev is the “mother city” of Russians and Ukrainians alike. Russian is also the lingua franca of most of the other long-established ethnic minorities in the Ukraine.

The millions of Russian speakers in Ukraine are hardly interlopers, then. Some are as “indigenous” as the ethnic Ukrainians themselves. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that many object to the policy of forced Ukrainisation, active since the 1990s, which has seen education in the Russian language largely eradicated and eastern and southern government offices conducting business in a tongue predominantly spoken in the western half of the country. Embarrassingly, the independent and democratic Ukraine is more oppressive in this regard than was Brezhnev’s USSR was in 1970. At that time, in the autonomous region of Tatarstan, 70 percent of schooling was conducted in Tatar, not Russian. By 1990, schooling in Tatar had dropped to 24 percent. By 2001, however, the figure was at 49.3 percent and rising. Thus, Russia… the Grand Villain of Ukrainian nationalism… grants its linguistic minorities more rights than the independent democratic Ukraine.

Perhaps, I’m more relaxed about language because although I’m Scottish, I speak Standard English, not Gaelic, and don’t feel any less Scottish for it. I freely admit that the Scots and the English are very similar, just as Ukrainians and Russians are very similar. Life is too short to dwell on the narcissism of small differences. Meanwhile, in Texas, I see Spanish language signs all the time, most often in big stores, because the politics of immigration aside, it’s good for business if your clientele can read the signs. Second-generation immigrants assimilate and become bilingual, because if you don’t learn English you’re doomed to a life of low-paying menial jobs.

Perhaps, if Ukrainian politicians could concentrate less on punching each other in the face and focus more on giving Ukraine a prosperous future, the language issue would become less contentious. Anybody with ambition who wanted to play in the big leagues would be motivated to learn the language of the unitary centre, which is Ukrainian and will remain so. Russian speakers might look over the border at their cousins and feel pity. They might even read a volume of Taras Shevchenko’s poetry by choice instead of as a legal obligation in school. Well, OK, that last one’s probably going a bit far. However, you get my drift.

1 June 2012

Daniel Kalder



Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Authorities Banned Rightwing Extremist Nationalist Rally in Lugansk during Patriarch Kirill’s Visit

UNP poster on hoarding says, “Power to the Ukrainians! We are Ukrainians! This is our land!” This party is a minor rightwing splinter group that carries on the racist traditions of the OUN/UPA Nazi collaborators (they’re just like the rightwing Vlasovtsy amongst us)… don’t forget the UPA murdered thousands of Jews, Roma, Poles, and Russians… and these guys want to do the same thing!


KPU anti-fascist rally, the large red banner reads, “NO Fascism in the Ukraine”; the sign that the fellow’s holding says, “Capitalism brought tragedy to the Ukraine! The way out: A rebirth of a socialist society. DOWN WITH CAPITALISM!” The KPU stands AGAINST the UNP scummers (and their American paymasters)… and it stands FOR the Church… think on that one…


Vote for the Rightwing Bloc (which included the UNP) in the 2006 regional elections. It only gained 1.87 percent of the national vote and elected no deputies. Ukrainians rejected the hate message of the Neoliberal “conservative” rightwing by huge margins, didn’t they? Reflect on this… the Uniate and “Ukrainian Orthodox” leadership in the USA and Canada supports such slimers (don’t take it out on the rank n’ file… they’re not responsible for their lickspittle bishops and élites).


Authorities in Lugansk banned the plans of nationalist extremists to fly the largest Ukrainian flag ever when Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev of Moscow and all the Russias arrives in town. The demonstration organisers reported that local law enforcement heard of plans for the 15 September event, and “banned the gathering at the Taras Shevchenko monument because of the presence in the city of a protected person”, according to the Ukrainian People’s Party (UNP) website. Despite this, Valentin Tkalich, the leader of the UNP in Lugansk, urged “all Ukrainian patriots, all concerned Lugansk citizens, and all those who favour a united Ukrainian National church” to meet at 10.00 EET (08.00 UTC 03.00 EDT 00.00 PDT) on 15 September near the main entrance of Avangard Stadium for a demonstration. The marchers plan to go through the main streets of the city to the Taras Shevchenko monument.

As reported earlier, Patriarch Kirill will arrive on 14 September in Lugansk for a two-day pastoral visit. On Wednesday evening, after his arrival in Lugansk, His Holiness will visit St Vladimir Cathedral, the main church in the city. On Thursday, he will serve Divine Liturgy on Lugansk Theatre Square. Afterwards, the Patriarch will lay flowers at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Heroes of the Great Patriotic War Square and he’ll install the cornerstone for a church in honour of the Mother of God “of Tenderness”.

14 September 2011



Editor’s Note:

The UNP is a VERY unrepresentative group of rightwing nutcases… in 2010, the UNP received 0.22 percent of the vote. Reflect well that that “Ukrainian” organisations in the USA and Canada support extremists such as this, as do the American special services. That’s why good Orthodox Christians shouldn’t belong to “Ukrainian Orthodox” parishes, if they can avoid it… such groups are more National than Christian, and they’re indifferentist towards Uniate efforts to seduce Orthodox believers into the Unia. They’re as off the beam as the konvertsy who slobber over Uniates and Old Ritualists… like the Renovationists who blabber about an “Eastern Church” that never was and never shall be (isn’t their blathering about “fearful” traditional Orthodox people just ludicrous?). The Lugansk authorities are showing good sense. It’s a Great Russian town, and they don’t want the local Russkies and Cossacks horsewhipping the nationalists (which would happen in short order, let me tell you) in front of the patriarch. They’re stopping the trouble before it begins… that’s always the ticket, isn’t it?


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