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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

7 October 2014. Here’s Another Reason to Vote AGAINST the Republicants This November

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The Great Depression of 2008 (for that is what it is) was a direct result of Republican policies. The Bushies went to war… they CUT taxes on the wealthy and corporations… the only groups that profited from the Bushie drive for global hegemonism. Wars are inordinately expensive, and seven years of war in DISTANT foreign parts crashed the economy (the more distant the theatre of operations, the more expensive it is to ship supplies to the front… QED). You’ll note that the economy improved after Obama took over. Mostly, he curbed the wars… but that may downturn with the latest military adventurism. However, that may only be a pre-election ploy… Obama doesn’t want to appear “weak”, so, he’s doing goofy things like propping up the fascist junta in Kiev and making grand noises about Iraq. A friend of mine in the District said that it may go away after the election (“That’s why Putin isn’t concerned. He knows that Obama needs to do things before the election to ensure that the Republicans don’t win”). In short, Obama may retrench military threats after the political threat from the GOP is over. After all, he did so in Syria last year, and the world is better off for it.

Don’t vote Republican. If you want to know what GOP policies would do to this country, look at the Ukraine. The oligarchs sucked the country dry and the only reason that it lingered on for 23 years was Russian subsidies… no lie… the Svoboda pigs postured because of cheap Russian gas and Russian involvement in the economy. The Republicans want the same here… a feral, heartless, and greedy society… with them saying, “That’s the way the world is… there’s nothing that anyone can do about it”. Of course not… like Bill Kristol, Rod Dreher, Ann Coulter, and Victor Potapov, they’re above the median in income… “To hell with you, if you were any good, you’d be as ruthless, and be as successful”.

Vote against EVIL… vote AGAINST Republicans. They crashed the economy once to enrich their plutocrat bosses… do you want to let them do it again?


Saturday, 23 July 2011

22 July 2011. Video. No Comment Necessary. THIS is what the Rich ARE Going to do to You if Vote for the Tea Party/New GOP… They’re Doing It NOW… Look at Ryan and Boehner… Any Questions?

Don’t be fooled by their populist rhetoric… the Tea Party/New GOP is a cat’s paw of the oligarchs… they want a government “of the rich, for the rich, and by the rich”… and if you don’t like it, you can die, “to decrease the surplus population”. It’s quite that simple…


Friday, 22 July 2011

22 July 2011. “Shit! The Guard Dies but It Doesn’t Surrender! NO! We WON’T End the Tax Cuts”… Hmm… the Guard DID Die in the End, Didn’t It?



Read this:


Note this:

The rich may be getting richer, said Michael Franc in NationalReview.com, but they’re also paying “a disproportionate share of the overall tax burden.” Our progressive tax code now asks little of the lower half of wage earners. As a result, the share of all federal taxes paid by the top 1 percent of wage earners has doubled over the last three decades, to 38 percent. Is it fair to demand that 1 percent carry even more of the burden? The GOP has no choice but to take a stand, said Jennifer Rubin in Washingtonpost.com. Obama and the Democrats will raise taxes endlessly to pay for bigger and bigger government; Republicans “want smaller government and are unwilling to provide the taxes to fuel an expansion of federal power.” It’s a matter of principle—and strategy. 

Earth to Mr Franc! If the tax code were progressive, it’d mean that about 50 percent or more of the taxes would be collected from the richest 1 percent, as that group owns 35 percent of the income. Therefore, according to the rightwing’s own figures, it’s REGRESSIVE… the rich are paying FAR LESS than their proper share of it all. That is, if the tax rates were progressive, there would be HIGHER rates on large fortunes. If the income share is 35 percent, and the tax burden is 38 percent, it means that there’s NO progression in the tax rates. Note well that both the New GOP and the Internationalist Democrats defend slashing the taxes of the Five Percenters still further. NR has gone downhill precipitously since the death of William F Buckley… David Frum and Ranesh Pronaru are lightweights… the old pizzazz and élan are gone. It’s much like First ThingsGeorge Weigel and Jodie Bottum are dreary and boring rightwing ideologues, with none of Neuhaus’ wit and panache. Look at the map below:


Sales taxes are even more regressive than the present income tax structure is… and you can see that Republicans have no compunction on levying them on the ordinary wage-earner. Interestingly enough, New York State, which the rightwing fanatics excoriate constantly, has one of the lowest state sales tax rates… New Jersey’s is almost 100 percent higher!

Take a look at this:


In short, the ballooning deficit is due to hellishly expensive and pointless wars in foreign parts to make the world safe for transnational profiteers and inordinate tax cuts to the Five Percenters… it’s not due to “entitlements” at all. You know what to do… vote in November 2012… as the New GOP nutters said last year, “Just vote them out”… that’s a right top idea, isn’t it? Let’s see how Boehner, Ryan, and Paul like the unemployment line…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 22 July 2011

Albany NY

22 July 2011. No Commentary Necessary… THIS is what the New GOP Defends… If You Vote for Them, DO Invest in a Large Jar of Vaseline… You’re Gonna Need It!

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