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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Barney Frank Destroys a Tea Partier for Comparing Obama to Hitler

00 Tea Party. Moloch. 04.10.13




NEVER let rightwing “Orthodox” malign the left, socialism, or communism… NEVER. Our Patriarch supports and approves of the left… he hates the rightwing and everything that it stands for. If some klutz attacks communism… COUNTERATTACK! GIVE THEM NO MERCY. Treat them like Barney Frank teats this Teabagger. If they’re priests… reflect on the fact that all ROCOR priests commemorate Patriarch Kirill Gundyaev at every service… that is, they spit on that commemoration by supporting godless GOP filth like Ted Cruz (who spat on Arab Christian leaders, remember?).

You can NOT be “nice”… just as the people of Novorossiya can’t be “nice” with Galician Uniate Nationalists. Not all contagion is “outside the gates”… reflect on that…



In this classic video from a town hall event, US Representative Barney Frank (D-MA) forcefully took a deranged Obamacare hater to task for feeling so strongly against the effort to bring healthcare to millions of Americans that she felt the need to compare Obama to Hitler and his unspeakable crimes. One of his conservative constituents asked him, “Why are you supporting this Nazi policy (Obamacare)?” The crowd didn’t take kindly to her offensive question, but Frank felt compelled to answer her with a question of his own, responding, “On what planet do you spend most of your time? You stand there with a picture of the President defaced to look like Hitler, comparing the effort to bring increase healthcare to the Nazis, and it is a tribute to the First Amendment that such vile, contemptible nonsense is so freely propagated”. When she tried to ask a second question over the raucous applause, he dismissed her by saying, “Trying to have a conversation with you would be like arguing with a dining room table”.

10 April 2015

Occupy Democrats



Friday, 3 January 2014

3 January 2014. Politics Through a Cartoonist’s Eyes…

00 Politics. Black Friday. 02.01.13

Black Friday” is the High Black Mass of Consumerism… note well that most Born Agains aren’t against it. “No man can serve two masters…


00 Politics. Christie. 02.01.14

The Republican Party hasn’t had a new idea since the ’80s… only gerrymandering and that the Electoral College gives disproportionate weight to small states has given it any cred to the present. After all, “steal from the poor to give to the rich” can take you only so far…


00 Politics. He Listened to the Tea Party. 02.01.13

Our economy is knackered due to two factors. Firstly, the sensible restrictions on capital passed in the New Deal were repealed by Republican fanatics. That means that many (if not most) financial shenanigans now engaged in by the Affluent Effluent were illegal (thus, criminal) prior to 1981. Secondly, the Tea Party deliberately starves the government of funds to try to collapse the edifice to create a “small government”. All it’d create is chaos… and these demented toddlers cream their jeans at the prospect…


00 Politics. Income Gap. 02.01.14

The Affluent Effluent (the Top Five Percent) have 275 percent of their 1980 income in real terms. The rest of us have 85 percent of our 1980 income in real terms. That’s due to Republican giveaways to the rich and mad cuts to sensible social programmes. Any questions?


00 Politics. Mandela NO. 02.01.13

South Carolina DID lower its flags to half-mast for the racist pig Strom Thurmond. One of these things is not like the other…


00 Politics. Merry Christmas... There's No Room at the Inn. 02.01.13

When you wave a placard at a Pro-Life rally, you march in favour of unrestricted capital punishment, perpetual warfare in foreign parts, the destruction of the social safety net, torture at secret black sites, and so much more from the Republican enablers of the Pro-Life Movement. I’d see that’s not only not pro-life… it’s anti-Christian to the bone. Get your minds right…


00 Politics. Santa's Bonus. 02.01.14

I know of a company that abolished production incentives for workers and stopped providing coffee cups in the break room… but it still paid multi-million bonuses to top management. That’s another thing that you march for in a Pro-Life March… after all, that’s what the GOP backers of the Movement want, and the marchers don’t take them to task for it.


00 Politics. Cash Cow. 02.01.14

Did you note how the Affluent Effluent REFUSED to bear any of the burden of the Great Recession? Then, again, they refuse to serve their country in the forces… do ask Paul Ryan, Willard Romney, Rush Limbaugh, and Richard Cheney about that… they all screamed for war, but refused to serve themselves. None dare call it treason and cowardice…


00 Politics. Tea Party Fantasyland. 02.01.14

The above cartoon is a rightwing fable. The Massachusetts Bay Colony was a dour dictatorship… a prying theocracy worse than anything imagined in contemporary Iran. Government was EVERYWHERE. If you doubt me, read about Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson


00 Politics. Tea Party Santa. 02.01.14

Need I say more? Teabaggers attend to Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and Sarah Palin… none of whom hew over-closely to the truth. After all, there aren’t palm trees in Moscow in the winter! Rush doesn’t come clean on his avoidance of military service, and Lil’ Mizz Sarah can’t see Russia from her doorstep…


00 Politics. Teabaggers listening to Rush's Fairy Tales. 02.01.14

Rush just signed a contract for 400 million (13.28 billion Roubles. 426 million CAD. 448 million AUD. 295 million Euros. 244 million UK Pounds)… that’s far above the average income. It’s puts a new spin on his screaming, doesn’t it? How do you spell P-R-O-S-T-I-T-U-T-E?


00 Politics. The GOP's favourite target. 02.01.14

The simplest way to help the Middle Class is to abolish the cap on the FICA tax and abolish the preferment shown to capital gains earnings. That’d lessen the burden on moderate-income earners… but it won’t happen. The rich and their Republican whores won’t let it happen. Why? It’d lessen the burden on the Middle Class (and Fox, Limbaugh, and Palin couldn’t blame the poor any more and use them as pawns to stir up the Yahoos).


00 Politics. Zimmerman again. 02.01.14

Only in rightwing “deregulated” criminal Florida


Keep it simple, kid… vote AGAINST the Republicans this November. Oppose their Anti-Christian agenda… and note what “Christians” support them. On one side you have HH and Pope Francisco… on the other, you have Franklin Graham, the mega-churchers, and Pentecostalists. I know what side I’m on… do note who’s a Quisling and who hobnobs with sectarians… that’s not being in step with the Church and with Christ. After all, HH is pals with Gennady Andreyevich and Fidel Castro Ruz, NOT Mikhail Prokhorov or Paul Ryan. Remember, good birds of a feather DO flock together (as do the shitbirds… and never the twain shall meet)…


Saturday, 28 December 2013

Extended UIBs to End Courtesy of Republican Slimeballs… Over One Million to Be Thrown into Penury by These Anti-Christian Greedsters



More than 1 million Americans are bracing for a harrowing post-Christmas jolt as extended federal unemployment benefits come to a sudden halt this weekend, with potentially significant implications for the recovering American economy. A tense political battle likely looms when Congress reconvenes in the new midterm election year. Nudging Congress along, a vacationing President Obama called two senators proposing an extension to offer his support. On Friday, the White House said, that Obama pledged to push Congress to move quickly next year to address this “urgent economic priority”. For families dependent on cash assistance, the end of the federal government’s “emergency unemployment compensation” will mean some difficult belt-tightening as people lose their average monthly stipend of 1,166 USD (38,000 Roubles. 1,250 CAD. 1,315 AUD. 850 Euros. 708 UK Pounds).

Jobless rates could drop, but analysts say the economy might suffer with less money for consumers to spend on everything from clothes to cars. Having let the “emergency” program expire as part of a budget deal, it’s unclear if Congress has the appetite to start it anew. An estimated 1.3 million people would lose benefits when the federally-funded unemployment payments end Saturday. The Labor Department said that some 214,000 Californians would lose eligibility, a figure expected to rise to more than a half-million by June. In the last 12 months, Californians received 4.5 billion USD (146.7 billion Roubles. 4.8 billion CAD. 5.1 billion AUD. 3.28 billion Euros. 2.74 billion UK Pounds) in federal jobless benefits, much of it ploughed back into the local economy. In addition, more than 127,000 New Yorkers would get the chop this weekend. In New Jersey, 11th among states in population, 90,000 people would immediately lose out.

Started under President George W Bush, the benefits were supposed to be a cushion for the millions of American citizens who lost their jobs in the Great Recession and failed to find new ones whilst receiving state jobless benefits, which in most states expire after six months. Analysts expect another 1.9 million people across the country to exhaust their state benefits before the end of June. However, Obama has no quick fix. He hailed this month’s two-year budget agreement as a breakthrough of bipartisan cooperation whilst his administration worked with Democratic allies in the House and Senate to revive an extension of jobless benefits for those unemployed more than six months. The Obama administration said that those payments kept 11.4 million people out of poverty and benefited almost 17 million children. The cost of them since 2008 totalled 225 billion USD (7.34 trillion Roubles. 241 billion CAD. 254 billion AUD. 163.8 billion Euros. 136.5 billion UK Pounds).

At the depth of the recession, laid-off workers could qualify for up to 99 weeks of benefits, including the initial 26 weeks provided by states. The most recent extension allowed a total of up to 73 weeks, depending on the state. According to the Congressional Budget Office, restoring up to 47 extra weeks of benefits through 2014 would cost 19 billion USD (619.5 billion Roubles. 20.4 billion CAD. 21.5 billion AUD. 13.8 billion Euros. 11.5 billion UK Pounds). House Democrats led by Sander Levin (D-MI) and Chris Van Hollen (D-MD) sought to include an extension through March by offsetting the costs with potential farm bill savings. The Republicans rebuffed them. Senate Democrats and some Republicans plan another push in 2014. Senators Jack Reed (D-RI) and Dean Heller (R-NV) introduced a bill offering a similar three-month extension and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) promised to bring it up. However, as with much in Congress, an extension is no sure thing. In phone calls on Friday, Obama told Reed and Heller that he was glad that they were working together to address the problem. Obama economic adviser Gene Sperling said in a statement, “It defies economic sense, precedent, and our values”.

Earlier this month, House Speaker John Boehner spoke with Obama about an extension. Boehner and said his caucus would consider the possibility “as long as it’s paid for and as long as there are other efforts that’ll help get our economy moving once again”. He said that the White House has yet to introduce a plan that meets his standards. For other Republicans, the bar is higher. Many of them look at signs of economic growth and an unemployment rate now down to 7 percent and expected to drop further as evidence the additional weeks of benefits are no longer necessary. For decades, there’s been a fierce debate on the effect of jobless benefits on the unemployment rate. To qualify, people have to be seeking work. Tea Partiers such as Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) argue that the payments aggravate rather than relieve unemployment. The benefits allow some jobseekers to hold out for higher wages. Without the benefits, they might accept lower-paying jobs, reducing the unemployment rate. Others may be looking for work only to keep the benefits flowing and would drop out of the job market entirely once the checks stop. In theory, that also would push the unemployment rate lower.

In addition to alleviating suffering, the flip side is that the benefits get spent on consumer goods, stimulating the economy, and creating jobs. Maurice Emsellem, policy co-director at the National Employment Law Project, argued that extended unemployment insurance “is really a lifeline to help pay the bills, put food on the table, and put gas in the tank, so people can look for work”. Michael Feroli, an analyst at JPMorgan Chase, said ending the extended benefits would lower the unemployment rate by half a percentage point as the long-term unemployed leave the labour force. Whilst that statistical change might look good superficially, Feroli cautioned that a similar decrease in consumer spending could accompany the drop. That would also hurt clothing retailers, car dealers, and other Main Street businesses. On the other hand, the Congressional Budget Office estimated that extending the programme would boost GDP growth by some 0.2 percent and increase full-time employment by 200,000 next year, but at the price of increasing government debt. Advocates of extended benefits say communities hardest hit by the recession would feel the sudden loss of cash in circulation the most. They cite a set of their own troublesome figures… three jobseekers still competing for each opening, some 4 million people in the ranks of long-term unemployed, and unemployment lasting on average 37 weeks, two months longer than most states provide insurance.

Bradley Klapper

Associated Press



00 US Military Spending 1962-2015. 28.12.13

Gross War Spending 1962-2015


00 US Military Spending per capita. 1962-2015. 28.12.13

Per Capita War Spending 1962-2015


Editor’s Note:

The Republicans are liars… full stop. There’s plenty of “give” in the budget. However, the Republicans want to enrich the Affluent Effluent at all costs… if that means that people of little means get smashed in the process, well, so be it. Let them die and decrease the surplus population! The Republicans wish to give MORE to a class that REFUSES to invest in the USA, a class that hides its money in overseas tax havens… but demands the right to dictate American economic policy. In short, a criminal and unpatriotic class leads the Republicans by the nose. When Marx said, “Capital has no homeland”, he meant that crapitalists don’t give a damn about their homeland… they’d sell it out for filthy lucre, as Wet Willy Romney did (and received the Republican nomination for President as a reward).

Look at the above graphs… there’s PLENTY of FAT in the DoD budget. It’d be simple to find 19 billion USD… but Congress won’t… for it’d mean that fatcat corporate donors would lose business. You see, if the fatcats lost business, their political running dogs would lose some of their bribes and “campaign donations”… and that can’t be! Do note that war spending is UP, compared to the Cold War. Where’s the money going? It’s going to political and corporate corruption, on both sides of the aisle, but more so on the Republican side.

I’ll tell you what angers me. The men who die and who suffer grievous wounds in current wars are mostly men from families of small means, whilst the Affluent Effluent doesn’t shoulder any of the burdens of service. As Dick Cheney put it, “I had better things to do”… and Willy Romney hid in France for two years during the height of the Vietnam War. That should tell you something of the character of the Republican Party (or, rather, its lack of same).

Orthodox people should beware Victor Potapov, Alexander Webster, Rod Dreher, John Whiteford, Patrick Reardon, and Josiah Trenham… they all cheerlead for the Godless Amoral Right… yet, they deck their idol in the robes of the Church, thereby blaspheming Our Lord Christ and what He really did (do recall that the powers-that-be tacked him up for being a pesky rebel). They’re in total opposition to HH and Pope Francisco, who see eye-to-eye on social justice matters.

You can follow the above-named worthies or you can follow HH… I choose His Holiness… who’s friends with Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz and who just gave a high Church decoration to Iosif Kobzon. The Church is NOT a friend of the Right… no matter how much the contemporary teabagger chernosotentsy konvertsy rant and rave. Keep it focused and don’t let the bastards grind you down…



Saturday, 21 December 2013

Free Lunches are Wrong Target for Rightwing Creationist Extremist



I’d like to make a few points… one philosophical, the others practical… about recent remarks by US Representative Jack Kingston (R-GA) suggesting that we should make students from low-income families pay some small amount for their federally-subsidised school lunches, or that they should do some work at school in exchange for those lunches. Speaking at a Saturday meeting of the Jackson County Republican Party, Kingston… a candidate for the US Senate seat being vacated by Senator Saxby Chambliss (R-GA)… told the group, “One of the things I’ve talked to the Secretary of Agriculture about… why don’t you, you know, have the kids pay a dime, pay a nickel, instil in them that there is, in fact, no such thing as a free lunch. Or, maybe, sweep the floor in the cafeteria. And yes, I understand that’d be an administrative problem, and I understand that it’d probably lose you money, but think what we would gain as a society in getting people, getting the myth out of their head that there is such thing as a free lunch”.

Whilst he and other Republicans may not recognise it, what Kingston said on Saturday places him, and any Republican who agrees with him, smack in the middle of a philosophical dilemma. Here’s why… Kingston’s idea runs directly counter to the conservative orthodoxy that government should stay out of people’s lives. What we have here is a Republican congressman suggesting, in effect, that the government should have a role in moulding the behaviour of citizens. Worse, Kingston would work that governmental will on some of the country’s youngest…  and, therefore, some of its most vulnerable and impressionable… minds.

Now, let’s go on to the practical points that I wish to make. Firstly, if Kingston is going to insist that economically-disadvantaged young people be made to work for the relative pittance of a federally-subsidised daily lunch, he ought also be similarly held to account for his federally-subsidised (read taxpayer-funded) salary, a decidedly unmiserly 174,000 USD (5.74 million Roubles. 186,000 CAD. 195,000 AUD. 128,000 Euros. 107,000 UK Pounds) annually… far above the 51,017 USD (1.684 million Roubles. 54,271 CAD. 57,155 AUD. 37,314 Euros. 31,228 UK Pounds) that was the median household income across the USA in 2012, according to the Census Bureau. To his credit, one should note here that Kingston didn’t accept any pay during the 16-day partial government shutdown earlier this year. Perhaps, more to the point here, though, is that in addition to his salary, Kingston, like other members of Congress, has access to funds to run his office. According to a recent report on disbursements from the Member Representational Allowance… which members must use only for items connected with official or representational activities… Kingston claimed 18.72 USD (618 Roubles. 19.92 CAD. 20.98 AUD. 13.70 Euros. 11.46 UK Pounds) for meals on 13 June, and he claimed 56.38 USD (1,860 Roubles. 59.98 CAD. 63.17 AUD. 41.24 Euros. 34.51 UK Pounds) for meals on 15 July.

It wasn’t clear from the immediately-available documentation whether the meals were lunches. However, they were free to Kingston, courtesy of American taxpayers.

19 December 2013

Jim Thompson

Athens (GA) Banner-Herald


Editor’s Note:

Kingston is in the mainstream of the lamestream GOP. He opposes single-payer healthcare… but he favours laxer gun laws. He opposes “free lunches” for kids… but he accepts “free lunches” for himself. He’s signed Norquist’s loopy “pledge”… but he wants to strip the EPA of power to regulate corporate polluters. That sounds typical for the average contemporary teabag-sucking Republicant.

He’s a former salesman… the lowest form of parasite middleman in crapitalism. That is, he knows how to “close a sale”, but not how to actually do anything. Does it surprise you that he doesn’t believe in the scientific findings on evolution, but believes in creationism? That, in itself, proves his stupidity or his pandering (I believe that it’s a combination of the two… salesmen aren’t the brightest bulbs in the pack and he’s pandering to the Baptist yahoos in his district… the Duck Dynasty clan is rather representative of the sort). However, do note this quote from this nattering nabob about running for office unopposed:

What happens is a lot of campaigning is rhetoric as opposed to really listening and learning. You have to repeat the message… over and over again. It’s more of a debate than a dialogue, whereas governing is more of a dialogue.

In short, it’s BETTER when there’s no opposition… it means that the incumbent doesn’t have to exert himself and defend his agenda. Damned pesky things, elections… why, let’s do away with them… they hinder dialogue! Mr Kingston has taken in far more from the taxpayers than he’s ever paid out in taxes. My, my, my… that sounds like a “free lunch” to me. In short, he’s an “entitlement queen” to beat the band. Who woulda thunk it…

Let’s see… Mr Kingston could sweep the floor of a poor shut-in to pay for his lunches, couldn’t he? After all… there ain’t no free lunch! He said so! Dontcha just love it when the baggers hoist themselves on their own petards, but are too stupid to see it (even when it’s pointed up to them)? They don’t call the Republicans the “Stupid Party” for nought…



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