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Friday, 3 August 2012

3 August 2012. UPDATE on the Return… Machine Due Back Next Thursday… Posting to Resume


On Tuesday, Nicky and I descended into the belly of the beast… that is, we dared to enter the inner sanctum of the lair of the local geeks. We were in search of John, who had custody of the baby. It was quite ill, I’m afraid. It wasn’t fatal, to be sure, but it was still serious. John had to clean out the interior and then he informed me that he had to do more geekly pokings and jiggerings. He has to reload the OS, backup and wipe the hard disk, kick out some unfriendly viruses and trojans, and install a new “anti-virus that works”. Of course, this isn’t cheap, but what is, these days? Hey, we’re getting off with about 350 bucks, and that’s NOT overly bad, not for skilled technical work. I’ll say this, John explained everything in ungeekly language that anyone could grasp.

ETA for kicking off again is next Thursday, 9 August 2012. That’s the earliest, kids, until then, have a good one.


Update 9 August 2012:

John was as good as his word. The baby’s back… better than ever. There’s a few more minor kinks to work out, but that’s no biggie. I hope that you have as good a rapport with your friendly neighbourhood wonks as I did. Thanks, John, NaVada, and Larry… you keep this show on the road.


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