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Saturday, 30 April 2016

30 April 2016. It Ain’t Over… There’s a Real Cost Involved in Voting for Hilly

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Bernie’s website said this:

When you hear some politician telling the world how tough he is, and how quickly he’d send troops to this-or-that part of the world, understand that it isn’t going to be his kids going off into that war. It’d be your kids. The cost of war is great, and it’s far more than the hundreds of billions of dollars we spend on planes, tanks, missiles, and guns.

Let’s keep it simple… both Chilly Hilly and Trump want to warmonger, but Bernie doesn’t. Ted Cruz and Butcher Biden are both equally eager to unleash war in foreign parts to enrich their fatcat backers. Only Bernie doesn’t want to do that. Why, even one of the Koch Brothers “endorsed” Chilly Hilly and thinks that she’d make a fine president. Chilly Hilly’s Upper Middle backers don’t give fuck-all about you. They got theirs… so screw you and yours. They have their foreign jaunts, overseas holidays, above-average pay packets, and their kids go to Ivy League colleges. They don’t give a rat’s ass that they get their perks on your backs. You don’t deserve anything… “you didn’t work for it like they did”.  Their kids deserve to be safe at home in college… your kids deserve to die in far-off climes to benefit their already-comfortable lives. You can vote for the status quo… vote for Hilly. You can vote to overturn the Reagan-Clinton monstrosity… vote for Bernie. One last thing… a vote for Hilly is a vote for Bill’s Third Term… the last time around got us NAFTA, Waco, Wall Street give-aways, “welfare reform”, and the Easter Bombing of Belgrade. Do you truly want a rerun? Remember… sequels are NEVER as good as the originals were…



Sunday, 17 April 2016

17 April 2016. NO Christian Can Vote for Chilly Hilly or For Republicans… WWJD?

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If the love of money is the root of many diverse evils (such is the rendering an instructor at the MDA gave me), therefore, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Chilly Hilly have surrendered to that love, which means that they’ve allowed manifold evils to take root in their souls. No Christian can vote for such godless amoral greedster filth. It repudiates and mocks everything that Our Lord Christ stood for, taught us, died for, and rose from the dead to affirm.

I don’t care what their stance on bathrooms, abortion, homosexuality, and gay marriage is… such things are mere piffles compared to the love of money. The former, I believe, won’t separate you from God… the latter will, perhaps, irrevocably. As the murdered Archbishop Oscar Romero put it:

There’s an “atheism” that’s closer at hand and more dangerous to our church. It’s the atheism of capitalism, in which material possessions are set up as idols and take God’s place.

I second that and Bernie does too (interesting… a secularist is closer to Real Christianity than the so-called “Christian” candidates)… the other candidates don’t, especially, Chilly Hilly. Vote accordingly…


Sunday, 13 December 2015

13 December 2015. Orthodox Christians! Vote Against the Republican Persecutors of Our Church and Peoples!

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Metropolitan Joseph has to smack down the loudmouthed konvertsy. They’re supporting political factions fanatically opposed to our peoples… who incarnate Christ’s Holy Church. The Republicans (via Ted Cruz) spat on Middle Eastern religious leaders when they were in Washington. The Republicans support the Uniate grab for power in the Ukraine… they support the terrorist actions of the Uniate nationalists in Novorossiya. The Republicans support the Kosovo rebels against Serbia. What more do you need to know? The Republicans are the sworn enemies of the Orthosphere and of Holy Rus. These demented toddlers hate us and want to kill us if we don’t kiss their ass in public for all to see.

NO ORTHODOX CHRISTIAN CAN SUPPORT THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. The defence of Christ’s Incarnate Body on Earth trumps “Pro-Life”… the People of God are the Church… the USA attacks our peoples… ergo, it attacks the Holy Church. Do choose wisely… your eternal destiny is at stake. I’d say this… Our Lord Christ already gave the word about those who’d support the greedster Repugs… “They have their reward”… do think upon that…


Saturday, 12 December 2015

12 December 2015. The USA Supports Islamist Terrorists… NOT the Assyrian Christian Fighters!

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00 Patriarch Kirill w Mar Dynka of Assyria. 01.06.14

At the Centre, HH met with Mar Dinkha IV Khanania, the Catholicos-Patriarch of Babylon and all the East, the First Hierarch of the Church of the East, the spiritual leader of the Assyrian people


Never forget how Ted Cruz spat on our bishops in Washington. He’s typical of Repugs… most Establishment Dems aren’t much better, but Repugs make it clear that we’re lower than whaleshit in their estimation. Don’t vote for the enemies of the Orthosphere! The most important thing for us is the Incarnation, and the Church is the Icon of the Incarnation par excellence… if the Church is the People of God, then, it stands to reason that those who hate our peoples also hate our Church. The Repugs kiss the ass of the “Evangelicals” and cater to their every fancy and heresy… ergo, no real Christian should support them.

The Republicans preach perpetual warfare against the peoples who incarnate Orthodoxy… who incarnate the Church… who make up the Body of Christ… who stood tall for Our Lord Christ long before the peevish greedy Anglo American toddlers founded their first settlements a mere four centuries ago. NO CHRISTIAN CAN VOTE FOR REPUBLICANS. You can stand for Christ, His Church, and His Peoples… or you can stand for the Repugs and the Almighty Dollar. Note well that the GOP wants to arm Islamist terrorists, but not the Christian fighters who oppose them!

I stand for the brave Assyrian people… not the murdering pro-American terrorists. The Repugs claim that they’re against terror. Well… I’d say that their actions in the Middle East, Novorossiya, and the Balkans prove otherwise. Let God see and judge…


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