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Saturday, 29 August 2015

DNR Ministry of Communications Started Digital Broadcast of 4 Domestic and 26 Russian Digital Channels in the Eastern Regions

00 dnr donetsk pr communicationis tower 290815


Today, the DNR Ministry of Communications announced that its staff just completed work to upgrade broadcasting in the eastern DNR. Our source said:

Just in time for one of Donetsk’s favourite holidays, Miners Day, our staff opened a new broadcasting centre on 28 August for the digital broadcast of 30 television channels and 3 radio channels. Until now, residents in the eastern DNR had trouble in getting a proper signal, as the broadcast from the capital didn’t reach all points due to the nature of the terrain. Now, people in Snezhnoe, Pervomaisk, Marinovka, Amvrosievka, Uspenka, Dmitrovka, Dyakovo, and Beloyarovki, along with other smaller places, can get a clear signal on four domestic and 26 Russian TV channels. This is the same package available to people in Donetsk and the surrounding areas.

28 August 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency



Tuesday, 18 August 2015

LNR Minsvyazi Rolled Out “Lugakom” SIM Cards Printed in Colours of LNR Flag

00 LNR lugansk pr telephone card 180815

“Your reliable connection!”


A source at the LNR Ministry of Communications (Minsvyazi) informed us that the design of the SIM card for state mobile operator Lugakom is done up in the colours of the LNR flag, saying, “We’ve already begun production of Lugakom SIM cards. We based the overall design on the colours of the Republic flag”. Minsvyazi will began sales of the cards to the public in September. Earlier, LNR First Deputy Minister of Communications Andrei Yeremenko said that Minsvyazi plans to distribute free Lugakom starter packs to all first graders on the Day of Knowledge (1 September, traditional first day of school).

18 August 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre


Sunday, 2 August 2015

DNR Minsvyazi sez First 5,000 SIM Cards for Mobile Operator “Feniks” Went on Sale

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Today, the DNR Ministry of Communications (Minsvyazi) told us, “Starter packs from mobile operator “Feniks” hit the market; the first batch of 5,000 includes a SIM card. They’re on offer at two points of sale”. Minsvyazi stated that you could purchase them at the head office of Donbass Post near Lenin Square in the centre of Donetsk, as well as at the National telecom operator near Shakhterskoi Square in Kievsky Raion, adding, “All subscribers will have mobile communication in test mode. Testing will last until 1 October 2015. We hope that this new independent operator will help our people to stay in touch with family and friends”. At first, only limited functions will be available on Feniks, SMS-text-messaging and phone calls to other operators will NOT be online at first. However, in future, all expected services would be in place. To purchase a SIM card, subscribers must present a copy of their passport and identification code, for children up to seven-years-old, a copy of their birth certificate and the passport of one parent. As of 10 July 2015, Minsvyazi told us that more than 6,000 subscribers used Fenik’s services. Besides this, Minsvyazi reported that the operator covers the entire DNR and has been operational in test mode since 16 June.

30 July 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


Thursday, 28 November 2013

RAN Fibre-Optics Researcher Predicts Petabit-Per-Second Data Transfer in Decade

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On Tuesday, Yevgeni Dianov, head of a fibre-optics institute at the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAN), said that fibre-optic networks would be able to send data at speeds of up to one petabit (1 quadrillion bits) per second within a decade, which would be at least 100 times faster than current networks using quartz-glass cables. He told the RAN presidium that multicore cables are faster; Dianov noted that researchers already reached one petabit per second using a 12-core cable in an experiment last year.

26 November 2013



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