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Friday, 9 September 2011

9 September 2011. Lyonyo’s Patsy Uses Schismatic Website to Issue Lyonyo’s Dezinformatsiya on the Dickie Wood’s Saga

Mark Stokoe isn’t the only internet patsy used by Lyonyo Kishkovsky to get his propaganda across. Another one of his stooges is a Russian “journalist” named Svetlana Vais, who’s identified as a long-time parishioner of the OCA Chancery chapel. That means that she’s a patsy of Lyonyo, and isn’t objective in the least (if she didn’t post what he wanted, he’d retaliate… that’s the MO of the Syosset/SVS set). She posts most of her material on Portal-Credo.ru, a dubious website that mostly caters to heretic/schismatic elements such as those led by Denisenko and Rusantsov. Her latest effort (in Russian) is at:


I just can’t translate it… it’s so full of lies, innuendoes, and misrepresentations that I just can’t stand being in its presence. Note this:

Actually, I understand that Fr Zacchaeus is in the prime of life and full of energy, he competed in Greco-Roman wrestling, he’s attractive and has charming manners.

Which planet is she from? Dickie’s grossly corpulent, as fat as Paffhausen is, and the smart word has it that Dickie’s tied in with the crowd around JP… and we all know what that means (“Veronica Lake” anyone?). Everyone I knew was flabbergasted to find out that a WOMAN fingered Dickie… let’s just say that his known tastes are “otherwise” (he’s a Turtle Creek commando, for those in the know). Ms Vais casts aspersions on Dickie’s accuser… she’s emotional and illogical… sound familiar? Don’t forget, Ms Vais fibbed outrageously about Dickie’s educational CV in the past… you do NOT earn a kandidatura nauka in one year. It’s impossible… end of story. She’s also VERY vague about Dickie’s “hospitalisation”. It’s true… it’s a Soviet-era dodge to hide from the army or the courts in hospital. However, if there were no truth in the allegations against Dickie, if they were truly without merit, the MP would make an official statement. They wouldn’t use such suspect venues as Portal-Credo.ru. A post would appear on patriarchia.ru, from the patriarchal information service (you have to watch for this… sometimes, posts come from the DECR or foreign sites that don’t reflect the Centre’s viewpoint). It would also be posted on Interfax, with Vlad Legoida or Fr Vsevolod doing the honours… not the Blunder… not Ovchinnikov… not the ROCOR. The only truly righteous material comes from Legoida or Fr Vsevolod (nothing else comes from KMG himself).

As someone familiar with the sources, I can tell you that where something appears is as important as what appears. If Ms Vais’ article had appeared on VOR, RIA, TASS, Interfax, or patriarchia.ru, I’d say that there might be some credence to it. Since it appeared on Portal-Credo.ru, it’s clear that it’s total and unmitigated rubbish; it’s a meretricious attempt to manipulate the discussion. Birds of a feather DO flock together… and since Portal-Credo tolerates posts from the Denisenko and Rusantsov cabals, it’s clear that the source is irretrievably tainted, and the article itself is a confidence trick on the part of Lyonyo… it’s a flim-flam, it’s a scam. I only cover this stuff because it’s “newsy”… I find NO pleasure in it. I’ll say this, I find the self-righteous bleats of some konvertsy difficult to take at times. You don’t show how “holy” you are by averting your face from evil… you face it… you wrestle with it. I’m no heroine… I’m quite ordinary, as all of you are. Nevertheless, the fire has erupted in our time, and it’s our duty to beat it out. No… it’s not “fair”… but life’s not “fair”… the recent tragedy in Russia with the hockey team proved that. You can either fight evil or accommodate yourself to it. There’s no “third way”… there’s no “compromise”. I’ll be glad when the war’s over… but as long as the battle banner flies, I’ll do my duty… and my duty (and yours) is to report the truth and act accordingly. THAT is what God expects from every one of us… and it’s not only “doable”… it’s “winnable”. We need only go a bit further more on the road… but shall you carry on, or, shall you punk out? I can’t answer that for you…


“This is all I can stands, and I can’t stands no more”… that’s from that great philosopher Popeye the Sailor. I’m going to walk away from this for a bit… one does one’s duty, but it’s not pleasant in the least. Thank God, Nicky and I have plans tomorrow. I need some R&R…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 9 September 2011

Albany NY


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