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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Nationalist Thug Attacked Lawyer Defending Orthodox Parish in Galicia

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An unknown masked assailant attacked A P Zakharchuk, a lawyer for the Diocese of Ternopol (UPTs/MP). The attacker approached the lawyer, and struck him on the head. A UPTs/MP statement said:

Andrei Petrovich defended the right of St Michael parish in Butin (Zbarazh Raion) to its church building, which schismatics stole from us in October 2014.

Zakharchuk suffered constant harassment from Right Sector Uniate thugs… they came to the court hearing about the parish church building and threatened Andrei Pavlovich with physical violence.

25 March 2016




Such is the daily treatment handed out to the canonical Church and its representatives by the schismatical “Ukrainian Orthodox” and Galician Uniates (so-called “Ukrainian Catholics”). Note well that the US State Department and the Phanar smile at it all. It puts a new spin on those in the OCA who want to go turncoat and stab their Russian coreligionists in the back, doesn’t it? It also tells much about Potapov and Fatso, who schmooze up to the Uniates and neocons… do have a care, the times ARE evil…


Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Alarm in Pochaev

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During the evening of 24 February, our Lavra received many telephone calls about a planned provocation at the monastery. The provocateurs planned to use women and children to occupy one of the churches of the Lavra, and not leave it for any reason. When the Lavra security would ask them to leave, they’d raise a ruckus, and journalists brought in by the provocateurs would make photographs and videos to use in media presentations. When believers heard this, they began to gather at the Lavra this morning. News came to us of the departure from Ternopol of busloads of provocateurs, so, we blocked the main entrance to the monastery. When the schismatics arrived, the brotherhood and the believers formed a dense living wall in front of the Lavra gates, and our clergy served an akafist. After seeing that they couldn’t achieve their criminal aims, the schismatics made a prayer in memory of Bandera, then, they left the scene. As of 15:00, the situation stabilised, but we received word that we’ll receive a few more busloads of “visitors” from Ternopol.

25 February 2014

Ukraina Pravoslavna

UOC/MP official website


Editor’s Note:

If you believed ANY of the media coverage in Kiev over the past couple of months, well, not to put a fine face upon it, you’re a goddamned fool who shouldn’t be allowed near anything sharp or mechanical. The oppos planned to use women and children in their provocation; they didn’t give a damn if their little stunt injured or killed any of the women or kids. If that doesn’t tell you that the Timoshenko putschists are EVIL and deserve your opposition, nothing will. John McCain (and the Republicans) smiles upon such rot. John Kerry (and the Democrats) smiles upon such rot. So does Catherine Ashton… so does Angela Merkel… so do all the rest of the posturing Western poseurs. You must oppose them and their evil… full stop. I’m doing my part… what about you?



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