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Friday, 30 November 2012

30 November 2012. Photo Spread. First VDV Intake of Female Recruits in Omsk

00 female VDV paratrooper. Omsk. 30.11.12


00 female VDV paratrooper 01. Omsk. 30.11.12


00 female VDV paratrooper 02. Omsk. 30.11.12


At present, there’s much debate about the role of female soldiers, especially from loudmouthed “conservative” sources. I’ll simply observe that female soldiers proved their mettle on the frontline during the VOV, where they proved to be more effective at being snipers than men were. The first intake of fifty female recruits for the VDV is undergoing training in Omsk. It’s simple… the female recruits have the same standards as the men do. Full stop. If it’s 15 below (5 degrees Fahrenheit), tough tuchus, baby… get on out there and do it.

Let’s keep it simple. The “conservative” loudmouths like George Weigel, Terrence Mattingly, and Rod Dreher are chock fulla it. Women proved that they could “take it” with the best and endure the worst during the VOV. That’s all that there’s to say…


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