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Saturday, 12 August 2017

12 August 2017. WE REMEMBER… They Won the Great Victory


That’s John Witte Sr of Texas… he fought in the Great War Against Fascism. He never boasted… he rarely talked about his time at war. In that, he was like millions of others. They, likewise, did their duty, did their bit in defeating the fascist snakes, and came home to raise families and make an honest living. Postwar America was better for their presence. That generation is passing on now… not many are left. Honour them, the living and the dead. They ARE an “Immortal Regiment”…

We DO remember…




Tuesday, 11 July 2017

11 July 2017. We’ve Reached Ten Million Hits

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We’ve reached ten million hits. I started doing this in November 2007, almost ten years ago. I’m still here… on the other hand, some of my critics have long since fallen by the wayside. I offer an eclectic mixture of Orthodox Christianity, Russian culture, Leftist politics, and humorous animals. Like all grounded people, I’m a bundle of contradictions! Beware the monomaniacal and earnest… such people tend to extremes and disregard people. Although this is most prominent amongst the “conservative”, trust me, there are “leftists” who are just as acrid and nasty (especially, those involved in “identity politics”).

LOVE rules this House… LOVE of Life, LOVE of God, LOVE of Truth, LOVE of our “little brothers”, and LOVE of Justice and Mercy. If love doesn’t rule your house and set your heart ablaze with the desire to set things right… well, you have a major malfunction. Remember… you must love the “Other” as they are, without any desire to remake them in your image. If you do this, people will notice… people can smell bullshit from a distance. Trust me, I’ve seen it in my life.

Thank you for being here with me. Come, sit down by the fire and have a warm… you’re at home and always welcome. The road goes ever onward… shall you share the road with me for a spell?


Thursday, 29 September 2016

29 September 2016. Still Unpacking… and Nicky is in Hospital, Too! (Breaking in a New Computer as Well)

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01 Woman Drinking Coffee


It all hits the fan at once! We’re still unpacking… that won’t be complete for a couple of weeks. I’m breaking in a new computer (and some of the software that I need is still packed away), as the old one decided to have the “z” and “x” keys go oopso at the same time. Since my last name has a “zed”, well, you can see what I had to do. I’m not ready to really start blogging again for a short span. I have an apartment to put to rights and a Nicky to love back to health.

Here’s something pleasant that I noticed. When the shit hits the fan, pravoslavny folk gather together, no matter what faction that they’re from or what position they hold or what ideology that they espouse. The Body of Christ is no joke… I saw it tonight. Thanks to all of you (you know who you are)…


Thursday, 26 November 2015

26 November 2015. Happy Thanksgiving From Us to You

00 dozhinki belarus 261115

Dozhinki (Harvest Thanksgiving) celebration in Belarus


Today is American Thanksgiving… the rest of the world already had Thanksgiving… usually, it occurs around the Harvest (as it does in Canada, occurring in October). That’s so that events can take place outdoors; people set up tables in the yard and feast outside. It’s a festival of thanks for the harvest, so people take the first-fruits to the church for blessing (and distribution to the poor afterwards). Thanksgiving didn’t begin with the English Puritans… it’s an ancient and venerable holiday, known to all peoples.

Have a wonderful day with your family and friends…


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