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Sunday, 6 December 2015

What Should Education Do For Us and For Our Children?

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A school director sent this letter to each teacher:

Dear teachers!

I survived a concentration camp; my eyes saw what no one ought to have seen:

  • scientists and engineers built gas chambers
  • qualified doctors poisoned children
  • trained nurses killed babies
  • university graduates shot and burned women and children…

Therefore, I don’t trust education per se. I ask you… help your pupils to become human beings. Your efforts should never lead to helping nihilistic scientists or trained and educated psychopaths like Eichmann emerge. Reading, writing, and arithmetic are important only when they help our children to become better human beings!


6 December 2015

Russian Demotivationals and Motivationals



Monday, 2 November 2015

2 November 2015. No Words Necessary Department…

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In a Greek country town, the fascist occupiers and their local collaborators set up a stage. They gathered the people and promised them all sorts of material incentives to help search for Jews. Many appeared to be moved by this and seemed ready to help the fascists. The local pappas came on the scene, walking through the crowd, looking at everyone. When he got in front of them, he simply said:

Our Lord Christ lived and died a Jew.

Nothing more. He left with composure and dignity, not in a hurry at all. The crowd dispersed.

That is the Churchly attitude to anti-Semitism. Oppose it wherever you find it. It’s most common in the ROCOR (and other Russian Orthodox bodies, too), most often found amongst “conservatives” (both White Guard and American varieties). Have a care… anti-Semitism can rot out your Orthodoxy from the inside out. Like all hate, there’s nothing positive about it. Be on your guard… the times are evil…


Saturday, 11 April 2015

11 April 2015. You Can’t Equate Those Who Carried Out the Holocaust with Those Who Ended It

00 Auschwitz. 11.04.15


The Red Army ended the Holocaust… the Galician Uniate nationalists helped to carry it out. The Ukrainian Rada just condemned communism and praised Galician Uniate nationalism. What does that tell you about the so-called “Ukraine?”


Thursday, 9 April 2015

Makeyevka Honoured the Memory of Nazi Concentration Camps Victims by Laying Flowers at the Eternal Flame

Liberation of Auschwitz by Red Army. 12.11

NEVER FORGET! Galician Uniate nationalist pigs helped RUN the concentration camps… the Red Army LIBERATED them. To honour the UPA and OUN is to honour the Holocaust… do reflect on that. The Rada’s new law honouring the UPA and the OUN was HOLOCAUST DENIAL writ large. Never forget… the number of Galician hands in the Holocaust was NOT small (it’s one of the most Anti-Semitic places in the world, sadly enough… not a majority, but enough to make them the world champs of Anti-Semitism).


In Makeyevka, citizens honoured the memory of Nazi concentration camp victims by laying flowers at the local Eternal Flame memorial. The local branch of the Donetsk Republic Society sponsored the event. During the ceremony, local secretary Larisa Tolstykina pointed up that the fascist ideology is stronger than ever in the Ukraine. “After all the horrors of the Great Patriotic War, occupation, and concentration camps, who could think that a revival of fascism would be possible? However, over the years, the ‘brown plague’ ideology re-entered the masses. At least, we must do what we can… we must remember [what happened] and not allow the “fascist plague” to penetrate the heads of the younger generation”.

During the Second World War, Nazi Germany and its allies had about 14,000 concentration camps of all sizes on their territories and in occupied lands. The Nazis burned prisoners in crematoria ovens, killed them in gas chambers, and tortured, starved, and overworked inmates to death. International Day of Liberation of Nazi Concentration Camps on 11 April is in memory of an international uprising at Buchenwald concentration camp on 11 April 1945.

9 April 2015

DAN Donetsk News Agency


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