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Monday, 22 December 2014

Scammers Purloin 300 Gs Worth of Gold from Clueless Uniate Junta

00 Jesus FLOGS the Bankers. 01.10.14

The Uniates and schismatics bless crapitalistic greed… the Orthodox bless socialistic sharing… fancy that


Read this. This is AFTER the American Uniate carpetbagger took over the Uniate junta’s piggy bank. Looks like the only thing happening is that the USA is continuing to rape the Ukraine using its greedster oligarch pals. Shevchuk blesses crapitalistic greed and rapine… HH blesses socialistic sharing and justice. One of these things is NOT like the other! Lead daubed with gold paint… if that isn’t the archetypical Khokhol joke embodied. It’s downright DUMB…


Monday, 17 September 2012

Woman Finds Snoring Thief Under Bed


On Monday, a spokesman for the Tula Oblast Prokuratura said that an 82-year old woman in Tula Oblast was surprised to find a thief peacefully snoring under her bed. Sergei Ivanov, 23, who has a prior conviction for theft, snuck into the elderly woman’s house whilst she was sleeping. He helped himself to her cheap mobile phone and a knife, but the woman suddenly woke up. The thief, who was drunk, decided to hide under the woman’s bed and fell asleep. Hearing him snoring and seeing his sneakers sticking from under the bed, the frightened woman called the cops. Ivanov now faces five years in prison on burglary charges.

17 September 2012



Editor’s Note:

Just shows to go ya that you don’t mess with Baba… ever.


Friday, 14 September 2012

Copper Stolen From South Side Church


Copper thefts aren’t uncommon in Milwaukee, but a thief (or thieves) targeted a church on the city’s South Side. Fr Dragan Veleusic, the dean of St Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral has a message for whoever did this to his beloved building: “The police are only half your problem. First of all, it’s a great sin to damage a temple…”. It IS a sin to creep up to a 75-year-old house of worship and rip down copper downspouts, presumably, to sell for scrap.

Whoever did this clearly knew what they were doing, because one side of the cathedral was left untouched… the side that’s watched by a camera. Parishioner Dara Sever said, “That says something pretty desperate…”. Sever just learned about the theft Thursday, although the downspouts have been gone about a week. Sever said, “If they did it out of desperation, if they’re hungry or that poor… but if it was for any other ill intended means, I hope they return it”.

Fr Dragan is convinced the gutters are long gone. The church has insurance, but the deductible is 2,500 USD (77,000 Roubles. 1,900 Euros. 1,550 UK Pounds), far more than the profit from this crime. Church leaders have a pretty drastic plan to keep thieves away. All the remaining copper gutters will be coming down… replaced with aluminium, painted copper green.

13 September 2012

620 WTMJ Newsradio


Editor’s Note:

If you’re in Milwaukee on Friday, step on in to Serb Hall on Oklahoma Avenue (a class act all the way ’round) for their famous Fish Fry. Get your fish “Serbian-style”… trust me on this one (you better, my waistline testifies that I KNOW food). It’s ass-kickin’ good food. By the way, the Serbs out in Parma OH also do a good fry, but the Milwaukee version’s my fave (sorry, Darko, I prefer Marko’s… couldn’t resist that). Now, just if they could partner the fish with potato pancakes… that’d be HEAVEN.


Thursday, 30 August 2012

30 August 2012. Update on the Olmsted Falls Bell Theft… Perp was a Real “Winner”

Justice and Divine Vengeance Pursuing Crime

Pierre-Paul Prud’hon



On Tuesday, a township man faced charges in the theft of five large brass bells from St Innocent Orthodox Church. Police said they were able to identify a suspect after he sold the bells for scrap. The church has gotten its bells back. Police said Brian Diamond, 34, admitted stealing the bells, valued at 5,500 USD (180,000 Roubles. 4,400 Euros. 3,500 UK Pounds), that were taken Sunday night from the church at 6526 Usher Road. Police said Diamond sold them for 380 USD (12,400 Roubles. 300 Euros. 240 UK Pounds) to D&B Auto Wrecking in Columbia Station OH, a scrap metal dealer. When he sold the bells, police said Diamond provided his driver’s license for identification. D&B’s owner called police after he learned that bells were taken from the church. The Rev Michael Butler said the bells were a gift to the church; about six years ago, a parishioner donated them in memory of her husband. The bells, which weigh from 60 to 70 pounds, were imported from Russia.

Lt Matt Vanyo said Diamond was arrested last year for stealing an expensive snow board in a burglary. He was given six months probation. Vanyo said police were heading to Diamond’s house on Tuesday when they saw him driving in a car, saying, “We stopped and talked to him, and he admitted stealing the bells”. Diamond also told police he was ill and asked to be taken to Southwest General Health Center in Middleburg Heights OH. He was treated and released, but as a police officer was walking him back to the patrol car, he escaped. Vanyo told me, “He kicked the officer and ran across the street and hid in a field. It took officers from several local communities along with the Highway Patrol and Metroparks rangers to find him”. Vanyo said Diamond also will be charged with escape and assaulting a police officer. Vanyo said the best part of his day was returning the bells to the church, noting, “This is why we get into this line of work. We were able to return the property and then get the bad guy. We felt good about it. I mean, who steals from a church?”

30 August 2012

Michael Sangiacomo

The Plain Dealer (Cleveland OH)


Editor’s Note:

The perp’s not an Einstein, that’s for sure! He added at least another year to his slam time by running and hiding after being nicked, and he gave himself two more years by kicking a copper. If he hadn’t done those two oddbod things, he might have just gotten away with local time, but by kicking a cop and bolting, he guaranteed that he’d get hard state time. As I said, he’s no Einstein!


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