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Saturday, 22 December 2012

22 December 2012. The “Tea Party Patriots” Called the Late Senator Inouye “Irresponsible”… I DO Beg to Differ

00 Tea Party propaganda. 22.12.12


The so-called “Tea Party Patriots” preferred the coward Willard Romney to the war hero Daniel Inouye. If that isn’t indicative of skewed standards and turning things on their heads, I don’t know what it is. Senator Inouye served in combat and was maimed in the service of his country, but the “Tea Party Patriots” hated him for his defence of the social safety net, his dogged fight for equal rights for ALL Americans, and for his willingness to admit America’s sins. Rather, the “Patriots” lionised Willard Romney, who had his megabucks corporate daddy buy him a spurious “clergy” deferment during the Vietnam War, who hides his money in overseas tax shelters (increasing all of our taxes), who sent and sends American jobs to China, and who wanted to waste trillions on warmongering in foreign parts. There’s something basically wrong and perverted with such thinking…

Lincoln, TR, RockyIke, Jake JavitsGerald Ford, and Bob Dole… their centrist/moderate Republican Party no longer exists. The Tea Party Patriots and their ilk are Hard Right feral beasts, intent on ravening this country (indeed, the whole world) for their personal profit and benefit. That’s EVIL beyond measure… and there’s no more to be said on such, is there? Ye cannot serve both God and Mammon… and don’t forget Who said that…



Saturday, 10 November 2012

Obama’s Economic Policy: The Rich Should Pay Too


There’ll be no more tax cuts for wealthy Americans… President Barack Obama signalled that after his re-election, he sees this as the best way to prevent a “budget catastrophe”. Delivering his first speech after re-election, Mr Obama outlined his economic strategy for the years to come. A budget deficit could cause the catastrophe Mr Obama was talking about. A “fiscal cliff”, which is likely to happen in January of 2013, could plunge the American economy back into recession. Spending cuts were approved as part of a strategy to avoid budget deficit. Mr Obama cited experts to say that by September of 2013 the budget deficit will decrease by 503 billion USD (15.9 trillion Roubles. 400 billion Euros. 320 billion UK Pounds). However, the USA would have to pay a high price for this… mass unemployment and a 0.5 percent decline in American economic growth. It means that rich Americans won’t avoid higher taxes. Mr Obama emphasised that he’d veto any bill suggesting more tax benefits to those earning more than 250,000 USD (7.9 million Roubles. 197,000 Euros. 157,000 UK Pounds) a year.

Some analysts believe that Obama overdramatized on purpose, trying to provoke a reaction from the Republicans who control the House of Representatives. Konstantin Sonin, Pro-rector at the Russian School of Economics {a pro-oligarch mouthpiece: editor}, said, “Obama’s just bargaining, since the sides have different approaches to the issue. To avoid a serious conflict they should achieve a kind of a compromise”. Yakov Mirkin, expert at the Russian Institute of Global Economy, said, “Evidently, there’ll be no budget catastrophe. Republicans and Democrats will definitely agree on raising the debt ceiling. Both parties focused on reducing budget deficit, although they offer different approaches to the issue. If Romney had won the election, there’d have been a decline in taxes with numerous benefits offered by the American tax code removed. I mean tax loans related to education, and the money spent on healthcare and insurance policies, as well as small businesses”.

Obama offers a different approach… the affluent, which comprise some 2 percent of the American population, should pay more taxes, whilst the rest, some 98 percent, could enjoy lower taxes. The Senate has already approved a bill, and the president is ready to sign it at any moment. To reduce negative consequences, Mr Obama is ready to look for a compromise with Republicans. In any case, he won`t be able to avoid debates on the economy with the House of Representatives. Generally, Russian experts think that Obama’s re-election is a good sign for the US economy, since he’s already a proven and successful leader in terms of handling the financial crisis. Despite strong opposition from the Congress, he managed to attract huge investments into the American economy, which resulted in moderate economic growth. If Mr Obama sticks to this policy, it’d only do good to both domestic and global markets.

10 November 2012

Andrei Smirnov

Voice of Russia World Service


Editor’s Note:

The American electorate rejected the tripartite emphasis of the Romney/Ryan non-plan:

  • Massive tax cuts for the rich, coupled with drastic cuts to all government social programmes
  • Unrestrained warfare in foreign parts and a return to torture and imprisonment at black sites abroad
  • Turning a blind eye to racism and white supremacy (“Keep the White House white”)

That is why white women rejected the Grand Olde Phony candidate. They saw their families hurt by Republican cudgelling of ordinary folks to aid the grasping Affluent Effluent, they saw their kids coming home in body-bags or maimed from the wars, and the Republicans’ unfeigned racism disgusted them (the “legitimate rape” comments weren’t so influential… all women know that the Grand Olde Perverts are like that). The Republicans needed to win big with white women, but their greedy and cruel platform ensured a massive gender gap in white voters (mainly, they lost white women whilst winning white men). Yet, its telling defeat didn’t lead the Republican Party to reject any of these rancid points. It’s poised to break into two, if not three, blocs, which would cement Democratic power for the next generation. The Republican Party is paying dearly for such heeding greedster RINOs as Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Grover Norquist, and Paul Ryan… it’s rejected its true legacy from Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Ike, Rocky, Jake Javits, Nixon, and Gerald Ford. As it’s done that, it deserves to die… the sooner, the better. They’re just shills for the rich and whores for the military-industrial complex… do remember what Ike said of that.

The Republican Party turned its back on its past with Slobberin’ Ronnie Reagan, with his shameless whoring for the Affluent Effluent and his mindless juvenile hatred of “big government”. No society of 300 million can be run as though it were a rural Ozark backwater. In 2012, the Republican Party shot itself in the head with full malice aforethought. All the king’s horses and all the king’s men can’t put them back together again…


Friday, 1 June 2012

1 June 2012. Crackbrained Rightwing Yahoo Op-Ed is a LOL Gas. Ya Gotta Read It!

It’s so ‘cause I say so! And that’s that!


Editor’s Foreword:

Get a load of this. I had to paste it all so that you could see the incoherency of the rightwing mind. Do note the juicy contradiction between the title and the first sentence of the piece. It’s a classic illustration of the ignorant incoherence of the present-day GOP. This is the sort of rubbish that Wafflin’ Willy’s base eats up… it does give one an idea of their vacuity and general disconnect with reality. The present Republican Party (as led by King Rush and Queen Ann) is NOT the party of Abraham Lincoln, Jake Javits, Teddy Roosevelt, Nelson Rockefeller, Ike Eisenhower, or Gerald Ford. The following rubbish is proof of that. Read on, and be enlightened (as to the fatuity of present-day “conservatives”)…



No More Democratic Presidents If Obama Defeated?

Ed Schultz, the radio talker and MSNBC host, is worried that if President Obama is re-elected, there will never be another Democratic president ever again, according to Newsbusters. Or, at least, he says, for a “long, long, long, long, long time”. Mind, the immediate future does look bleak. It looks like the recall election in Wisconsin is going down in flames, according to the latest poll quoted on Hot Air. Rasmussen has the president and Mitt Romney pretty much neck and neck. Noting that a liberal media talker is in full fledged panic mode elicits a certain amount of schadenfreude, the nice feeling one gets at the unhappiness of others. It doesn’t… yet… cause a great deal of jubilation. One notes that while all the trendlines point toward an Obama defeat in November, it’s late May as of this writing. No Democratic president ever again? Seriously? Be still my heart.

While one has the temptation to respond, “In your face!” to the guy who once called Laura Ingraham a “slut”, one instead has to laugh at the kind of depression that would cause a liberal to imagine no more Democratic presidents. There are no conservatives one knows who are so adrift from reality to suggest such a golden age. At most, righties dream of the Democrats being in the wilderness for a sufficient time to reform themselves and to gain some kind of responsibility, If they can just leave behind their love of socialism at home and appeasement abroad, then an occasional Democrat in the White House would be at least tolerable. In any case, a two-party system is useful as the spirit of competition keeps (in theory, at least) both the Republicans and Democrats from viewing being in office as an entitlement. To be sure, reality is often different, especially in gerrymandered congressional districts. However, a monopoly of one party or another in power is not healthy for democracy.

Of course, one could dream of the Democrats going the way of the Whigs and being replaced by, say, the libertarians. A libertarian/conservative divide would suggest a national consensus for small government and low taxes, with other issues being fought over. Liberalism would be cast into the outer darkness of fringe politics, never to threaten the country again. As for Schultz’s prediction, it might be useful to put it in a campaign ad.

31 May 2012

Mark Whittington

Yahoo Contributor Network



Editor’s Afterword:

Just what was the point of it all… that there’s going to be no more Democratic presidents if Obama’s defeated, or, is it that there’s going to be no more Democratic presidents if Obama’s re-elected? Yet, this incoherency’s useful. It shows you the mental level of the Republican base… not much at all. It also shows their abysmal ignorance of foreign politics… in most elections lately, Neoliberals (“conservatives”) have crashed in defeat. Indeed, SOCIALISTS have whipped them. In the Russian elections, VVP had to tack leftwards, to shore up the social safety net, in order to win. In the French elections, the American lickspittle Sarkozy went under. In the Slovak elections, leftists took over from a “conservative” Neoliberal government. In Lithuania, President Grybauskaitė (a former commie who’s never forgotten her working-class roots) emphasised the need to combat the financial troubles by protecting those with the lowest incomes (not exactly Wafflin’ Willy’s main priority, is it?), and she also revealed the truth about American torture facilities… which the GOP (and the present author above, no doubt) smiles at. In the Serbian election, a nationalist whipped the Neoliberal candidate. In the Greek elections (which are still in  progress), the latest polls show SYRIZA in the lead (and the mainstream media’s silent… I wonder why). If that wasn’t all, the Left won big in the local elections in the UK and the German state elections (here, here, and here) didn’t give encouragement to the pro-corporate scummers there. In short, all around the world, the trend is LEFT.

However, do read the rightwing media from time to time, for three reasons:

  • It’ll keep you up to speed on what they’re doing… “Know Thy Enemy”
  • It’ll enable you to counter their feeble and vacuous arguments
  • Lastly, and most importantly, they’re a barrel of laughs! The ignorance and boobosity illustrated in their writing will keep you on the straight-and-narrow… they truly are that greedy and grasping, and they DO expect praise for it!

Pass the jug… the world’s still the same colourful sinful-ginful place it was yesterday…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Friday 1 June 2012

Albany NY

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

22 May 2012. No Lie… Arizona Secretary of State Threatens to Kick President Obama Off the Ballot in His State

Why can’t the contemporary GOP act like its honourable forebears? At one time, the GOP FOUGHT corporate vultures… it broke up mega-corporations… today, it’s their scabby and shameless whore… O Fortuna, velut luna, statu variabilis (O, Fortune, as fickle as the moon…)…


How ’bout a little “mood music”…


Read this. Now, note this quote:

“Sometimes, when you want to believe something badly enough, no amount of evidence to the contrary will change your mind”, says Brian Montopoli at CBS News. Bennett isn’t alone either. He was moved to act by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who is going full-birther, and three GOP congressmen have recently said they’re not sure if Obama’s American. Catherine Poe at The Washington Times  said, “The birther movement would be funny if it weren’t so dangerous. It’s rampant paranoia. It’s unsettling that some Americans will always believe that Obama isn’t one of us and he tricked us to become president”.


The birthers are such lunatics that even the reliably-Far Right Washington Times is distancing itself from them. Willard Romney has the obligation and DUTY to condemn this nonsense explicitly and without equivocation or waffling… or mount a legal challenge against the President immediately, asking that the SCOTUS hear this case on an emergency basis, for if the President were, in fact, legally-ineligible to hold the office of POTUS, that would be his DUTY. I’ll be blunt… all of the birther conspiracy theories are pure bullshit… they don’t contain a scintilla or iota of truth, but Wafflin’ Willy refuses to condemn birtherism… too many of the bubbas in his base actually believe it (as they also believe that the President’s a Muslim and that there was a shooter behind the grassy knoll).

If you needed proof that the contemporary Republican Party has gone around the bend, and that’s its terminally-gaga, this is it, kids. Wherefore art thou, Teddy Roosevelt, Ike Eisenhower, Jake Javits, and Gerald Ford? Oh… I forgot… King Rush and Queen Ann label them RINOs… izzat so? Here’s what the Republican Party used to stand for, as Teddy said:

The great corporations, which we’ve grown to speak of rather loosely as trusts, are the creatures of the State, and the State not only has the right to control them, but its duty bound to control them wherever the need of such control is shown.

I seem to notice a DIFFERENCE between Wafflin’ Willy and Steady Teddy… one of these things is NOT like the other, and the difference isn’t flattering to Willy, is it? You KNOW what to do in November…

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Albany NY

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