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Sunday, 16 September 2012

Quran-Burning Pastor Barred From Germany

The “Thomas More Law Center” is a hyper-rightwing group that Sir Thomas More would disown if he were alive today. They’re the sort who put anti-abortion agitation at the centre of their ideology… if one is for the illegalisation of abortion, all else is forgiven. What’s warmongering and commercial buccaneering amongst friends, anyway?


Germany denied entry to American pastor Terry Jones, who gained notoriety by publicly burning copies of the Quran. On Sunday, the Interior Ministry said it’d be unwise to add fuel to the current unrest triggered by the American video that Muslims believe insulted the Prophet Muhammad. Radical right-wing groups had invited the Florida pastor to Germany. The authorities cautioned the radicals not to insult or attack German-based Muslims.

16 September 2012

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