Voices from Russia

Sunday, 5 October 2014

5 October 2014. “I’m Against American Aggression in Hong Kong”… Vid from Novorossiya Supporting China (English subs)

00 Vitaly Podvitsky. Well, it looks like the west has 'bird flu'. 2014



“I’m against American aggression in Hong Kong”. Didn’t you find it “coincidental” that riots broke out in China soon after Russia and China made a major agreement wetting down their alliance? Firstly, China will NOT make the mistakes of Tiananmen… there’ll be no bloodshed. The riots will end… the government will end them… but without the kerfuffle of Tiananmen. China supports the freedom-loving Christian Socialist patriots of Novorossiya. No wonder that Langley wants to destabilise them. Don’t fall for American propaganda… support China! China supports Russia and stands against American aggression in the Ukraine. “I’m against American aggression in Hong Kong”… you won’t be alone.


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