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Sunday, 16 March 2014

16 March 2014. Sophia Kishkovsky Aids the Enemies of the Church… It’s Time for the Church to Censure Her Publicly

some pigs are more equal than others


Read this through to the end. She’s a mercenary (albeit open) quisling who kisses the naked ass of the Amerikantsy Establishment and dumps on her native ethnos for filthy lucre. Of course, she’s doing so to suck up to the NY Times apparat (no doubt, at Uncle Serge’s coaching). The Church should censure her… if you read this piece carefully, it’s a nasty and underhanded attack on President Putin and Patriarch Kirill, and an obvious kiss-up to our enemies such as Zbig, Kerry, and Clinton. It’s bad enough dealing with Uniate and schismatic lies… but when canonical Orthodox do so, it’s doubly saddening. As I say, the Church should censure her and demand a public retraction. It should also complain publicly to Time Magazine about its lies on the same topic. One wonders if Lyonyo shares his daughter’s traitorous and treacherous views…

Does this mean that the Syosset apparat and SVS intend to be traitors to Orthodoxy? Whither thou goest, OCA?


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Wednesday, 7 May 2008

President Putin is on “Time” magazine’s “100 Most Influential People in the World” List

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin (1952-), former President of Russia, Chairman of the United Russia Party


President Vladimir Putin was listed by Time magazine as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. The American magazine named the president Person of the Year in 2007.  Putin was ranked second in “Leaders and Revolutionaries” after Chinese leader Hu Jintao. The Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama, US President George W Bush, and all three candidates for the US presidency, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John McCain were also on the list. The illustration to the article, headlined “Russia’s iron-willed leader has rebuilt his country as a great power”, shows a well-known portrait of Tsar Pyotr Veliki with Putin’s head superimposed on the tsar’s.

Former US secretary of state Madeleine Albright wrote an article about Vladimir Putin. “After our first meetings, in 1999 and 2000, I described him in my journal as shrewd, confident, hard-working, patriotic, and ingratiating. In the years since, he’s become more confident”, she wrote. Ms Albright points up that Vladimir Putin returned some national traditions and pride to Russia, but, that Putin gives credit for doing this to his people. He said at a recent convention of the United Russia party, which, as a matter of fact, we may see as the ruling party of Russia, that “millions of men and women joined forces in an effort to end the all-pervasive crisis and deal a blow to terrorism. They made the very first, probably hesitant, but important, moves to end our widespread poverty, update the infrastructure, and rearm the armed forces. They laid a foundation for an innovation-rich economy and now pursue, without advice from abroad, aggressive policies that improve the Russian position in international relations”.

There’s no doubt whatsoever that President-elect Dmitri Medvedev will continue President Putin’s line in policy-making. Putin told Medvedev there’s no time to relax. Putin said that our country must keep moving on, and we must keep working to meet our promises to the Russian people. It wasn’t for the sake of prestige alone that we had to become one of the five leading economies of this planet rapidly, because, he said, nothing but rapid advance enabled a large and rich Russia to remain a sovereign and undivided nation.

2 May 2008

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