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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

BREAKING NEWS. 13 May 2014. Is Rue Daru Going to Canonise Sophrony Sakharov?

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I’ve received word that Rue Daru may be “canonising” Sophrony Sakharov very soon. It looks like a political act of self-justification, a defiant reiteration of the EP’s crank claims to jurisdiction in Europe, a slap in the face to the Russians. If so, the MP won’t take long in replying… by the way, it means that the OCA gets a reprieve. However, it’ll come with a price. The SVS nutters will have to take a care. The Centre will be watching them all the more and will expect them to toe the Moscow line in return for “recognition” of their “autocephaly”.

Stay tuned… this pot is still boiling away merrily. Watch SVS… they’re the ones most under the gun here.


Update 19.25 EDT 13 May 2014:

Got this from one of the Cabinet:

SVS will slobber over this. Fr Zacharias is always over there from Tolleshunt Knights {that’s in Essex: editor} lecturing the SVS crowd. They even call that idiot “Elder Zacharias!”

If so, SVS will have to watch out in a milieu of tension between Peredelkino and the Phanar. So far, it’s managed to spout Phanariot modernism whilst being within a group that’s an effectual dependency of the Centre. HH WILL demand UNITY… and SVS will have to comply or else. Interesting times are ahead…


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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

JP was at a Meeting of the Oxford British Charitable and Educational Society “Friends of Mount Athos” in Oxford


Metropolitan Kallistos Ware chaired a meeting of the British charitable educational trust “Friends of Mount Athos” in Oxford, which supports the well-being of the monasteries of Mount Athos and gives assistance to those making pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain. Metropolitan Jonas Paffhausen, First Hierarch of the OCA, attended the meeting, as he’s a member of the society. Metropolitan Jonas participated in a session with a talk on Monasticism in the American Context. Other papers presented during the annual meeting were The Monk and the Lady: Theophanes the Cretan’s Iconography of the Annunciation and Athos, by Fr Maximos, a monk of Simonopetra Monastery, and Georgia on My Mind: An Illustrated Presentation on the Monasteries of Georgia by Peter Lea. After the event, Metropolitan Jonas, with the blessing of the Patriarch Bartholomew Archontonis of Constantinople visited the Patriarchal Stavropegial Monastery of St John the Baptist in Tolleshunt Knights (Maldon District. EssexEngland) UK, founded in 1959 by Archimandrite Sophrony Sakharov, a follower of Fr Silouan Antonov of Mount Athos. Metropolitan Jonas spent several days in prayerful solitude in the monastery, the according to the OCA official website.

19 June 2012



Editor’s Note:

An MP priest friend of mine simply commented, “Birds of a feather”. We all know how dotty and doddering Kallistos Ware has become. For an Orthodox “theologian”, his views on female ordination are… well, singular. Note well that Fathausen didn’t meet with Archbishop Yelisei Ganaba, the MP hierarch in the UK, or with Archbishop Gregorios Theocharous, the Greek ruling bishop. He just spent some time at Fr Sophoney’s (that’s his name amongst waggish elements at the Centre) “monastery”… the place has a reputation for coldness and inhospitality. Indeed, a person known to me went there, and they didn’t even offer them a glass of tea. That’s NOT in the good ol’ time Russian monastic tradition, to be sure.

If JP were a “friend” of Mount Athos, he’d clean house at SVS, as SVS hates monasticism and laughed at the Holy Mountain at the instigation of the Jesuit Uniate poseur Bob Taft (no lie… it was on an “Ancient Faith Radio” podcast… and AFR didn’t condemn the laughter… fancy that). However, he hasn’t and he won’t. Interestingly enough, Kallistos Ware is one of SVS’ fave “theologians”… they agree with his “interesting” views on female ordination, amongst other things.

In any case, this was nothing but a set of pompous pseudo-intellectuals presenting “papers”… the older I get, the less patience I have with such time-wasting pretence. I read about it on the OCA website, and decided to say nothing until I read about it in the Russian press… it took five days. Note well that JP got no official reception amongst the Archdiocese of Thyateira or the Diocese of Sourozh. As for sitting around listening to “papers”, I’d rather feed the cats or bake a loaf of bread… that’s doing something useful, at least…


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