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Tuesday, 17 June 2008

17 June 2008. Out and about…

French Warship Visits Russia

French frigateTourville underway at sea


The French Navy frigate Tourville called at the main base of the Russian Northern Fleet, Severomorsk, on a working visit. This is the second time that Severomorsk played host to the crew of Tourville. Back in 2004, the frigate took part in a Russian-French naval exercise in the Atlantic. Now, the French seamen shall, whilst they are in the Arctic Circle area, meet the Northern Fleet command, visit the Fleet museum, and enjoy the sights of the nearby city of Murmansk. An athletic competition was also scheduled between the crews of Tourville and the Russian warship Admiral Chabanenko.

11 June 2008



Russians Should Strongly Rebuff Any Attempts to Sow Ethnic Discord

Rav Berel Lazar (1964- ), the Chief Rabbi of Russia


Rav Berel Lazar, the Chief Rabbi of Russia, said that Russians should strongly rebuff any attempts to sow ethnic discord amongst them in Moscow on Wednesday. He mentioned that the peoples of Russia belong to different confessions, living side by side with one another for ages, and they always sought friendship and mutual assistance, this was how they strengthened the state, promoting its might and prosperity. We should serve as an example for the whole world, an example of a country that’s based on the unity of its spiritual and moral values, Rav Lazar emphasised.

12 June 2008



Russia’s Seven Wonders Named on Red Square

The Mother Motherland Calls monument in Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad)


The list of the most impressive places includes the highest peak in Europe, Mt Elbrus, the world’s oldest lake, Lake Baikal, St Basil Cathedral in Moscow, Peterhof Museum-Reserve in St Petersburg, the Valley of Geysers in the Far East, the Mother Motherland Calls monument in Volgograd, and the Stony Idols in the Republic of Komi. 49 noteworthy places were entered in the competition. The competition was organised last autumn. It’s goal was to help revive patriotism and attract attention to the restoration and preservation of unique cultural and natural objects in Russia.

13 June 2008



Sevastopol Celebrated its 225th birthday

The Harbour of Sevastopol

Konstantin Korovin



The Crimean city of Sevastopol celebrated its 225th birthday. The three-day celebrations brought together delegates of 26 oblasts of the Ukraine and 10 oblasts of Russia. The Russian delegation was led by Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Ivanov, who’s expected to arrive in Sevastopol Saturday. The first day of the celebrations highlighted the reopening of the city’s Primorsky Boulevard. Flowers will be laid at the monument to the defence of Sevastopol in World War II. A molieben at the Cathedral of St Vladimir of the Chersonesus Taurica Reserve has been scheduled for Saturday. The people of Sevastopol and visitors are invited to visit vessels of the Russian Black Sea Fleet and the Ukrainian Navy. The celebrations will close with an outdoor show on Sunday.

13 June 2008



Best Russian Healthcare Professionals to Receive Awards

The best Russian health care professionals are about to receive awards for their contribution to the saving of human lives and the advancement of medicine, or, to be more precise, for trail-blazing surgery, new methods of diagnosing and treatment, and loyalty to their chosen profession. All bids for the reception of medical awards are filtered, in three rounds of vetting, by leading experts. Awards to leading doctors are handed out every year on 15 June, Healthcare Professionals Day.

13 June 2008



More Than 4 Million Healthcare Professionals Across Russia areMarking Their Professional Holiday

More than 4 million healthcare professionals all over Russia mark their professional holiday on Sunday. Amongst them are more than 700,000 qualified doctors, a spokesman for Health and Social Development Ministry said, adding that this year will see the opening of 15 state-of-the-art medical centres in Russia.

15 June 2008



Protest Action Underway in Kiev Against Attempts to Draw the Ukraine into NATO

Jaap de Hoop Scheffer (1948- ), Secretary General of NATO


A protest action’s underway in the Ukrainian capital of Kiev against attempts to draw the country into NATO. The protesters are picketing the building of President Viktor Yushchenko’s Secretariat. Yushchenko has been pressing hard for Ukraine’s joining the North Atlantic Alliance. The protest was timed for a visit to the Ukraine later today of the NATO Secretary General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer. Yesterday, de Hoop Scheffer said the people of the Ukraine should themselves decide on whether they wish NATO membership. According to opinion polls, more than a half of Ukrainians are opposed to joining NATO, with no more than a third of Ukrainians supporting the idea. Russia’s opposed to NATO’s further advancement eastwards, since this poses a threat to its security. Deputy Prime Minister Sergey Ivanov warned that if the Ukraine joined NATO, it may entail the introduction of a visa régime between the two countries, and the disruption of current cooperation in military technologies.

16 June 2008



Ban Ki-Moon and Vladimir Putin Named the World’s Two Most Popular Politicians

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin (1952- ). Go git ’em, Vlad!


UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and Prime Minister Vladimir Putin were named the world’s two most popular politicians. A poll conducted by the World Public Opinion Association in 19 countries puts US President George W Bush on the list of the few politicians who are not trusted even in their own countries. Worldwide, President Bush is trusted by a mere 23 percent of respondents, and his approval rating in the Middle East is even lower than that.

17 June 2008


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