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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Putin Hails Traditionalism as Core of Russian National Identity

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On Thursday, President Vladimir Putin touted traditionalism as the heart of the Russian national identity; lamenting threats like globalisation and multiculturalism, the drive for a “unipolar world”, and the erosion of Christian values… including an exaggerated focus on the rights of sexual minorities. addressing several hundred Russian and foreign officials, scholars and other public figures at a Kremlin-backed conference in northwestern Russia, Putin said, “Without the values at the core of Christianity and other world religions, without the moral norms that’ve been shaped over millennia, inevitably, people would lose their human dignity”. In a speech and question-answer session lasting over three hours at the 10th annual meeting of the so-called Valdai Club, broadcast live on Russian television and news websites, Putin lambasted “Euro-Atlantic countries” where “any traditional identity, including sexual identity, is rejected. Their policy equates families with many children with same-sex families, belief in God with belief in Satan. Any minority’s right to be different must be respected, but the right of the majority mustn’t be questioned”. Putin shifted toward conservative rhetoric ever since returning to the Kremlin for a third time in 2012, after a four-year term as prime minister. Regularly, he’s promoted traditional values in public speeches… a move that political analysts saw as an attempt to rally his conservative core constituency in the face of growing public discontent and a slowing economy. Many of the liberal values criticised in his speech are associated with the urban middle class that was a driving force behind large-scale anti-Kremlin protests in Moscow after controversial parliamentary elections in late 2011.

19 September 2013



Editor’s Note:

Caveat lector! The article uses the words “conservative” and “liberal” in their Russian meaning. That is, “liberal” means anti-traditional Neoliberalism, which INCLUDES laissez-faire crapitalism, so-called “libertarianism”, and individualism. On the other hand, “conservative” means the philosophy of Graf Stolypin and the Church, NOT the fantasies of the US Republican Party, Fox News, and the National Review. I’d mention that many leftists are more “conservative” than most righties… all that you need to see are the many towns wrecked by “investors” pulling out for areas willing to “deregulate”. That’s NOT Conservative with a large “C”, kids. Socialists are more conservative than the “conservatives”… who woulda thunk it…



Sunday, 28 March 2010

Hey, the Easter Bunny’s Legit! Here’s a Postcard from Pre-Revolutionary Russia that Proves It!


Take a GOOD look! It appears that we “indifferentist” grounded Orthodox are right and the overzealous konvertsy are wrong, yet again. You know, they run about and scream, “The Easter Bunny‘s pagan! You can’t have it as part of Easter!” Guess what? The Easter Bunny’s legit! Look at this… underneath her, it says, “Christ is Risen”… how much more Orthodox can you get? I’m not spilling secrets when I say that the Easter Bunny was never banished from the homes of decent and God-loving people… we all know what Easter’s all about. It’s the centre of our religion; if it’s so, then, I’ll walk through miles of crapola from certified and nasty pricks for it. If it’s not… to hell with it… literally. If Easter’s “just so”, then, the Easter Bunny’s a symbol of something truly great.



Here’s some more… it appears that chicks are kosher images, too. Good-oh! A priest-friend of mine said that the knovertsy all needed a good dose of a strong laxative until all their lunacy was purged from their systems. I quite agree. Holy Week‘s upon us… salvation history unfolds before us… then… EASTER!! WOW! It’s why we’re Christians. I don’t care if the pseudo-intellectual crowd looks down their long noses at me. It’s time to celebrate… and the Easter Bunny’s a welcome part of the joy. “Let everything that breathes praise the Lord!”

‘Nuff said!

Barbara-Marie Drezhlo

Sunday 28 March 2010

Palm Sunday

Albany NY


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