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Thursday, 21 May 2015

21 May 2015. Animal Funnies… Unbearable Public Transport in Czechia (Bad Pun, But What the Hey)

00 polar bear in trolley bus. Czechia. 21.05.15


“Hi, dears! Could you direct me to the nearest klobáseria? I gots me a POWERFUL hunger and me wants MEAT. A litre or two of pivo wouldn’t hurt a body either”… a klobáseria sells klobása and párky (a frankfurter-like sausage always sold in pairs… good eats!), amongst other good prole street grub. It’s a stand on the street where you can get great stuff to eat as you walk about town (to get the taste, think of a Polish kiełbasa or a German bratwurst, they’re the closest, especially the former). Hoo boy, I’m gettin’ hungry just writing about this…

By the way, the Neoliberal “conservative” Free Marketers tried to close down the klobáserias as they weren’t plastic enough or sanitised enough for their oh-so-refined tastes (besides, the sight of ordinary folk hunching over and ENJOYING their food was too much for them)… it was taking business away from their American-style fast-food franchises (they’re NOT against government intervention if it’s in their favour)! To say the least, the common folks in Praha let their wishes be known… “We want to chow down on klobása on the main square, and you’re NOT closing down our klobáserias!” The commies and socialists led the fight FOR the mom n’ pop stands; they fought back against the megabucks multinational corporate fat-cat attempt at a fast-food putsch. Ronald McDonald and the American Way LOST. Václavák (Wenceslaus Square) is safe for klobása… thanks to the Reds! Take joy in the “little things”… they’re as much God-given as the “serious” ones… perhaps, even more so… oh, don’t trust the “respectable”… EVER…

To put it another way, it was a fight between the likes of Rod Dreher and the likes of me, and I won! There IS justice in the world at times…



Saturday, 11 April 2015

LNR Mintrans Resumed Operation of Eight Trolleybus Routes in Lugansk

00 lugansk trolleybus 01a. 11.04.15


00 lugansk trolleybus 02a. 11.04.15

The indicated fare is 1.50 Grivnya (3.50 Roubles. 0.40 Renminbi. 4 INR. 6 US Cents. 8 Canadian Cents. 8 Australian Cents. 0.06 Euros. 4 UK Pence)


00 lugansk trolleybus 03a. 11.04.15

“Don’t distract the driver”


00 lugansk trolleybus 04a. 11.04.15

“Signal for hoist”… obviously, for handicapped access/egress


00 lugansk trolleybus 05a. 11.04.15

“Don’t lean [against this]”


00 lugansk trolleybus 06a. 11.04.15

At the Tsentralny (Central) stop in Lugansk


00 lugansk trolleybus 07a. 11.04.15

The banner on the upper-left reads, “Kick the enemy back to their homeland! We will destroy the fascists!”


Today, Aleksandr Chumachenko, LNR Minister of Infrastructure, Transport, and Communications, stated that Luganskelektrotransa reopened eight trolleybus routes in Lugansk, saying, “Trolleybus routes in the Southern and Eastern sectors now operate normally”. He also said that it isn’t possible to run the trolleybus route to Yubileiny as combat operations had severely damaged the power substation there and the powerlines for the buses. He noted, “We face many problems in repairing our vehicle inventory, but in the short time that the Chairman of the Government gave us, we did what we could”. Eight months ago, trolleybuses in Lugansk stopped running because the fighting caused shortages of electricity.

11 April 2015

LITs Lugansk Information Centre



Lugansk sure doesn’t look like a warzone to me. What this means is that Choco Loco and his American puppeteers are liars… let’s see… the Anglo American establishment claimed that Serbia was massacring Bosnians and Albanians, Afghanistan was a hotbed of terrorists, Iraq had WMDs, Libya was in the grip of a cruel dictator, Syria is the worst dictatorship in the Middle East, and the people in the LNR and DNR are dirty separatist criminals bent on dismembering the peaceful Ukraine. Such is the narrative one hears in Washington… they echo every lie of the “Ukrainian Catholics” and “Ukrainian Orthodox”. The LNR and DNR (and the rest of tsarist Novorossiya too) simply want to left alone… “Kick the enemy back to their homeland”. They want no part of Galician Uniate nationalist “Consciousness”… they want no part of Galician hillbilly pidgin (“Ukrainian”)… they want no part of the illegitimate extremist fascist putschist junta in Kiev installed by the Americans.

Lugansk wants normality… putting the trolleybuses back online is part of that normality. You can support socialist sanity or you can support American-sponsored fascist lunacy. I prefer to support the socialists of the LNR and DNR. They’re “People’s Republics”, indeed… note well that subsidised public transport is part of the”social contract” in the People’s Republics… the Uniate fascists beat the people with clubs (literally) as they jack up utilities rates and transit fares into the stratosphere (and cut wages and pensions as they do so… can you see why the US Republican Party loves them?). I know where I’d prefer to live if given the choice between the Republics or Banderstan! I’m NOT alone in thinking that way!


Thursday, 2 January 2014

RIA-Novosti Presents… Russia Mourns the Victims of the Volgograd Terakts

00 Mourning the Volgograd Terakt 01. 02.01.13

Russia mourns the victims of the Volgograd terakts. In less than 24 hours, two explosions took place in Volgograd… one at the Volgograd-I railway station and another in a trolleybus on the street. The authorities declared both as terrorist acts. Muscovites laid flowers and candles at the Moscow offices of the Volgograd Oblast Interest Group.


00 Mourning the Volgograd Terakt 02. 02.01.13

The terrorist attacks resulted in more than 30 deaths and left more than 100, including children, in hospital with various injuries. An infant escaped injury due to being swaddled in a baby blanket.


00 Mourning the Volgograd Terakt 03. 02.01.13

Doctors are fighting for the lives of the seriously injured; Volgograd homies stepped up to help them… over 600 local people donated blood for the victims.


00 Mourning the Volgograd Terakt 04. 02.01.13

Volgograd municipal authorities cancelled all entertainment activities; they declared a local state of mourning. Initially, after the railway station explosion, the authorities declared a period of mourning to run from 1 to 3 January, but after the second attack, they lowered the flags on Monday 30 December.


00 Mourning the Volgograd Terakt 05. 02.01.13

Kaliningraders brought flowers and candles to a square in the centre of the city in memory of those killed in the Volgograd terakts.


00 Mourning the Volgograd Terakt 06. 02.01.13

At the same time, the Volgograd authorities reported that life in the city is running smoothly… public transport is in order, all the shops are open, traffic flows normally on the streets leading to the railway station (where the first explosion occurred).


00 Mourning the Volgograd Terakt 07. 02.01.13

Funerals for the terakt victims took place in a cemetery in Volgograd’s Kirov Raion.


00 Mourning the Volgograd Terakt 08. 02.01.14

Funeral for Russian Railways (RZhD) guard Sergei Nalivaiko at a cemetery in Volgograd’s Kirov Raion. Nalivaiko and his superior, Sergeant Dmitri Makovkin, died when they tried to stop the terrorist from entering the building… the terrorist set off his 10-kilo (22-pound) explosive device. Both are due to receive posthumous decorations for their selfless devotion to duty.


00 Mourning the Volgograd Terakt 09. 02.01.13

At the funeral for Russian Railways (RZhD) guard Sergei Nalivaiko in a cemetery in Volgograd’s Kirov Raion.


In particular, ask your priest to serve pannikhida for the Servants of God Sergei and Dmitri… without their self-sacrificial heroism, the death toll might have been much higher. They all had faces… they all had names. No one is forgotten… nothing is forgotten. There’s no such thing as “light casualties”…


31 December 2013



For more on the Volgograd terakts, click here

Tuesday, 31 December 2013

31 December 2013. Back-to-Back “Terakts” in Volgograd… MChS Reports 32 Dead

00 Terrorist Act in Volgograd. 31.12.13


00 Terrorist Act in Volgograd 01. 31.12.13


I don’t have time to edit a story, but here are two photos. Click here and here for reports on the “terakts” (the Russian neologism for “terrorist acts”). Click here for general info on the topic in English. The actions didn’t do much damage to fixed infrastructure… but the loss of life was considerable. Initial reports from the MChS say that 32 died in the two attacks, including the two bombers, with at least 68 suffering injuries. The authorities will clear the material damage in a trice… the emotional damage to the families will last far longer. The trolleybus bombing took place on Monday morning… people were going to work… they were riding the usual public transport… chatting with their usual seatmates… getting ready for the New Year. Without warning… BLAM! It was all over. That’s the way of it kids… life isn’t only precious, “we know neither the time nor the hour”… say, “I love you” to those closest to you… ya NEVER know…

The usual troglodytes crawled out of the usual cesspits to caterwaul about “Muslim terrorists”. There are a lot of Muslim people in the Volga Region. I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts that many of the victims were innocent Muslims. Besides that, I’d warn that certain parties are known for provocations… it wouldn’t be the first time that Langley provoked something (don’t forget, they engineered a coup against  Ecumenical Patriarch Maximos Vaportzis in 1948… they’ve acted as agent provocateurs amongst Muslims for years). It’s a possibility. Lay off the Muslim people around you… they not only didn’t have anything to do with it, they don’t like “terakts” any more than you do.

Pray for the souls of the departed… pray for those injured in hospital… ask your priest to mention the dead and injured at the Proskomidi this Sunday, and ask him to serve Pannikhida for the dead. We’re Christians… let’s act that way. Above all, don’t hate… if you do, the devil wins…


Click here and here for more information in Russian

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